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Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (HDS)

Hochschul Didaktik SachsenThe Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Saxony (HDS) is a joint central institution of the four Saxon universities, eight saxon universities of applied sciences and the saxon universities of cooperative education.

Since 01/2022, lecturers for higher education didactics have been working within the framework of the network at their universities, universities of applied sciences and the BA Saxony. These positions are permanently financed through the budget of the State of Saxony. 

At their places of work, the university didactics officers assist in the development of competences for qualitative university teaching among university teachers, committees and also within the necessary structures and processes. In individual consultations and accompanying processes, through a comprehensive range of further training courses, but also through the organisation and moderation of discourses and conferences, higher education didactics is made accessible to the higher education institutions at all network locations. 
Thanks to the close cooperation of the higher education didactics players under the professional leadership of the HDS, Dr. Claudia Bade, a qualitatively assured and coordinated portfolio is available to all. 

Additional projects in higher education and media didactics at the campuses supplement the portfolio with needs-based measures or test innovative formats. 
On this website you will find the offers for university teachers at the TU Chemnitz and in the Saxon university network of the HDS. 


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