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Sustainability at Chemnitz University of Technology

Chemnitz University of Technology wants to contribute to the Agenda 2030 by acting as a role model and anchoring sustainability steadily and permanently in teaching, research and transfer. For this purpose, an environment will be created in which all members of the university are encouraged to think and act in a sustainable manner.


Paper concerns us all!


Despite and precisely because of the advancing digitization, ‚our daily paper‘ should remain in view.

Because the variety of copying, printing, writing and stationery is produced differently: Fresh wood versus recycled paper, use of chemicals, regions and conditions of logging (possibly illegal logging), different energy and water consumption, social and labor standards (possibly . unfair wages, timber processing from illegal logging) etc.

We would therefore like to encourage environmentally friendly and economical paper procurement and use (e.g. use of recycled paper, use of envelopes made of recycled paper). Each and every one of us can make a contribution. Reflect on your paper use and consumption. Avoid paper first and reduce paper in the next step. Then order recycled paper from today! J

Your commitment contributes to the protection of the environment and resources as well as to a public perception of Chemnitz University of Technology as a promoter of sustainable development. Our use of paper and the decision to use recycled paper is associated with a win in terms of preserving our local and global natural bases of life. You too can contribute to the vision of sustainable development!

Facts Germany (WWF, 2021):

  • After China, the USA and Japan, Germany is the fourth largest paper producer in the world (about 22.1 million tons in 2019).
  • When it comes to paper consumption, Germany also ranks fourth after China, the USA and Japan (around 18.8 million tons in 2019).
  • Germany is the world’s largest paper importer (about 10.4 million tons in 2019), followed by the US
  • Germany is the world’s largest paper exporter (about 13.6 million tons in 2019), followed by the US
  • When it comes to collecting and using waste paper, Germany ranks fourth after China, the USA and Japan (17.2 million tons in 2019).
  • The per capita consumption of paper in Germany is 227 kilograms (2019), only exceeded by a few countries in the world


WWF (2021): https://www.wwf.de/themen-projekte/waelder/papierverbrauch/zahlen-und-fakten

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