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Sustainability in Teaching

Sustainability in Teaching

Sustainability is incorporated into courses at Chemnitz University of Technology in a variety of ways, e.g. in lectures and tutorials, colloquia, seminars, practical cooperation, and student projects. The following are examples of chairs and degree programmes at the TUC that deal with sustainable development issues.

Links zu Professuren und Studiengängen

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Professur Materialien für innovative Energiekonzepte

Studiengang Master "Advanced Functional Materials"

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Professur Textile Technologien

Studiengang Master "Nachhaltige Energieversorgungstechnologien"

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Studiengang Bachelor/Master "Regenerative Energietechnik"

Studiengang Bachelor/Master Elektromobilität

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Professur Unternehmensrechnung und Controlling

Professur Betriebliche Umweltökonomie und Nachhaltigkeit

Faculty of Humanities

Studiengang Bachelor "Energy Efficiency and Englishes"

Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences

Institut für Soziologie

Studiengang Bachelor "Präventions-, Rehabilitations- und Fitnesssport"

If you teach courses that should be listed here, please contact us.