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L. Jentsch; D. Natroshvili : Thermoelastic Oscillations of Anisotropic Bodies

L. Jentsch; D. Natroshvili : Thermoelastic Oscillations of Anisotropic Bodies

Author(s) :
L. Jentsch; D. Natroshvili
Title :
Thermoelastic Oscillations of Anisotropic Bodies
Electronic source :
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Preprint series
Technische Universität Chemnitz-Zwickau, Fakultät für Mathematik (Germany). Preprint 96-1, 1996
Mathematics Subject Classification :
31B10 [ Integral representations of harmonic functions (higher-dimensional) ]
31B25 [ Boundary behavior of harmonic functions (higher-dim.) ]
35C15 [ Integral representations of solutions of PDE ]
35E05 [ Fundamental solutions (PDE with constant coefficients) ]
45F15 [ Systems of singular linear integral equations ]
73B30 [ Thermodynamics of solids ]
73B40 [ Anisotropic materials ]
73C15 [ Uniqueness theorems in elasticity ]
73D30 [ Linear vibrations of solids ]
Abstract :
The generalized radiation conditions at infinity of Sommerfeld-Kupradze type are established in the theory of thermoelasticity of anisotropic bodies. Applying the potential method and the theory of pseudodifferential equations on manifolds the uniqueness and existence theorems of solutions to the basic three-dimensional exterior boundary value problems are proved and representation formulas of solutions by potential type integrals are obtained.
Keywords :
thermoelasticity, oscillations, anisotropic bodies, potential method
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