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Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences
Behavioural and Social Sciences

Science, Diversity and Initiative

The Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences provides outstanding multidisciplinary research possibilities through an intensive collaboration of three institutes

Our faculty is characterized by its close cooperation with the technical faculties of TU Chemnitz and regional and national companies. Our research and teaching address relevant individual and societal challenges. We put great emphasis on quality, especially in our core areas of teaching, research and continuing education. This demand is ensured through holistic quality management.

Our degree programs

  • BSc Prevention and Rehabilitation and Fitness Sport
  • MSc Prevention and Rehabilitation
  • MSc Health and Fitness Sport
  • BSc / MSc Psychology
  • BSc / MSc Sociology
  • MSc Human Movement Science
  • MSc Public Health with focus on Prevention and Evaluation

are complemented through additional classes in the area of soft skills (partly in English language), to ensure our students’ optimal preparation for their professional careers.

A mentoring program for new students helps them at the beginning of their studies to become more quickly oriented and to work effectively and efficiently right from the beginning.

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