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Initiatives and Links


At the TU Chemnitz there are a number of initiatives that deal with the topic of sustainability.

  • NATUC is the department for ecology and sustainability of the StuRa and is committed to more sustainability from a student perspective.
  • Recognized student initiatives can be found on the website of the student council. These include many initiatives that deal with sustainability in all three aspects.
  • The for-Future-Bewegung is active on the campus with the Scientists for Future (as a group on OPAL) and the Students for Future (Facebook, Instagram, Mail) on the topic of climate protection.


  • On the transfer platform, discarded inventory of the university is offered for internal use at the university. This avoids new acquisitions and unnecessary waste. 


Poster Volumes

Different units at Chemnitz University of Technology present their commitment to sustainability in the poster volumes.

Volume 2017

Volume 2015