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Preprints 2017 and CSC-Preprints

2017-01 : Elizandro Max Borba, Eliseu Fritscher, Carlos Hoppen, Sebastian Richter:
The p-spectral radius of the Laplacian matrix
2017-02 : Sebastian Richter, Israel Rocha:
2017-03 : Janine Glänzel, Roman Unger:
Clustering by optimal subsets to describe environment interdependencies
2017-04 : Christoph Helmberg, Alois Pichler:
Dynamic Scaling and Submodel Selection in Bundle Methods for Convex Optimization
2017-05 : Gert Wanka, Oleg Wilfer:
Formulae of Epigraphical Projection for Solving Minimax Location Problems
2017-06 : E. M.Borba, U. Schwerdtfeger, S. Richter:
Non-linear Generalizations of eigenvalues of Graph Laplacians and Algebraic Connectivity
2017-07 : Holger Langenau:
Squaring the square -- New methods for determining the number of perfect square packings

Preprints 2016 and CSC-Preprints

2016-01 : Gert Nolze, Ralf Hielscher:
IPF coloring of crystal orientation data
2016-02 : Gert Wanka, Oleg Wilfer:
Duality Results for Nonlinear Single Minimax Location Problems via Multi-Composed Optimization
2016-03 : Robert Plato, Peter Mathé, Bernd Hofmann:
Optimal rates for Lavrentiev regularization with adjoint source conditions
2016-04 : Sorin-Mihai Grad, Oleg Wilfer, Gert Wanka:
Duality and epsilon-optimality conditions for multi-composed optimization problems with applications to fractional and entropy optimization
2016-05 : Gert Wanka, Oleg Wilfer:
Duality Results for Extended Multifacility Location Problems
2016-06 : Gert Wanka, Oleg Wilfer:
Multifacility Minimax Location Problems via Multi-Composed Optimization
2016-07 : Michael Hofmann, Franziska Nestler, Michael Pippig:
NFFT based Ewald summation for electrostatic systems with charges and dipoles
2016-08 : Daniel Gerth:
Tikhonov regularization with oversmoothing penalties

Preprints 2015 and CSC-Preprints 2015

2015-01 : Franziska Nestler:
Automated Parameter Tuning based on RMS Errors for nonequispaced FFTs
CSC/15-01 : M. Weise:
Simplified calculation of rHCT basis functions for an arbitrary splitting
2015-02 : Denis Borisov, Anastasia Golovina, Ivan Veselić:
Quantum Hamiltonians with weak random abstract perturbation. I: Initial length scale estimate
CSC/15-02 : M. Weise:
A note on the second derivatives of rHCT basis functions - extended
2015-03 : Daniel Potts, Toni Volkmer:
Fast, exact and stable reconstruction of multivariate algebraic polynomials in Chebyshev form
CSC/15-03 : A. Meyer, R. Springer:
Basics of Linear Thermoelasticity
2015-04 : Ralf Hielscher, Michael Quellmalz:
Optimal Mollifiers for Spherical Deconvolution
2015-05 : Franziska Nestler:
Parameter tuning for the NFFT based fast Ewald summation
2015-06 : Martin Tautenhahn, Ivan Veselić:
Sampling inequality for L2-norms of eigenfunctions of Schrödinger operators
2015-07 : Franziska Nestler:
An NFFT based approach to the efficient computation of dipole-dipole interactions under different periodic boundary conditions
CSC/15-04 : R. Schneider, G. Wachsmuth:
A-posteriori error estimation for control-constrained, linear-quadratic optimal control problems
2015-08 : Christoph Helmberg, Vilmar Trevisan:
Spectral threshold dominance, Brouwer’s conjecture and maximality of Laplacian energy
2015-09 : Christoph Helmberg, Sebastian Richter, Dominic Schupke, Airbus Group Innovations, Munich, Germany:
A Chance Constraint Model for Multi-Failure Resilience in Communication Networks
2015-10 : Ralf Hielscher, Michael Quellmalz:
Reconstructing a Function on the Sphere from Its Means Along Vertical Slices
2015-11 : Lutz Kämmerer:
Multiple Rank-1 Lattices as Sampling Schemes for Multivariate Trigonometric Polynomials
2015-12 : Christoph Helmberg, Israel Rocha, Uwe Schwerdtfeger:
A Combinatorial Algorithm for Minimizing the Maximum Laplacian Eigenvalue of Weighted Bipartite Graphs
2015-13 : Gert Wanka, Oleg Wilfer:
A Lagrange Duality Approach for Multi-Composed Optimization Problems
2015-14 : Daniel Potts, Manfred Tasche, Toni Volkmer:
Efficient spectral estimation by MUSIC and ESPRIT with application to sparse FFT
2015-15 : Helena F. Goncalves, Henning Kempka:
Non-smooth atomic decomposition of 2-microlocal spaces and application to pointwise multipliers
2015-16 : Thomas Kalmes, Christoph Schumacher:
Graph Laplacians do not generate strongly continuous semigroups
2015-17 : Michael Quellmalz:
A generalization of the Funk–Radon transform to circles passing through a fixed point
CSC/15-05 : N. Lang, J. Saak, T. Stykel:
Balanced truncation model reduction for linear time-varying systems

Preprints 2014 and CSC-Preprints 2014

2014-01 : Manuel Gräf, Ralf Hielscher:
Fast global optimization on the torus, the sphere and the rotation group
CSC/14-01 : A. Meyer:
Programmbeschreibung SPC-PM3-AdH-XX - Teil 1
2014-02 : Christoph Helmberg, Vilmar Trevisan:
Threshold Graphs of Maximal Laplacian Energy
CSC/14-02 : A. Meyer:
Programmbeschreibung SPC-PM3-AdH-XX - Teil 2
2014-03 : Dana Uhlig, Roman Unger:
The Petrov-Galerkin projection for copula density estimation isn't counting
CSC/14-03 : J. Glänzel, R. Unger:
High Quality FEM-Postprocessing and Visualization Using a Gnuplot Based Toolchain
2014-04 : Ivan Veselić, Kresimir Veselić:
Spectral gap estimates for some block matrices
CSC/14-04 : M. Weise:
A note on the second derivatives of rHCT basis functions
2014-05 : Martin Tautenhahn, Ivan Veselić:
Discrete alloy-type models: Regularity of distributions and recent results
2014-06 : Peter Benner, Jens Fankhänel:
Computational solutions of a family of generalized Procrustes problems
2014-07 : Matthias Täufer, Ivan Veselić:
Conditional Wegner estimate for the standard random breather potential
2014-08 : Jochen Harant, Sebastian Richter:
A new eigenvalue bound for independent sets
2014-09 : Daniel Potts, Manfread Tasche:
Fast ESPRIT algorithms based on partial singular value decompositions
2014-10 : Sebastian Richter, Israel Rocha:
Absolute algebraic connectivity of double brooms
2014-11 : T. Ehrhardt, K. Rost:
Inversion of centroskewsymmetric Toeplitz-plus-Hankel Bezoutians
2014-12 : Jochen Harant, Julia Niebling, Sebastian Richter:
Eigenvalue conditions for induced subgraphs
2014-13 : Denis Borisov, Francisco Hoecker-Escuti, Ivan Veselić:
Expansion of the almost sure spectrum in a weak disorder regime
2014-14 : D. Borisov, I. Nakić, C. Rose, M. Tautenhahn, Ivan Veselić:
Multiscale unique continuation properties of eigenfunctions
2014-15 : I. Nakić, M. Täufer, M. Tautenhahn, Ivan Veselić:
Scale-free uncertainty principles and Wegner estimates for random breather potentials
2014-16 : Steven Bürger:
About an autoconvolution problem arising in ultrashort laser pulse characterization
2014-17 : Francisco Hoecker-Escuti, Christoph Schumacher:
The Anderson model on the Bethe lattice: Lifshitz Tails

