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Excellent in Many Ways

Situated in the center of the Chemnitz “Wissenschaftsregion” (“science region”), Chemnitz University of Technology is home to more than 11,400 students from 91 countries – in less than 25 years, the number of students has increased by about 4,000. With approximately 2,300 employees in science, engineering and management, Chemnitz University of Technology is among the most important employers in the region. Today, Chemnitz University of Technology stands for outstanding research. Within the core competencies “Materials and Smart Systems”, “Resource-efficient Production and Lightweight Structures” and “Humans and Technology”, solutions for the challenges of tomorrow are developed. The main focus in economic and social development is the creation of value, which in turn is influenced by major trends such as globalization, demographic change and the availability of resources. The university`s profile is characterized by a unique constellation of competencies across eight faculties. Thanks to this constellation, Chemnitz is emerging as an internationally visible research hub for future value creation processes and sustainable growth for the future.

Within the core competency “Materials and Smart Systems”, scientists at Chemnitz University of Technology are also involved in the Federal Cluster of Excellence “Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden” (cfAED). Further important input is provided by the COOL SILICON “Energy Efficiency Innovations from Silicon Saxony” high-performance cluster, for instance. Several DFG Research Groups work in this field. In addition, Chemnitz University of Technology will be the home of the “Center for Materials, Architectures and Integration of Nanomembranes” (MAIN), which is unique in Europe.

The core competency “Resource-efficient Production and Lightweight Structures” is based upon the work of the Federal Cluster of Excellence “Merge Technologies for Multifunctional Lightweight Structures” (MERGE). With 34 million Euros in funding, this cluster is the only one in Germany focusing on the trend-setting technology field of lightweight construction. The foundation for this extraordinary development was created in part by the Saxon State Cluster of Excellence “Energy-efficient Product and Process Innovations in Production Engineering” (eniPROD), which was jointly established with the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU. In addition, there are also collaborative research groups funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), such as “High-strength aluminum-based lightweight construction materials for safety components” as well as two additional research facilities in cooperation with other universities.

Transdisciplinary cooperation sets Chemnitz University of Technology apart - in the “Humans and Technology” core competency as well. Examples include the "Virtual Humans" Competence Center and the DFG Research Training Group “Connecting virtual and real social worlds”. Additionally, a variety of young researcher groups offer excellent funding and professional conditions for the next generation of scientists. Furthermore, the interdisciplinary postgraduate school “Human Factors – Information, Assistance and Automation” was established in June 2015. 

Also among the future-oriented characteristics of Chemnitz University of Technology is an increasing interconnectedness with companies and research institutions in the Chemnitz “Wissenschaftsregion” (“science region”). In association with external research institutions and affiliated institutes of the university as well as in cooperation with the city administration and business partners, the TU Chemnitz creates optimal conditions for combining practice-oriented higher education with fundamental and application-oriented research. Active support for graduates making the transition from the lecture hall to entrepreneurship is provided by the start-up Network SAXEED at Chemnitz University of Technology and the Technologie Centrum Chemnitz. Thanks to their assistance, approximately 200 new companies have been established since 2002 – generating more than 900 jobs. This contributes to the university’s reputation as one of the best universities for entrepreneurship in all of Germany. Additionally, the university plays an important role in the cultural and social development of the city and region. 

Chemnitz University of Technology places a strong emphasis on networking as well – in economic, scientific, cultural, athletic or social spheres. A prime example of this is the Smart Systems Campus, built in 2009 in direct proximity to the university campus. The campus includes the newly-constructed TU Institute of Physics building with a cleanroom at the Centre for Microtechnologies, as well as the Fraunhofer-Institute for Electronic Nano Systems ENAS, a startup building and industrial real estate. On the international level, Chemnitz University of Technology collaborates with 130 partner institutions on all continents. This includes the international university network “Academic Consortium for the 21st Century” (AC21).

In the 2017 summer semester, the university offered 100 courses of study, trademarked especially by a high degree of transdisciplinarity. Chemnitz University of Technology is particularly focused on its students: consolidating success- and demand-oriented teaching with a recognizable graduate profile is an important field of action in further university development plans.

In order to further enhance the appeal of the city of Chemnitz as well as make it an even better environment for studying, working and living, the “Alte Aktienspinnerei” (“Old Spinning Mill”) building will be remodeled to serve as the Central University Library. Other university institutions will also be relocated along the tram route according to the “Chemnitz Model”. The university continues to grow and evolve. Since 1991, the Free State of Saxony has invested around 265 million Euros in the architectural development of Chemnitz University of Technology.

The Technische Universität Chemnitz at a Glance

This presentation from the TU Chemnitz includes general information about the university and its activities. It may be used as the basis for further presentations or on its own.

The Technische Universität Chemnitz at a Glance

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