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Eduroam – Wifi at the Chemnitz University of Technology

Regard: Use only with an app- and device-specific password

For security reasons, the password for your user account must not be used for a wifi connection. There are device specific passwords for this purpose. You own an android device? Fine, the app „TUC WLAN“ cares for your secure connection. Otherwise, create your device-specific password in the IdM Portal.

The configuration

How to set up the wifi configuration depends on your platform:


For Android devices the kümmert app „TUC-WLAN” cares for a correct and secure configuration of the access:

  1. Download the app from Play Store. Users without a Google account can download the APK directly from our website.
  2. As log as the app recognizes errors within your device configuration, solve them please. You will get support for a lot of common errors.
  3. When all recognizes errors are solved, you can start the configuration.
  4. Choose a name for your device. This name will be entered for the device specific password, which is created by the app within the IdM Portal.
  5. Log in to the Web-Trust-Center with your user name and password. Subsequently, eduroam is configured automatically .
  6. The configuration was successful, all details of the configuration is shown on the status display.
You'll find illustrated instructions in our blog.

iOS from version 7 / OS X from version 10.10

  1. Open the internet browser Safari (other browsers don't!) work.
  2. Create an app- and device password of the type „Wifi” in the IdM Portal. A download button for the configuration profile is shown as a result.
  3. Download this configuration profile from the IdM Portal to your device.
  4. Install the profile.
  5. Eduroam ist configured now.


  1. Connect to the internet. On TU Chemnitz Campus you can use the wifi "".
  2. Create an app and device password of the type wifi in the IdM Portal. Mark the generated password and copy it to your clipboard (CTRL-C)
  3. Download the configuration assistant for your windows version and execute it.
  4. Enter your username into the input box.
  5. Insert the generated password fron your clipboard into both password boxes (CTRL-V).
  6. Install the eduroam profile.

You'll find an illustrated detailed instruction in our blog.


For Linux, please download the configuration script. Subsequently, execute this script.

With wget

$ bash -c "$(wget '' -O -)"


Download the configuration script and execute.

$ bash path/to/

Further information

In case, the password relating to the URZ username has not been changed for a long time, the authentification using MS-CHAP processes fails. Please set a new passwort then. We also advise you on using app and device passwords.