Preprints 2013 and CSC-Preprints 2013

2013-01 : Radu Ioan Bot, Bernd Hofmann:
The impact of a curious type of smoothness conditions on convergence rates in l1-regularization
CSC/13-01 : A. Meyer:
The Koiter shell equation in a coordinate free description - extended
2013-02 : Ivan Veselić, Martin Tautenhahn:
A note on regularity for discrete alloy-type models II
CSC/13-02 : R. Schneider:
With a new refinement paradigm towards anisotropic adaptive FEM on triangular meshes
2013-03 : Sabine Heider, Stefan Kunis, Daniel Potts, Michael Veit:
A sparse Prony FFT
CSC/13-03 : A. Meyer:
The linear Naghdi shell equation in a coordinate free description
2013-04 : Daniel Potts, Franziska Nestler:
Fast Ewald summation under 2d- and 1d-periodic boundary conditions based on NFFTs
2013-05 : Toni Volkmer:
Taylor and rank-1 lattice based nonequispaced fast Fourier transform
2013-06 : Radu Ioan Bot, Ernö Robert Csetnek, Erika Nagy:
Solving systems of monotone inclusions via primal-dual splitting techniques
2013-07 : Dana Uhlig, Roman Unger:
A Petrov Galerkin projection for copula density estimation
2013-08 : Frank Fischer, Christoph Helmberg:
A Parallel Bundle Framework for Asynchronous Subspace Optimisation of Nonsmooth Convex Functions
2013-09 : Slim Ayadi, Fabian Schwarzenberger, Ivan Veselić:
Uniform existence of the IDS for randomly weighted Laplacians on long range percolation graphs
2013-10 : Daniel Lenz, Carsten Schubert, Ivan Veselić:
Unbounded quantum graphs with unbounded boundary conditions
2013-11 : Denis Borisov, Ivan Veselić:
Low lying eigenvalues of randomly curved quantum waveguides
2013-12 : Daniel Potts, Manfred Tasche:
Reconstruction of sparse Legendre and Gegenbauer expansions
2013-13 : Ralf Hielscher:
Numerical Inversion of the Funk transform on the Rotation Group
2013-14 : Jochen Harant, Sebastian Richter, Horst Sachs:
Packing of induced subgraphs
2013-15 : Karsten Leonhardt, Norbert Peyerimhoff, Martin Tautenhahn, Ivan Veselić:
Wegner estimate and localization for alloy-type models with sign-changing exponentially decaying single-site potentials
2013-16 : Franziska Nestler, Michael Pippig, Daniel Potts:
Fast Ewald Summation based on NFFT with Mixed Periodicity
2013-17 : Steven Bürger, Bernd Hofmann:
About a deficit in low order convergence rates on the example of autoconvolution

Preprints 2012 and CSC-Preprints 2012

2012-01 : Nicole Lorenz, Gert Wanka:
The Subdifferential of Convex Deviation Measures and Risk Functions
CSC/12-01 : J. Rückert, A. Meyer:
Kirchhoff Plates and Large Deformation
2012-02 : Frank Fischer, Christoph Helmberg:
A Parallel Bundle Method for Asynchronous Subspace Optimization in Lagrangian Relaxation
CSC/12-02 : A. Meyer:
The Koiter shell equation in a coordinate free description
2012-03 : Robert S. Anderssen, Bernd Hofmann, Nadja Rückert:
Stable Parameter Identification Evaluation of Volatility
CSC/12-03 : M. Balg, A. Meyer:
Fast simulation of (nearly) incompressible nonlinear elastic material at large strain via adaptive mixed FEM
2012-04 : Daniel Potts, Manfred Tasche:
Parameter estimation for nonincreasing exponential sums by Prony-like methods
2012-05 : Bernd Hofmann, Peter Mathé:
Parameter choice in Banach space regularization under variational inequalities
2012-06 : Michael Pippig:
PFFT - An Extension of FFTW to Massively Parallel Architectures
2012-07 : Toni Volkmer:
OpenMP parallelization in the NFFT software library
2012-08 : Michael Pippig, Daniel Potts:
Parallel Three-Dimensional Nonequispaced Fast Fourier Transforms and Their Application to Particle Simulation
2012-09 : Daniel Potts, Manfred Tasche:
Sparse polynomial interpolation in Chebyshev bases
2012-10 : Christoph Helmberg, M. L. Overton, F. Rendl :
The Spectral Bundle Method with Second-Order Information
2012-11 : Constanza Rojas-Molina, Ivan Veselić:
Scale-free unique continuation estimates and applications to random Schrödinger operators
2012-12 : Stephan W. Anzengruber , Bernd Hofmann, Peter Mathé:
Regularization properties of the discrepancy principle for Tikhonov regularization in Banach spaces
2012-13 : Anja Fischer, Frank Fischer:
An extended approach for lifting clique tree inequalities
2012-14 : Horatiu-Vasile Boncea, Sorin-Mihai Grad:
Characterizations of $ arepsilon$-duality gap statements for constrained optimization problems
2012-15 : Horatiu-Vasile Boncea, Sorin-Mihai Grad:
Characterizations of $ arepsilon $-duality gap statements for composed optimization problems
2012-16 : Sorin-Mihai Grad, Emilia-Loredana Pop:
Alternative generalized Wolfe type and Mond-Weir type vector duality
2012-17 : Sorin-Mihai Grad, Emilia-Loredana Pop:
Vector duality for convex vector optimization problems with respect to quasi-minimality

Preprints 2011 and CSC-Preprints 2011

2011-01 Nicole Lorenz, Gert Wanka:
Scalar and Vector Optimization with Composed Objective Functions and Constraints
CSC/11-01 : P. Benner, M.-S. Hossain, T. Stykel, M. Balg:
Low-rank iterative methods of periodic projected Lyapunov equations and their application in model reduction of periodic descriptor systems
2011-02 Albrecht Böttcher:
The algebraic Riccati equation with Toeplitz matrices as coefficients
CSC/11-02 : G. Of, G. J. Rodin, O. Steinbach, M. Taus:
Coupling Methods for Interior Penalty Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods and Boundary Element Methods
2011-03 Michael Pippig:
An Efficient and Flexible Parallel FFT Implementation Based on FFTW
2011-04 Frank Göring, Christoph Helmberg, Susanna Reiss:
On Minimizing the Spectral Width of Graph Laplacians and Associated Graph Realizations
2011-05 Manuel Gräf, Daniel Potts, Gabriele Steidl:
Quadrature errors, discrepancies and their relations to halftoning on the torus and the sphere
2011-06 M. Armbruster, C. Helmberg, M. Fügenschuh, A. Martin:
LP and SDP Branch-and-Cut Algorithms for the Minimum Graph Bisection Problem: A Computational Comparison
2011-07 Bernd Hofmann, Peter Mathé:
Some note on the modulus of continuity for ill-posed problems in Hilbert space
2011-08 Anja Fischer, Christoph Helmberg:
The Symmetric Quadratic Traveling Salesman Problem
2011-09 Norbert Peyerimhoff, Martin Tautenhahn, Ivan Veselić :
Wegner estimate for alloy-type models with sign-changing exponentially decaying single-site potentials
2011-10 Frank Fischer, Christoph Helmberg:
Dynamic Graph Generation for Large Scale Operational Train Timetabling
2011-11 Simon N. Chandler-Wilde, Ratchanikorn Chonchaiya, Marko Lindner:
On the Spectra and Pseudospectra of a Class of non-self-adjoint Random Matrices and Operators
2011-12 Daniel Potts, Manfred Tasche :
Parameter estimation for multivariate exponential sums
2011-13 Markus Seidel :
On (N,\epsilon)-pseudospectra and quasi-diagonal operators
2011-14 Radu Ioan Bot, Torsten Hein:
Iterative regularization with general penalty term - theory and application to L1- and TV-regularization
2011-15 Radu Ioan Bot, Andre Heinrich, Gert Wanka:
Employing different loss functions for the classification of images via supervised learning
2011-16 Ulrich Tautenhahn, Uno Hämarik, Bernd Hofmann, Yuanyuan Shao:
Conditional stability estimates for ill-posed PDE problems by using interpolation
2011-17 Radu Ioan Bot, Bernd Hofmann, Peter Mathé:
Regularizability of ill-posed problems and the modulus of continuity
2011-18 Lkhamsuren Altangerel, Gert Wanka, Oleg Wilfer:
An Oriented Distance Function Application to Gap Functions for Vector Variational Inequalities
2011-19 Anja Fischer:
The Asymmetric Quadratic Traveling Salesman Problem
2011-20 Marko Lindner, Gilbert Strang:
The Main Diagonal of a Permutation Matrix
2011-21 Fabian Schwarzenberger:
Uniform approximation of the integrated density of states for long-range percolation Hamiltonians
2011-22 Felix Pogorzelski, Fabian Schwarzenberger, Christian Seifert:
Uniform existence of the integrated density of states on metric Cayley graphs

