English Department

We welcome you to the website of the English Department. Since 1993, the department has gained an international reputation for teaching and conducting research with partners in China, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Canada and many others. The work and research of the four professorships, English Language and Linguistics, English Literature(s), British and American Social/Cultural Studies, and American Studies, places particular emphasis on intercultural competence and intercultural communication. The sections TESOL and the practical language programme round up an education for our students that prepares our alumni for the requirements of the modern job market.

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2016 Europa ist überall

Returning to Germany for Christmas

A Chinese student from the Sun Yat-sen University in China returns to Germany for her PhD studies one year after her semester abroad at the same English Department in Chemnitz …

Die Wissenschaft ruft

TU Chemnitz setzt mit der Verleihung des Eleonore-Dießner- und Marie-Pleißner-Preises erneut ein Zeichen in der Förderung von Nachwuchswissenschaftlerinnen …