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Sites of Chemnitz University of Technology: Where do I find what?

University site Straße der Nationen

Building G Bahnhofstraße 8

Carolastraße 8

Straße der Nationen 12

University site Wilhelm-Raabe-Straße

University site Erfenschlager Straße

University site Reichenhainer Straße

Reichenhainer Straße 39/41

Reichenhainer Straße 70

Reichenhainer Straße 90

  • Central lecture hall building

Thüringer Weg 7

Thüringer Weg 9

Thüringer Weg 11

Press Articles

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    Vice President Prof. Jörn Ihlemann talks in the 11th episode of TUCtalk about current and future developments in the field of research at Chemnitz University – English subtitles available …

  • „Uni goes UNO“

    In March 2018, TU Chemnitz students will represent the Democratic Republic of the Congo as “diplomats” at the worldwide most important and biggest simulation of the United Nations in New York City …