Preprints 2010 and CSC-Preprints 2010

2010-01 Christoph Helmberg, Susanna Reiss:
A note on Fiedler vectors interpreted as graph realizations
CSC/10-01 : A. Meyer, P. Steinhorst:
Modellierung und Numerik wachsender Risse bei piezoelektrischem Material
2010-02 Manuel Gräf :
An unified approach to scattered data approximation on S3 and SO(3)
CSC/10-02 : M. Balg, A. Meyer:
Numerische Simulation nahezu inkompressibler Materialien unter Verwendung von adaptiver, gemischter FEM
2010-03 Rainer Backofen, Manuel Gräf, Daniel Potts, Simon Praetorius, Axel Voigt, Thomas Witkowski :
A continuous approach to discrete ordering on S2
CSC/10-03 : M. Weise, A. Meyer:
Grundgleichungen für transversal isotropes Materialverhalten
2010-04 Albrecht Böttcher, Hermann Brunner, Arieh Iserles, Syvert P. Nørsett:
On the Singular Values and Eigenvalues of the Fox-Li and Related Operators
CSC/10-04 : M. K. Bernauer, R. Herzog:
Optimal Control of the Classical Two-Phase Stefan Problem in Level Set Formulation
2010-05 Thomas Peter, Daniel Potts, Manfred Tasche:
Nonlinear approximation by sums of exponentials and translates
2010-06 Simon N. Chandler-Wilde, Ratchanikorn Chonchaiya, Marko Lindner:
Eigenvalue problem meets Sierpinski triangle: computing the spectrum of a non-self-adjoint random operator
2010-07 Ralf Hielscher:
Kernel Density Estimation on the Rotation Group
2010-08 J. M. Bogoya, A. Böttcher, S. M. Grudsky:
Asymptotics of individual eigenvalues of a class of large Hessenberg Toeplitz matrices
2010-09 Alexander Elgart, Martin Tautenhahn, Ivan Veselić:
Exponential decay of Green's function for Anderson models on Z with single-site potentials of finite support
2010-10 Werner Kirsch, Ivan Veselić:
Lifschitz tails for a class of Schrödinger operators with random breather-type potential
2010-11 Martin Tautenhahn, Ivan Veselić:
A note on regularity for discrete alloy-type models
2010-12 Manuel Gräf, Daniel Potts:
On the computation of spherical designs by a new optimization approach based on fast spherical Fourier transforms
2010-13 Lutz Kämmerer, Stefan Kunis, Daniel Potts:
Interpolation lattices for hyperbolic cross trigonometric polynomials
2010-14 Jens Flemming:
Theory and examples of variational regularization with non-metric fitting functionals
2010-15 Ivan Veselić:
Lipschitz-continuity of the integrated density of states for Gaussian random potentials
2010-16 Anne Kandler, Roman Unger:
Population dispersal via diffusion-reaction equations
2010-17 F. Göring, J. Harant:
Prescribed edges and forbidden edges for a cycle in a planar graph
2010-18 Michael Pippig, Daniel Potts:
Particle Simulation Based on Nonequispaced Fast Fourier Transforms
2010-19 Dr. Gert Beister, Prof. Dr. Bernd Luderer:
Funktionelle Beschreibung der zeitlichen Entwicklung von Aktienwerten
2010-20 B. Luderer, I. A. Novik, A. A. Rusakov:
Mit nimmermüder Schaffenskraft -- zum 105. Geburtstag des Mathematikers S. M. Nikol'skij
2010-21 G. Heinig, K. Rost:
Fast Algorithms for Toeplitz and Hankel Matrices

Preprints 2009 and CSC-Preprints 2009

2009-01 Böttcher, Albrecht; Dörfler, Peter:
Weighted Markov-type inequalities, norms of Volterra operators, and zeros of Bessel functions
CSC/09-01 : R. Unger:
Obstacle Description with Radial Basis Functions for Contact Problems in Elasticity
2009-02 Böttcher, Albrecht; Spitkovsky, Ilya M.:
Drazin inversion in the von Neumann algebra generated by two orthogonal projections
CSC/09-02 : U.-J. Görke, S. Kaiser, A. Bucher, R. Kreißig:
Ein Beitrag zur gemischten Finite-Elemente-Formulierung der Theorie gesättigter poröser Medien bei großen Verzerrungen
2009-03 Uhlig-Duevelmeyer, Dana; Kurscheid, Eva Marie:
Modellierung der Inanspruchnahme positiver Minutenreserve als zusammengesetzter Poisson-Prozess mit regelzonenabhängiger Parametrierung
CSC/09-03 : J. Glänzel:
Kurzvorstellung der 3D-FEM Software SPC-PM3AdH-XX
2009-04 Böttcher, Albrecht; Grudsky, Sergei M.; Maksimenko, Egor A.:
Inside the eigenvalues of certain Hermitian Toeplitz band matrices
CSC/09-04 : P. Benner, Th. Mach:
On the QR Decomposition of H-Matrices
2009-05 Böttcher, Albrecht; Grudsky, Sergei M.; Maksimenko, Egor A.:
On the structure of the eigenvectors of large Hermitian Toeplitz band matrices
CSC/09-05 : M. Meyer:
Parameter identification problems for elastic large deformations - Part I: Model and solution of the inverse problem
2009-06 Hofmann, Bernd:
Interplay of source conditions and variational inequalities for nonlinear ill-posed problems
CSC/09-06 : M. Meyer:
Parameter identification problems for elastic large deformations - Part II: Numerical solution and results
2009-07 Böttcher, Albrecht; Dörfler, Peter:
Inequalities of the Markov type for partial derivatives of polynomials in several variables
CSC/09-07 : P. Benner, S. Hein:
Model predictive control based on an LQG design for time-varying linearizations
2009-08 Gräf, Manuel; Potts, Daniel:
Sampling sets and quadrature formulas on the rotation group
CSC/09-08 : U. Baur, C. A. Beattie, P. Benner, S. Gugercin:
Interpolatory Projection Methods for Parameterized Model Reduction
2009-09 Potts, Daniel; Tasche, Manfred:
An inverse problem of digital signal processing
CSC/09-09 : J. Saak, S. Schlömer:
RRQR-MEX - Linux and Windows 32bit Matlab Mex-Files for the rank revealing QR factorization
2009-10 Göring, Frank; Helmberg, Christoph; Reiss, Susanna:
Graph Realizations Associated with Minimizing the Maximum Eigenvalue of the Laplacian
CSC/09-10 : M. Köhler, J. Saak:
Efficiency improving implementation techniques for large scale matrix equation solvers
2009-11 Hofmann, Bernd:
A note on convergence rates for variational regularization with non-convex residual term
CSC/09-11 : P. Benner, H. Faßbender:
On the numerical solution of large-scale sparse discrete-time Riccati equations
2009-12 Wegert, Elias:
Visualization of Complex Functions: Plea for the Phase Plot
2009-13 Böttcher, Albrecht; Grudsky, Sergei; Porter, R. Michael:
European double-barrier options with a compound Poisson component
2009-14 Hein, Torsten; Kazimierski, Kamil S.:
Modified Landweber iteration in Banach spaces - convergence and convergence rates
2009-17 Hein, Torsten; Kazimierski, Kamil S.:
Accelerated Landweber iteration in Banach spaces

