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Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Humanities

Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities

Hosting seven different institutes, the Faculty of Humanities is the biggest and most diverse faculty at TU Chemnitz. Traditional courses of study like English, German, Political Science and European History are combined with modern subjects such as Media Studies, Intercultural Communication and European Studies.

The Faculty of Humanities offers:
  • engaging fields of study
  • excellent conditions for students,
  • personal support and assistance,
  • lively and innovational research and publication activities,
  • motivated exchange across disciplines,
  • and extensive Ph.D. progammes.

Faculty events of the next days

25.01.2017 19:00 Reichenhainer Str. 90, Zentr. Hörsaal- und Seminargebäude, 2/NK 003 "The Böhme Fettchemie/Chemnitz during the first half of the 20. century"
Ivonne Reichmann, MA (Chemnitz)
Ivonne Reichmann will analyse the company's history of the Böhme Fettchemie in Chemnitz during the first half of the 20th century. All interestet people are welcome!
01.02.2017 16:30 Reichenhainer Str. 90, Zentr. Hörsaal- und Seminargebäude, N113 Migration and Integration: Requirements, Empirical Practices and Consequences of Receiving Refugees
Members of Chemnitz University of Technology as well as municipal and civil society stakeholders present their work and first results of current research projects on flight migration. The event seeks to facilitate exchange and networking. Mehr ...
07.02.2017 13:00 DAStietz | Foyer Mit Licht geschossen | 31. Bildpräsentation
Historische Originalaufnahmen, eingefangen in Chemnitz, an der West- und Ostfront, großformatig plakatiert. Eine Fotografie – einen Monat lang – im Foyer DAStietz, über die gesamte historische Spiegelungsdauer 2014-2018. Mehr ...