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Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Willkommen an der Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik

18.03.2020 – Information regarding courses

Dear students,

I would like to provide information regarding the current situation at the faculty ET/IT with respect to the coronavirus.

You can find most recent information on the university website and also at this place (faculty homepage), and I ask you to take notice regularly.

All staff members of our faculty can be contacted by email or phone, as well as staff members of the student service (course guidance service, examination office, and student service point). I ask you for your understanding in cases where your requests cannot be processed immediately.

Please visit the web pages of the professorships for updated information regarding courses/lectures/tutorials. Please check your university email regularly and ensure that your mailbox is not over quota. We will try our best to offer all courses. For this purpose, we are investigating alternative (virtual) teaching methods.

If you are working on a report (bachelor/master thesis, research project, ...), please contact your advisor to discuss the schedule. It is generally possible to extend deadlines.

Upcoming exams should be postponed, please contact your examiner for details, especially if the exam cannot be postponed on your side. We expect that the exam period in summer will take place according to the regular schedule.

You will be updated at this place whenever new information is available or new regulations apply and I ask you for your understanding.

Best wishes,

Stefan Streif (Dean of the faculty ET/IT)

Welcome to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Smartphones, internet, or energy – life is literally impossible without electrical engineering and information technology – while their development is advancing rapidly and steadily allows for new technologies.

Further research and ongoing development of these areas is the primary goal of our faculty, which is enabled by manyfold research projects as well as teaching all necessary basics in several study courses.

Our lecturers are not only teachers, but also partners of our students, allowing dense collaboration of students and lecturers. Among other factors, this is the main reason why students experience excellent study conditions at our faculty.


  • Wednesday, 22.10.2020 15. Chemnitzer Fachtagung Mikrosystemtechnik - Mikromechanik & Mikroelektronik - (Congress/Conference)

    • Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik, Professuren Mikrosysteme und Medizintechnik sowie Schaltkreis und Systementwurf
    • Time: to 22.10. Language: Deutsch
    • Info: Prof. Herrmann, Dr. Dienel, 0371 531 24430
    • Im Mittelpunkt der Fachtagung stehen Mikromechanik und Mikroelektronik sowie die Wechselbeziehungen (Komponenten- und Systementwurf, Technologieentwicklung, Charakterisierung, Schaltungsentwurf, Medizintechnik, AAL, Neue Sensoren, Smart Materials)
    • iCal file
  • Tuesday, 27.11.2020 POSTPONED: Wave Propagation & Scattering in Communicat., MW Remote Sensing, Navigation and High-Speed Digital Data Transmission (Congress/Conference)

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