Preprints 2008 and CSC-Preprints 2008

2008-01 Lindner, Marko:
Fredholmness and index of operators in the Wiener algebra are independent of the underlying space.
CSC/08-01 : P. Benner, M. Döhler, M. Pester, J. Saak:
PLiCMR - Usage on CHiC
2008-02 Bot, Radu Ioan; Csetnek, Ernö Robert:
On an open problem regarding totally Fenchel unstable functions
CSC/08-02 : T. Eibner:
A fast and efficient algorithm to compute BPX- and overlapping preconditioner for adaptive 3D-FEM
2008-03 Bot, Radu Ioan; Csetnek, Ernö Robert:
Weak regularity conditions for maximal monotonicity in separable Asplund spaces
CSC/08-03 : A. Meyer:
Hierarchical Preconditioners and Adaptivity for Kirchhoff-Plates
2008-04 Karl-Heinz Eger, Nadja Rückert :
Sequential tests for Weibull distributed observations
CSC/08-04 : U.-J. Görke, A. Bucher, R. Kreißig:
Ein numerischer Vergleich alternativer Formulierungen des Materialmodells der anisotropen Elastoplastizität bei großen Verzerrungen
2008-05 Böttcher, Albrecht; Wenzel, David:
The Frobenius norm and the commutator
CSC/08-05 : U.-J. Görke, R. Landgraf, R. Kreißig:
Thermodynamisch konsistente Formulierung des gekoppelten Systems der Thermoelastoplastizität bei großen Verzerrungen auf der Basis eines Substrukturkonzepts
2008-06 Seidel, Markus; Silbermann, Bernd:
Banach Algebras of Structured Matrix Sequences
CSC/08-06 : M. Meyer, J. Müller:
Identification of mechanical strains by measurements of a deformed electrical potential field
2008-07 Chandler-Wilde, Simon N.; Lindner, Marko:
Limit Operators, Collective Compactness, and the Spectral Theory of Infinite Matrices
CSC/08-07 : M. Striebel, J. Rommes:
Model order reduction of nonlinear systems: status, open issues, and applications
2008-08 Lorenz, Nicole:
Optimization problems in statistical learning: duality and optimality conditions
CSC/08-08 : P. Benner, C. Effenberger:
A rational SHIRA method for the Hamiltonian eigenvalue problem
2008-09 Heinig , Georg; Rost, Karla:
2008-10 Artmann, Sarah; Göring, Frank; Harant, Jochen; Rautenbach, Dieter; Schiermeyer, Ingo:
Random Procedures for Dominating Sets in Graphs
2008-11 Hein, Torsten:
Regularization in Banach spaces - optimal convergence rates results
2008-12 Lindner, Marko:
A note on the spectrum of bi-infinite bi-diagonal random matrices
2008-13 Gräf, Manuel; Kunis, Stefan; Potts, Daniel:
On the computation of nonnegative quadrature weights on the sphere
2008-14 Hein, Torsten; Hofmann, Bernd:
Approximate source conditions for nonlinear ill-posed problems - chances and limitations
2008-15 Lindner, Marko:
The finite section method and stable subsequences
2008-16 Göring, Frank; Helmberg, Christoph ; Wappler, Markus:
The Rotational Dimension of a Graph

Preprints 2007 and CSC-Preprints 2007

2007-01 Krämer, Romy; Richter, Matthias:
A Generalized Bivariate Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Model for Financial Assets
CSC/07-01 : U. Baur, P. Benner:
Gramian-Based Model Reduction for Data-Sparse Systems
2007-02 Düvelmeyer, Dana; Hofmann, Bernd; Yamamoto, Masahiro:
Range inclusions and approximate source conditions with general benchmark functions
CSC/07-02 : A. Meyer:
Grundgleichungen und adaptive Finite-Elemente-Simulation bei "Großen Deformationen"
2007-03 Bot, Radu Ioan; Grad, Sorin Mihai; Wanka, Gert:
New regularity conditions for strong and total Lagrange duality
CSC/07-03 : P. Steinhorst:
Rotationssymmetrie für piezoelektrische Probleme
2007-04 Bot, Radu Ioan; Lorenz, Nicole; Wanka, Gert:
Optimality conditions for portfolio optimization problems with convex deviation measures as objective functions
CSC/07-04 : S. Beuchler, T. Eibner, U. Langer:
Primal and Dual Interface Concentrated Iterative Substructuring Methods
2007-05 Krämer, Romy; Reinhold, Nico; Richter, Matthias:
Einige Aspekte zur Parameterschätzung in einem verallgemeinerten Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Modell
CSC/07-05 : T. Hein, M. Meyer:
Simultane Identifikation voneinander unabhängiger Materialparameter - numerische Studien
2007-06 Bot, Radu Ioan; Kassay, Gabor; Wanka, Gert:
Duality for almost convex optimization problems via the perturbation approach
CSC/07-06 : A. Bucher, U.-J. Görke, P. Steinhorst, R. Kreißig, A. Meyer:
Ein Beitrag zur adaptiven gemischten Finite-Elemente-Formulierung der nahezu inkompressiblen Elastizität bei großen Verzerrungen
2007-07 Böttcher, Albrecht:
Orthogonal Symmetric Toeplitz Matrices
CSC/07-07 : U.-J. Görke, A. Bucher, R. Kreißig:
Zur Numerik der inversen Aufgabe für gemischte (u/p) Formulierungen am Beispiel der nahezu inkompressiblen Elastizität bei großen Verzerrungen
2007-08 Bot, Radu Ioan; Csetnek, Ernö Robert; Wanka, Gert:
Regularity conditions via quasi-relative interior in convex programming
CSC/07-08 : A. Meyer, P. Steinhorst:
Betrachtungen zur Spektraläquivalenz für das Schurkomplement im Bramble-Pasciak-CG bei piezoelektrischen Problemen
2007-09 Bot, Radu Ioan; Grad, Sorin-Mihai; Wanka, Gert:
New regularity conditions for strong and total Fenchel-Lagrange duality in infinite dimensional spaces
CSC/07-09 : T. Hein, M. Meyer:
Identification of material parameters in linear elasticity - some numerical results
2007-10 Hofmann, Bernd; Mathé, Peter; Pereverzev, Sergei V.:
Regularization by projection: Approximation theoretic aspects and distance functions
CSC/07-10 : T. Hein:
On solving implicitly defined inverse problems by SQP-approaches
2007-11 Silbermann, Bernd:
C^*-algebras and asymptotic spectral theory
2007-12 Bot, Radu Ioan; Csetnek, Ernö Robert; Wanka, Gert:
Sequential optimality conditions for composed convex optimization problems
2007-13 Kunis, Stefan:
A note on stability results for scattered data interpolation on Euclidean spheres
2007-14 Bot, Radu Ioan; Lorenz, Nicole; Wanka, Gert:
Chance-constrained optimization problems and applications
2007-15 Bot, Radu Ioan; Hodrea, Ioan Bogdan; Wanka , Gert:
ε -optimality conditions for composed convex optimization problems
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Generalized Moreau-Rockafellar results for composed convex functions
2007-17 Hein, Torsten:
Multi-parameter regularization - convergence and convergence rates results
2007-18 Göring, Frank; Harant, Jochen; Rautenbach, Dieter; Schiermeyer, Ingo:
On F-Independence in Graphs
2007-19 Göring, Frank; Harant, Jochen; Rautenbach, Dieter; Schiermeyer, Ingo:
Locally Dense Independent Sets in Regular Graphs of Large Girth
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The Radon Transform on SO(3): A Fourier Slice Theorem and Numerical Inversion
2007-21 Böttcher, Albrecht; Kunis, Stefan; Potts, Daniel:
Probabilistic Spherical Marcinkiewicz-Zygmund Inequalities
2007-22 Bot, Radu Ioan; Grad, Anca; Wanka, Gert:
Sequential Characterization of Some Efficient Solutions in Vector Optimization
2007-23 Heinrich, Bernd; Jung, Beate:
Nitsche finite element method
2007-24 Böttcher, Albrecht; Grudsky, Sergei M.; Maksimenko, Egor A.:
Pushing the Envelope of the Test Functions in the Szegö and Avram-Parter Theorems
2007-25 Martini, Horst; Wenzel, Walter:
A Lipschitz-condition for the width function of convex bodies in arbitrary Minkowski spaces
2007-26 Altangerel, Lkhamsuren; Wanka, Gert:
Gap Functions for Vector Equilibrium Problems via Conjugate Duality
2007-27 Gräf, Manuel; Kunis, Stefan:
Stability results for scattered data interpolation on the rotation group
2007-28 Hein, Torsten:
Regularization of ill-posed problems in Banach spaces - approximative source conditions and convergence rates results
2007-29 Starkloff, Hans-Jörg:
On the Dimensionality of the Stochastic Space in the Stochastic Finite Element Method

