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University Computer Center
Network Access

Access to the Campus network

In order to connect your PC, your tablet, or smartphone, your measuring instrument etc. to the Campus network and to the Internet, you have different possibilities.

Eduroam is the preferred service to access the WLAN of the TU Chemnitz. Configured one, eduroam can be used in almost all universities of Germany and in many institutions worldwide.
Who can use it? Students and employees of the TU Chemnitz, guests whose home institution take part in the eduroam project as well as guests with a short-term account.
Are you away on a business trip and need to access databases and online journals at the University library?
Or are you visiting another university and need access to the campus network of TU Chemnitz from there?
Would you like to work from home?
For all these cases a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection may help you.
In public rooms of the TU Chemnitz (lecture rooms, seminar rooms, …) there is the possibility to connect to the campus network via cable.
In the offices of the employees there are also network outlets. You have to register before you can use them.
The Chemnitzer StudentenNetz (CSN) is an initiative from students for students to connect their personal computers in the dormitories to the campus network of the TU Chemnitz.
Information on registration, contact persons, and support in case of problems can be found on the CSN website.
For guests we provide short-term accounts as well as specific WLAN guest accounts. Additionally it is possible for events/meetings to order the “special” wireless network.