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Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Humanities

Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities

Hosting seven different institutes, the Faculty of Humanities is the biggest and most diverse faculty at TU Chemnitz. Traditional courses of study like English, German, Political Science and European History are combined with modern subjects such as Media Studies, Intercultural Communication and European Studies.

The Faculty of Humanities offers:
  • engaging fields of study
  • excellent conditions for students,
  • personal support and assistance,
  • lively and innovational research and publication activities,
  • motivated exchange across disciplines,
  • and extensive Ph.D. progammes.

Faculty events of the next days

06.09.2016 13:00 DAS Tietz, Moritzstraße 20, 09111 Chemnitz - Foyer Mit Licht geschossen - Enthüllung der 26. Photographie
Prof. Ulrike Brummert, docteur d´Etat, Uwe Fiedler
Photographien aus der Zeit des 1. Weltkrieges großformatig präsentiert. Jeden Monat von 2014-2018 ein neues Bild. Heute Enthüllung der 26. Photographie. Im Projekt 14-18 WAR WAS Geteilte Erinnerungen in Kooperation mit dem Schloßbergmuseum Chemnitz. Mehr ...
14.09.2016 13:00 Schloßbergmuseum Chemnitz soundscape of the middle ages - acoustic perspectives between noise and silence
Prof. E. Altinsoy (Dresden) | Prof. S. Bürger (Würzburg) | Prof. A. Reitemeier (Göttingen) | Dr. J.-F. Missfelder (Zürich) |u.w.
One point of the conference is to discuss the acoustic significance of sounds and noice in the middle ages and to dispute the change in the auditory sensory perception until the early modern period. Mehr ...
15.09.2016 18:00 Campanile and Minaret : Historical and current conflicts around the acoustic dominance in urban soundscapes.
Prof. em. Gerhard Dohrn-van Rossum (Chemnitz)
public lecture at the conference "Soundscape of the Middle Ages - Acoustic perspectives between noise and silence" | Location: Schloßbergmuseum Chemnitz | Schlossberg 12 | 09113 Chemnitz Mehr ...