Preprints 2006 and CSC-Preprints 2006

2006-01 Kunis, Stefan; Potts, Daniel:
Time and memory requirements of the Nonequispaced FFT
CSC/06-01 : T. Eibner, J. M. Melenk:
p-FEM quadrature error analysis on tetrahedra
2006-02 Böttcher, Albrecht; Potts, Daniel:
Probability against condition number and sampling of multivariate trigonometric
CSC/06-02 : P. Benner, H. Faßbender:
On the solution of the rational matrix equation X = Q + L X - 1 L T
2006-03 Lkhamsuren, Altangerel; Bot, Radu Ioan; Wanka, Gert:
Variational Principles for Vector Equilibrium Problems Related to Conjugate Duality
CSC/06-03 : P. Benner, H. Mena, J. Saak:
On the Parameter Selection Problem in the Newton-ADI Iteration for Large Scale Riccati Equations
2006-04 Lkhamsuren, Altangerel; Bot, Radu Ioan; Wanka, Gert:
Conjugate Duality in Vector Optimization and Some Applications to the Vector Variational Inequality
CSC/06-04 : J. M. Badía, P. Benner, R. Mayo, E. S. Quintana-Ortí, G. Quintana-Ortí, A. Remón:
Balanced Truncation Model Reduction of Large and Sparse Generalized Linear Systems
2006-05 Fenn, Markus; Kunis, Stefan; Potts, Daniel:
A note on the polar FFT
2006-06 Kunis, Stefan; Rauhut, Holger:
Random Sampling of Sparse Trigonometric Polynomials II - Orthogonal Matching Pursuit versus Basis Pursuit
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On some abstract convexity notions in real linear spaces
2006-08 Bot, Radu Ioan; Csetnek, Ernö Robert; Wanka, Gert:
Some new regularity conditions for Fenchel duality in real linear spaces
2006-09 Böttcher, Albrecht; Potts, Daniel; Wenzel, David:
A probability argument in favor of ignoring small singular values
2006-10 Eggers, Holger; Knopp, Tobias; Potts, Daniel:
Field Inhomogeneity Correction based on Gridding Reconstruction for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
2006-11 Bot, Radu Ioan; Hodrea, Ioan Bogdan; Wanka, Gert:
Farkas-type results for fractional programming problems
2006-12 Bot, Radu Ioan; Chares, Robert; Wanka, Gert:
Duality for multiobjective fractional programming problems
2006-13 Bot, Radu Ioan; Grad, Sorin Mihai; Wanka, Gert:
New regularity conditions for Lagrange and Fenchel-Lagrange duality in infinite dimensional spaces
2006-14 Bot, Radu Ioan; Chares, Robert; Wanka, Gert:
Comparison between different duals in multiobjective fractional programming
2006-15 Kazachenok, Viktor; Luderer, Bernd:
Aufgaben des Computers bei der Organisation des gesteuerten Selbstlernens
2006-16 Luderer, Bernd; Weigand, Peter; Handrock, Sybille:
Using Computer Programs in Higher Education - Good Practice in Mathematics
2006-17 Krämer, Romy; Richter, Matthias:
Impact of monotonicity in some model of inverse option pricing
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A New Fenchel Dual Problem in Vector Optimization
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Some formulas for the conjugate of convex risk measures
2006-20 Armbruster, Michael; Fügenschuh, Marzena; Helmberg, Christoph; Martin, Alexander:
On the Graph Bisection Cut polytope
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Optimality conditions for weak efficiency to vector optimization problems with composed convex functions
2006-22 Keiner, Jens; Kunis, Stefan; Potts, Daniel:
Efficient reconstruction of functions on the sphere from scattered data
2006-23 Bot, Radu Ioan; Csetnek, Ernö Robert; Wanka, Gert:
Sequential optimality conditions in convex programming via perturbation approach
2006-24 Göring, Frank; Katona, Gyula Y.:
Local topological toughness and local factors
2006-25 Böhme, Thomas; Göring, Frank; Tuza, Zsolt; Unger, Herwig:
Learning of Winning Strategies for Terminal Games with Linear-Size Memory
2006-26 Böttcher, Albrecht; Wenzel, David:
Rigorous Stochastic Bounds for the Error in Large Covariance Matrices
2006-27 Mathe, Peter; Hofmann, Bernd:
Direct and inverse results in variable Hilbert scales


