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Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Humanities

Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities
25th Jubilee in January 2019

Hosting six different institutes, the Faculty of Humanities is the biggest and most diverse faculty at TU Chemnitz. Traditional courses of study like English, German, Political Science and European History are combined with modern subjects such as Media Studies, Intercultural Communication and European Studies.

The Faculty of Humanities offers:
  • engaging fields of study,
  • excellent conditions for students,
  • personal support and assistance,
  • lively and innovational research and publication activities,
  • motivated exchange across disciplines,
  • and extensive Ph.D. progammes.

Latest News 

The Faculty`s 25th Jubilee Celebration

The Faculty of Humanities was founded in 1994. This year, the faculty will celebrate it´s 25th Jubilee together with all current and former students, lecturers and employees. The institutes will present themselves throughout different events in a preceding festival week. A jubilee ceremony will be hosted on 24 January 2019.


Events in the next days

  • Tuesday, 19.11.2019 Multimodality and Music. The visual, the aural, and the semiotic (Lecture)

    • Philosophische Fakultät, Professur Germanistische Sprachwissenschaft, Semiotik und Multimodale Kommunikation
    • Time: 19:00 to 20:30 Location: Reichenhainer Str. 90, Zentr. Hörsaal- und Seminargebäude 2/N113 Language: Englisch
    • Speaker: Prof. Kate Maxwell, Universität Tromsø, Norwegen
    • Info: martin.siefkes@...
    • This talk will argue not only that music is multimodal, but that multimodal work should take greater account of music. Using examples from the Middle Ages and popular culture, the talk will also consider how our understanding of music changes over time.
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  • Thursday, 28.11.2019 Launching Turning Pages - Reading from TU Chemnitz's First Creative Writing Journal (Lecture)

    • Philosophische Fakultät, Anglistische Literaturwissenschaft
    • Time: 19:00 to 20:30 Location: Veranstaltungssaal DAStietz, Moritzstr. 20, 09111 Chemnitz Language: Englisch
    • Speaker: u.a. Prof. Dr. Cecile Sandten (TU Chemnitz), Mandy Beck (TU Chemnitz)
    • Info: Mandy Beck, 0371/53134445, mandy.beck@...
    • The Chair of English Literatures in cooperation with the Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft Chemnitz e.V. celebrate the launch of the Creative Writing Journal "Turning Pages". Students, teachers and other guests will read their texts from the journal.
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  • Thursday, 06.12.2019 Die BRD und die DDR vs Portugal zwischen Diktatur, Kolonialkrieg, Revolution und Demokratie (1960 – 1990) (Congress/Conference)

    • Philosophische Fakultät, Professur Kultureller und Sozialer Wandel
    • Time: to 06.12. Location: Zentrum für Materialien, Architekturen und Integration von Nanomembranen (MAIN), Rosenbergstraße 6, 09126 Chemnitz Language: Deutsch
    • Info: Thomas Weißmann, 34343, thomas.weissmann@...
    • Hermann Wentker (Institut für Zeitgeschichte Berlin): Die Westeuropapolitik der DDR und die deutsche Frage Michael Dauderstädt (ehemals Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung): Die Europäisierung der portugiesischen Wirtschaft und der westdeutsche Beitrag 1975-1990...
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