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Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Humanities

Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities

Hosting seven different institutes, the Faculty of Humanities is the biggest and most diverse faculty at TU Chemnitz. Traditional courses of study like English, German, Political Science and European History are combined with modern subjects such as Media Studies, Intercultural Communication and European Studies.

The Faculty of Humanities offers:
  • engaging fields of study
  • excellent conditions for students,
  • personal support and assistance,
  • lively and innovational research and publication activities,
  • motivated exchange across disciplines,
  • and extensive Ph.D. progammes.

Faculty events of the next days

19.10.2017 17:15 Reichenhainer Str. 70, Weinhold-Bau, W040 Workshop "In Time, On Time, All About Time"
Dr. Anne-Coralie Bonnaire, Özlem Konur
How binding is the agreed project schedule? Is formal small talk a mere loss of time or a socially valuable investment? – In our workshop, we shall discuss these and further questions related to the sense, meaning and use of time in academic settings. Mehr ...
25.10.2017 17:00 Reichenhainer Str. 90, Zentr. Hörsaal- und Seminargebäude, N012 Anselm Kiefer. Die Poetik des Bildes.
Heiner Bastian, Berlin
Der Künstler Heiner Bastian, Lyriker und Prosaist, der an der Schnittstelle von Kunst und Wissenschaft arbeitet, gibt einen Einblick in das Werk von Anselm Kiefer.
25.10.2017 20:00 Reichenhainer Str. 70, Weinhold-Bau, W012 Quo vadis Central-Eastern Europe? Between Transformation and Democratic Backsliding
The round table discussion brings together a group of experts on the Central-Eastern European region who criticially analyse recent developments in the transformation process in the context of the EU’s multiple crises conditions. Mehr ...