2005-01 Lkhamsuren, Altangerel; Boţ, Radu Ioan; Wanka, Gert:
On the Construction of Gap Functions for Variational Inequalities via Conjugate Duality
2005-02 Boţ, Radu Ioan; Grad, Sorin Mihai; Wanka, Gert :
Fenchel-Lagrange versus Geometric Duality in Convex Optimization
2005-03 Helmberg, Christoph; Röhl, Stefan :
A Case Study of Joint Online Truck Scheduling and Inventory Management for Multiple Warehouses
2005-04 Bot, Radu Ioan; Hodrea, Ioan Bogdan; Wanka, Gert :
Some new Farkas-type results for inequality systems with DC functions
2005-05 Benner, Peter; Sokolov, Viatcheslav :
Partial Realization of Descriptor Systems
2005-06 Benner, Peter; Quintana-Ortí, Enrique :
Model Reduction Based on Spectral Projection Methods
2005-07 Boţ, Radu Ioan; Hodrea, Ioan Bogdan; Wanka, Gert :
Farkas-type results for inequality systems with composed convex functions via conjugate duality
2005-08 Lkhamsuren, Altangerel; Boţ, Radu Ioan; Wanka, Gert :
On Gap Functions for Equilibrium Problems
2005-09 Böttcher, Albrecht ; Hofmann, Bernd ; Tautenhahn, Ulrich ; Yamamoto, Masahiro:
Convergence rates for Tikhonov regularization from different kinds of smoothness conditions
2005-10 Bot, Radu Ioan; Grad, Sorin Mihai; Wanka, Gert:
Maximal monotonicity for the precomposition with a linear operator
2005-11 Bot, Radu Ioan; Grad, Sorin Mihai; Wanka, Gert:
A new constraint qualification for the formula of the subdifferential of composed convex functions in infinite dimensional spaces
2005-12 Göring, Frank; Helmberg, Christoph; Wappler, Markus:
Embedded in the Shadow of the Separator
2005-13 Bot, Radu Ioan; Grad, Sorin Mihai; Wanka, Gert:
Fenchel's duality theorem for nearly convex functions
2005-14 Bot, Radu Ioan; Grad, Sorin Mihai; Wanka, Gert:
Weaker constraint qualifications in maximal monotonicity
2005-15 Bot, Radu Ioan; Grad, Sorin Mihai; Wanka, Gert:
Almost Convex Functions: Conjugacy and Duality
2005-16 Eger, Karl-Heinz:
Sequential tests for grouped observations
2005-17 Keiner, Jens; Kunis, Stefan; Potts, Daniel:
Fast summation of radial functions on the sphere
2005-18 Benner, Peter:
Numerical Linear Algebra for Model Reduction in Control and Simulation
2005-19 Egger, Herbert; Hein, Torsten; Hofmann, Bernd:
On decoupling of volatility smile and term structure in inverse option pricing


2004-01 Martini, Horst; Wenzel, Walter :
A Unified Approach to Illumination and Visibility Problems via Closure Operators
2004-02 Averkov, Gennadiy :
On the inequality for volume and Minkowskian thickness
2004-03 Herklotz, Anja; Luderer, Bernd :
Using quasidifferentiable functions for the separation of point sets
2004-04 Luderer, Bernd :
Das macht nach Adam Ries. Historische Rechenaufgaben zu Multiplikation, Division und Dreisatz
2004-05 Hein, Torsten :
L^2-estimates of weak solutions of parabolic Cauchy problems and their application to the option pricing problem
2004-06 Averkov, Gennadiy; Heppes, Aladar:
Constant Minkowskian width in terms of boundary cuts
2004-07 Köhler, Katja; Eger, Karl-Heinz :
Computation of characteristics for one-sided CUSUM procedures
2004-08 Hein, Torsten :
On Tikhonov regularization for the inverse problem of option pricing in the price-dependent case
2004-09 Düvelmeyer, Dana; Weiß, Hendrik :
Mathematische Studien und Simulationen zur Portfoliooptimierung mit Ausfallrisikomaßen
2004-10 Lindner, Marko :
An Identification of Convolution Operators on Cones
2004-11 Costantea, Ioana; Bot, Radu Ioan; Wanka, Gert :
Patent Document Classification Based on Mutual Information Feature Selection
2004-12 Moldovan, Andreea; Bot, Radu Ioan; Wanka, Gert :
Latent Semantic Indexing for Patent Documents
2004-13 Knobloch, Matthias :
On Solving Dual Problems with Possible -∞ Function Values Using the Level Method
2004-14 Hodrea, Ioan Bogdan; Bot, Radu Ioan; Wanka, Gert :
The Rose-Gurewitz-Fox approach applied for patents classification
2004-15 Bot, Radu Ioan; Grad, Sorin Mihai; Wanka, Gert :
A new constraint qualification and conjugate duality for composed convex optimization problems
2004-16 Bot, Radu Ioan; Wanka, Gert :
Farkas-type results for max-functions and applications
2004-17 Hofmann, Bernd :
The potential for ill-posedness of multiplication operators occurring in inverse problems
2004-18 Hein, Torsten :
Analytic and numerical comparison of linear direct and iterative regularization methods
2004-19 Luther, Uwe; Almira, Jose Maria :
Inverse Closedness of Approximation Algebras
2004-20 Boţ, Radu Ioan; Wanka, Gert :
An alternative formulation for a new closed cone constraint qualification
2004-21 Boţ, Radu Ioan; Wanka, Gert :
A weaker regularity condition for subdifferential calculus and Fenchel duality in infinite dimensional spaces


2003-01 Hein, Torsten; Hofmann, Bernd :
On the inverse problem of option pricing in the time-dependent case
2003-02 Hein, Torsten :
Numerische Studie zu einem inversen Problem der Optionspreisbildung im zeitabhängigen Fall
2003-03 Düvelmeyer, Nico; Wenzel, Walter :
A Characterization of Ordered Sets and Lattices via Betweenness Relations
2003-04 Hein, Torsten :
Neue Aspekte zur Tikhonov-Regularisierung des inversen Problems der Optionspreisbildung im preisabhängigen Fall
2003-05 Averkov, Gennadiy :
On the Geometry of Simplices in Minkowski Spaces
2003-06 Hofmann, Bernd; Krämer, Romy :
On maximum entropy regularization for a specific inverse problem of option pricing
2003-07 Lindner, Marko :
Removing the ''Nasty Condition'' of Limit Operator Business in the Two Extremal Lebesgue Spaces
2003-08 Knobloch, Matthias :
Solving Convex Programs via Lagrangian Decomposition
2003-09 Luther, Uwe; Rost, Karla :
Matrix Exponentials and Inversion of Confluent Vandermonde Matrices
2003-10 Eger, Karl-Heinz :
Likelihood ratio tests for grouped observations
2003-11 Averkov, Gennadiy :
On planar convex bodies of given Minkowskian thickness and least possible area
2003-12 Luther, Uwe :
Weakly Singular Integral Operators in Weighted $L^\infty$--Spaces


2002-01 Unger, Thomas :
Acceleration of the Level Method by Exploiting Recurrent Subgradients in Linear Programming Decomposition
2002-02 Lindner, Marko; Silbermann, Bernd :
An approach to the Finite Section Method in the space of essentially bounded functions using Limit Operators
2002-03 Martini, Horst; Wenzel, Walter :
Simplices with Congruent k-faces
2002-04 Beer, Klaus; Knobloch, Matthias :
Utilization of the Level Method for Dual Decomposition in Convex Quadratic Programming
2002-05 Silbermann, Bernd :
How to compute the partial indices of a regular and smooth matrix-valued function?
2002-06 Silbermann, Bernd :
Modified Finite Sections for Toeplitz Operators and their singular values
2002-07 Averkov, Gennadiy :
On cross-section measures in Minkowski spaces
2002-08 Wappler, Markus :
k-best solutions under Distance Constraints in Graphs
2002-09 Luther, Uwe :
Cauchy Singular Integral Operators in Weighted Spaces of Continuous Functions
2002-10 Luther, Uwe :
A Note on Simultaneous Approximation
2002-11 Wenzel, Walter :
Regular Simplices inscribed into the Cube and exhibiting a Group Structure
2002-12 Bot, Radu Joan; Kassaj, Gabor; Wanka, Gert :
Strong duality for generalized convex optimization problems
2002-13 Luderer, Bernd; Weigelt, Jörg :
A solution method for a special class of nondifferentiable functions
2002-14 Luderer, Bernd :
Über magische Quadrate und eine Wette
2002-15 Averkov, Gennadiy :
Constant Minkowskian width in terms of double normals
2002-16 Averkov, Gennadiy :
A monotonicity lemma for bodies of constant Minkowskian width
2002-17 Averkov, Gennadiy; Martini, Horst :
A characterization of constant width in Minkowski planes


