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Sustainability Mission Statement

Sustainability mission statement of Chemnitz University of Technology

The following understanding of sustainability was developed in the participatory cooperation of university members and affiliates:

The 17 global goals for sustainable development of the Agenda 2030 address ecological, economic and social development aspects that also have an impact on the actions of the Technical University of Chemnitz. The TU Chemnitz sees itself in the special social responsibility for regional, national, and international development towards sustainability. Chemnitz University of Technology wants to contribute to the Agenda 2030 by acting as a role model and anchoring sustainability in teaching and research steadily and permanently. For this purpose, an environment will be created in which all members of the university are encouraged to think and act in a sustainable manner.

The university is committed to linking disciplinary areas with the requirements of sustainable development in teaching and research and strengthens interdisciplinarity. It is taken for granted to comply with legal requirements and to reduce environmental pollution as well as possible. The university supports cross-border participation and exchange opportunities for employees and students and creates incentives and framework conditions for sustainability-oriented activities as well as commitment to it.

Research, teaching and transfer:

The Technical University of Chemnitz promotes the understanding and implementation options of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). Innovative, environmentally friendly and socially beneficial research are promoted and actively supported. The university advocates a public discourse on sustainability issues and takes up sustainability issues in research, teaching and further education. This is intended to encourage students, learners and citizens to think and act in a sustainable and sustainable manner and to develop sustainability-oriented skills.

Resource and environmental management:

The TU Chemnitz promotes responsible use of resources and a reduction in environmental pollution both in campus operations and in all structural units of the TU Chemnitz. All environmental media and ecosystem services and their interactions are taken into account and damages to the natural environment is avoided.

Information and communication:

The Technical University of Chemnitz ensures that through the transparent communication of activities and information, all members of the university are encouraged to participate in topics of sustainable development and social aspects. Legal requirements are seen as minimum standards and frameworks to be complied with, which should be exceeded if possible. In order to be able to present information in a comprehensible and transparent way, the data on the sustainable university are regularly recorded and as part of a detailed report made available to everyone. External and internal cooperation and partnerships with various stakeholder groups are intended to promote environmental awareness and commitment in the university environment.

Campus development and social sustainability:

Members and relatives of the university are supported by the Technical University of Chemnitz in sustainability projects and in university cooperation and life in the direction of sustainability. The further development of the outside space is promoted. The university offers an open atmosphere with a special focus on equal opportunities for all members and relatives, regardless of nationality, gender, religious affiliation, cultural and sexual orientation. The corresponding offer is intended to create a family-friendly and barrier-free environment and promote diversity. Diverse relationships with universities and other research institutions should contribute to giving the importance of internationality at Chemnitz University of Technology a special role.