Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik

An der Fakultät werden in folgenden Fachrichtungen hochqualifizierte Ingenieure ausgebildet:

Neben breit gestreuten Forschungsobjekten an den einzelnen Professuren gibt es besondere Schwerpunkte im

Zentrum für Mikrotechnologien     Zentrum für Mikrotechnologien

Master Micro and Nano Systems: Research Project List"

Liebe Studenten des Masterstudienganges Micro and Nano Systems,
ab dem 02. Juni 2014 gibt es für Ihren Studiengang in OPAL eine zentrale Liste mit Themen für Forschungsprojekte (Research Projects) entsprechend Modul M_MN 3.1.
Ab diesem Zeitpunkt erfolgen die Bewerbungen für Forschungsprojekte ausschließlich über diese Liste.

Information and Communication Systems - English-language Master's program
This English-language Master's programm covers a wide range of modules with the focus on future challenges of the increasingly globalised field of Information and Communication Systems. Digitisation and the increasing penetration of private and occupational areas of life by Information and Communication technologies will extensively shape the information society of the future. Students at Chemnitz University of Technology are qualified to solve engineering problems and to work in research and development as well as in management positions. Focal points of the degree course are Communications Engineering, Microwave Engineering and Photonics, Circuit and System Design, Communication Networks, Digital Signal Processing and Circuit Theory.
Micro and Nano Systems - English-language Master's program
The program provides world-class, future-oriented education in design, manufacturing, characterization and integration of miniaturized components into engineering systems. The interdisciplinary courses cover fundamental theoretical knowledge in physics and engineering but also application-oriented skills in developing innovative products, in business administration and management. Courses and practical training address current and prospective needs of industrial and academic research.

Termine der Fakultät:

23.09.2015, Reichenhainer Str. 90, Zentr. Hörsaal- und Seminargebäude
8th International Workshop on Impedance Spectroscopy IWIS'2015
Impedance Spectroscopy is a powerful measurement method in many application fields including material science, biomedicine and sensors. The Chair of Measurement and Sensor Technology organizes this international workshop to the 8th time in Chemnitz.