2001-01 Martini, Horst; Wenzel, Walter :
Symmetrization of Closure Operators and Visibility
2001-02 vom Scheidt, Jürgen; Starkloff, Hans-Jörg; Wunderlich, Ralf :
Low-dimensional approximations for random axial vibrations of beams
2001-03 vom Scheidt, Jürgen; Starkloff, Hans-Jörg; Wunderlich, Ralf :
Transverse vibrations of a beam with random epsilon-correlated excitation and model reduction
2001-04 Martini, Horst; Wenzel, Walter :
An analogue of the Krein-Milman Theorem for star-shaped sets
2001-05 Luderer, B.; Zeh, A. :
Preisbildung im Dyopol
2001-06 Bot, Radu Ioan; Wanka, Gert :
A New Duality Approach for Multiobjective Convex Optimization Problems
2001-07 Emvudu, Y.; Hein, T.; Hofmann, B. :
Some approach for solving an inverse option pricing problem
2001-08 Paape, Conny :
Performance Evaluation of Global Investment Portfolios: The Role of Currencies
2001-09 Daniel Akume, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber :
Cluster Algorithms: Theory and Methods
2001-10 Weber, Gerhard-Wilhelm :
On the Topology of Generalized Semi-Infinite Optimization
2001-11 Almira, J. M.; Luther, U. :
A Note on Simultaneous Diophantine Approximation
2001-12 Luther, U. :
Representation, Interpolation, and Reiteration Theorems for Generalized Approximation Spaces
2001-13 Almira, J.M. :
An Introduction to Fourier Analysis and Signal Processing
2001-14 Martini, Horst, Wenzel, Walter :
The Computation of Derivatives of Trigonometric functions via the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
2001-15 Akume, Daniel; Luderer, Bernd :
Einige Aspekte der Bewertung von Swaptions
2001-16 Luther, U. :
Approximation Spaces in the Numerical Analysis of Operator Equations
2001-17 Kremer, Torsten; Richter, Matthias; Starkloff, Hans-Jörg; Wunderlich, Ralf :
Stochastic Price Processes with epsilon-correlated Returns


2000-01 Unger, Thomas :
A Modified Version of the Level Method Applicable for Decomposition
2000-02 Dieter Betten; Walter Wenzel :
On the Combinatorial Geometry of Linear Spaces
2000-03 Hofmann, B. :
Chances of strategies against the trend for DAX and DAX-Future based on a three-days indicator
2000-04 Horst Martini; Walter Wenzel :
Covering and Packing Problems in Lattices associated with the n-Cube
2000-05 Evgenij G. Golstejn; Thomas Unger :
Generalized Level Method with Approximated Data
2000-06 Evgenij G. Golstejn; Thomas Unger :
Generalized Level Method with Approximated Data
2000-07 Handrock-Meyer; Kalachev; Schneider :
A method to determine the dimension of long-time dynamics in multi-scale systems
2000-08 Peter Junghanns; Steffen Roch; Bernd Silbermann :
Collocation methods for systems of Cauchy singular integral equations on an interval
2000-09 Brian Lins, Patrick Meade, Christian Mehl, Leiba Rodman :
Polar decompositions of indecomposable normal matrices in indefinite inner products: Explicit formulas and open problems
2000-10 H. Martini; W. Wenzel :
A characterization of convex sets via visibility
2000-11 H. Martini, W. Wenzel :
Tetrahedra cannot be reduced
2000-12 Peter Junghanns; Andreas Rathsfeld :
A polynomial collocation method for Cauchy singular integral equations over the interval
2000-14 B. Luderer, O. Zuchanke :
Ein einheitlicher Zugang zum Pricing von Swaps
2000-15 vom Scheidt, J.; Starkloff, H.-J.; Wunderlich, R. :
Low-dimensional approximations and error estimates for systems of linear random ODEs
2000-16 J. M. Almira; U. Luther :
Approximation Algebras and Applications
2000-17 J. M. Almira; U. Luther :
Generalized Approximation Spaces and Applications
2000-18 J. M. Almira; U. Luther :
Compactness and Generalized Approximation Spaces


1999-01 Fellenberg, B; Starkloff, H.-J.; Wunderlich, R. :
Approximation of stationary random functions with fractional rational spectral density
1999-02 vom Scheidt, J.; Starkloff, H.-J.; Wunderlich, R. :
Stationary solutions of random differential equations with polynomial nonlinearities
1999-03 vom Scheidt, J.; Starkloff, H.-J.; Wunderlich, R. :
Asymptotic expansions of integral functionals of vector valued epsilon-correlated processes
1999-04 vom Scheidt, J.; Starkloff, H.-J., Wunderlich, R. :
Integral functionals of epsilon-correlated random fields
1999-05 K. Beer; V. A. Skokov :
Cutting plane methods based on the analytic barrier for minimization of a convex function subject to box-constraints
1999-06 Walter Wenzel; Nihat Ay; Frank Pasemann :
Hyperplane Arrangements Separating Arbitrary Vertex Classes in n-Cubes
1999-07 A. Böttcher; M. Seybold :
Wackelsatz and Stechkins inequality for discrete Muckenhoupt weights
1999-08 Hofmann, B. :
Formulierung von Anti-Trend-Strategien bei Zeitreihen und einige empirische Studien
1999-09 H. Martini; W. Wenzel :
On lattices, frames and n-cubes
1999-10 U. Luther; G. Mastroianni :
Fourier Projections in Weighted L_infty-Spaces
1999-11 U. Luther :
Uniform Convergence of Polynomial Approximation Methods for Prandtl
1999-12 U. Luther; M. G. Russo :
Boundedness of the Hilbert Transformation in some Weighted Besov Type Spaces
1999-13 Thomas Apel; Serge Nicaise; Joachim Schöberl :
Crouzeix-Raviart type finite elements on anisotropic meshes


