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Water canister


It gets hot in summer - for us and also for plants and animals. Since it's not just us who crave a cold drink, we're calling on you to also give a drink to others. With these water containers, you can do something good for the plants on campus - here's how:

How do I know if the plants need water?

Visual test: Drooping flowers and leaves.

Tactile test: The soil is dry if your thumb inserted into the soil feels dry.

When do I water?

In the morning or evening. Please avoid watering in direct sunlight as the water evaporates quickly.

How do I water?

Water directly onto the soil. DO NOT pour water on the leaves or flowers, as it evaporates and can cause sunburn or fungal diseases in the plants.

Where do I water?

The three tree circles with insect-friendly flower mixtures are marked with a sign (corner of the bus stop). Thirsty trees can also be watered.


Empty Water Container?

The water container is currently checked every 2 days and refilled if necessary. If you find an empty container, you are welcome to inform us: abt5.3(at)verwaltung.tu-chemnitz.de