1998-01 Lothar Jentsch; David Natroshvili :
Non-local approach in mathematical problems of fluid-structure interaction
1998-02 B.Hofmann; O. Scherzer :
Local Ill-Posedness and Source Conditions of Operator Equations in Hilbert Spaces
1998-03 Lothar Jentsch; David Natroshvili :
Three-dimensional mathematical Problems of thermoelasticity of anisotropic Bodies
1998-04 David Natroshvili; Shota Zazashvili :
The Interface Crack Problem for Anisotropic Bodies
1998-05 G. Wanka :
A New Theorem od the Alternative - A Location Approach
1998-06 R. Krengel; R.Standke; F.Tröltzsch; H. Wehage :
Mathematisches Modell einer optimal gesteuerten Abkühlung von Profilstählen in Kühlstrecken
1998-07 B. Hofmann; G. Fleischer :
Stability Rates for Linear Ill-Posed Problems with Convolution and Multiplication Operators
1998-08 A.Böttcher :
On the Corona Theorem for Almost Periodic Functions
1998-09 K. Beer; E.G. Golstejn :
Minimization of a nondifferentiable convex function, defined not everywhere
1998-10 K. Eppler :
Optimal shape design for elliptic equations via BIE-methods
1998-11 K.Eppler :
On the symmetry od second derivatives in optimal shape design and sufficient optimality conditions for shape functionals
1998-12 M. Konstantinov; V.Mehrmann; P. Petkov :
On Properties of General Sylvester and Lyapunov Operators
1998-13 Tröltzsch, Fredi :
On the Lagrange-Newton-SQP Method for the Optimal Control of Semilinear Parabolic Equations
1998-14 U. Krallert; G. Wanka :
Duality for optimal Control-Approximation Problems with Gauges
1998-15 Malanowski, Kazimierz; Tröltzsch, Fredi :
Lipschitz Stability of Solutions to Parametric Optimal Control Problems for Parabolic Equations
1998-16 Raymond, Jean-Pierre; Tröltzsch, Fredi :
Second Order Sufficient Optimality Conditions for Nonlinear Parabolic Control Problems with State Constraints
1998-17 M.M. Konstantinov; V. Mehrmann; P. Hr. Petkov :
Pertubation Analysis for the Hamiltonian Schur Form
1998-18 D.Chu; V.Mehrmann :
Disturbance Decoupling for Linear Time-Invariant Systems: A Matrix Pencil Approach
1998-19 M.Bergounioux; F.Tröltzsch :
Optimal Control of Semilinear Parabolic Equations with State-Constraints of Bottleneck Type
1998-20 K.Rost; Z. Vavrin :
Non-proper Rational Interpolation and Recursive solution of Löwner-Vandermonde Systems of Equations
1998-21 U.Würker :
Parallelization approaches to the simplex method
1998-22 W. Barthel :
Zur Lösung eines quasilinearen Systems von partiellen Differentialgleichungen mit zeitlich periodischen Randbedingungen
1998-23 K.Beer; G.Zenker :
The marginal value in quadratic programming with unbounded solution sets
1998-24 S.Mehlhose; J. vom Scheidt; R. Wunderlich :
Random eigenvalue problems for bending vibrations of beams
1998-25 V. Didenko; S. Roch; B. Silbermann :
Some peculiarities of approximation methods for singular integral equations with conjugation
1998-26 G. Wanka :
Multiobjective duality for the Markowitz portfolio optimization problem
1998-27 Eger, Karl-Heinz; Jungmann, Sabine :
Berechnung der Charakteristiken für den Sobel-Wald-Test zur Exponentialverteilung
1998-28 T. Unger :
On some Aspects of (Matrix) Data Perturbation in Linear Programming Problems
1998-29 M. Richter, J. vom Scheidt, R. Wunderlich :
Limit Theorems for Functionals of the Derivatives of Weakly Correlated Functions and Applications to Random Boundary Value Problems
1998-30 K. Richter :
On a possibility to Decompose a Bordering Structured Programming Problem
1998-31 vom Scheidt, J.; Starkloff, H.-J.; Wunderlich, R. :
Optimal low-dimensional approximations of random vector functions
1998-32 vom Scheidt, J.; Starkloff, H.-J.; Wunderlich, R. :
Results of statistical data analysis of random road profiles
1998-33 Jungmann, Sabine; Eger, Karl-Heinz :
Berechnung der Charakteristiken für den Sobel-Wald-Test zur Erlangverteilung
1998-34 A. Böttcher; S. M. Grudsky; I. M. Spitkovsky :
Two papers on inverse problems for the partial indices of matrix functions


1997-01 L. Jentsch; D. Natroshvili; I. Sigua :
Mixed Interface Problems of Thermoelastic Pseudo-Oscillations
1997-02 Eger, Karl-Heinz; Oehlke, Sabine :
Konstruktion eines modifizierten Sobel-Wald-Tests
1997-03 Eger, Karl-Heinz; Schwager, Anette :
Berechnung der Charakteristiken für sequentielle Tests zu zusammengesetzten Hypothesen
1997-04 K. Waas :
On graphs with a metric endspace
1997-05 L. Jentsch; D, Natroshvili :
Interaction between Thermoelastic and Scalar Oscillation Fields (general anisotropic case)
1997-06 D. Chu; V. Mehrmann :
Minimum Norm Regularization of Descriptor Systems by Output Feedback
1997-07 D. Chu; V. Mehrmann :
Disturbance Decoupling for Descriptor Systems
1997-08 B. Hofmann :
On Ill-Posedness and Local Ill-Posedness of Operator Equations in Hilbert Space
1997-09 G. Fleischer; R. Gorenflo; B. Hofmann :
On the Autoconvolution Equation and Total Variation Constraints
1997-10 P. Junghanns; U. Weber :
Local theory of a collocation method for Cauchy singular integral equations on an interval
1997-11 H. Goldberg; F. Tröltzsch :
On a SQP-multigrid technique for nonlinear parabolic boundary control problems
1997-12 F. Tröltzsch :
Lipschitz stability of solutions to linear-quadratic parabolic control problems with respect to perturbations
1997-13 A. Böttcher; S. M. Grudsky :
Estimates for the condition numbers of large semi-definite Toeplitz matrices
1997-14 Volker Mehrmann; Hongguo Xu :
An Analysis of the Pole Placement Problem II. The Multi-Input Case
1997-15 G. Fleischer; B. Hofmann :
Ill-Posedness Aspects of Some Nonlinear Inverse Problems and their Linearizations
1997-16 Benno Fellenberg; Jürgen vom Scheidt; Matthias Richter :
Simulation of Weakly Correlated Functions and its Application to Random Surfaces and Random Polynomials
1997-17 Jürgen vom Scheidt; Hans-Jörg Starkloff; Ralf Wunderlich :
Asymptotic Expansions for Second-Order Moments of Integral Functionals of Weakly Correlated Random Functions
1997-18 J. Gruner; J. vom Scheidt; R. Wunderlich :
On the analytic representation of the correlation function of linear random vibration systems
1997-19 E. Casas; F.Tröltzsch; A. Unger :
Second Order Sufficient Optimality Conditions for some State-Constrained Control Problems of Semilinear Eliptic Equations
1997-20 V.Mehrmann; D.D. Olesky; T.X.T. Phan; P. van den Driessche :
Relations between Perron-Frobenius results for matrix pencils
1997-21 D.Chu; V.Mehrmann :
Disturbance Decoupling for Descriptor Systems II
1997-22 K.Gürlebeck; U.Kähler; M.Shapiro; L.M. Tovar :
On Q_p-spaces of quaternion-valued functions
1997-23 H.Meltzer :
Exceptional vector bundles, tilting sheaves and tilting complexes on weighted projective lines
1997-24 G.Wanka :
Multiobjective Control-Approximation Problems - Duality and Optimality
1997-25 P. Junghanns; U.Weber :
Local theory of projection methods for Cauchy singular integral equations on an interval
1997-26 G.Fleischer :
Multiplication operators and its ill-posedness properties
1997-27 U.Krallert; G.Wanka :
Efficiency in seminorm location problems
1997-28 Delin Chu; Volker Mehrmann :
Disturbance Decoupled Observer Design for Descriptor Systems.


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Thermoelastic Oscillations of Anisotropic Bodies
1996-02 K. Gürlebeck; U. Kähler :
On the Invertibility of the Pi-Operator
1996-03 K. Gürlebeck; U. Kähler :
Clifford Analysis and Elliptic Boundary Value Problems in Unbounded Domains
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Sequentielle Tests für zusammengesetzte Hypothesen
1996-06 Eger, Karl-Heinz; Oehlke, Sabine :
Berechnung der Charakteristiken für den verallgemeinerten Sobel-Wald-Test
1996-07 Eger, Karl-Heinz; Oehlke, Sabine :
Berechnung der Charakteristiken für den Sobel-Wald-Test
1996-08 H. Goldberg; F. Tröltzsch :
On a Lagrange-Newton-Method for a Nonlinear Parabolic Boundary Control Problem
1996-10 P. Kunkel; V. Mehrmann :
The Linear Quadratic Control Problem for Linear Descriptor Systems with Variable Coefficients
1996-11 P. Kunkel; V. Mehrmann :
Regular Solutions of Nonlinear Differential-Algebraic Equations and their Numerical Determination
1996-13 L. Jentsch; D. Natroshvili :
Thermoelastic Oscillations of Anisotropic Bodies (Sommerfeld 96 - Workshop)


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