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English Department

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Institut für Anglistik / Amerikanistik

At the Department of English, we teach linguistics, literary studies, area studies, TESOL and practical language skills. Our B.A. English Studies and M.A. English Studies are both accredited study programmes.

Our Department

We place a strong emphasis on intercultural competence and communication, practical skills, interdisciplinarity, cutting-edge research, digital methods and individual student support. Click below to learn more about our B.A. (undergraduate) and M.A. (graduate) programmes.


Our department consists of the professorships for English and Digital Linguistics, English Literatures, Anglophone Area Studies, the junior professorship for TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) as well as the Practical Language section. Click below to learn more about us.
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Current Courses (KoVo)

The KoVo (Kommentiertes Vorlesungsverzeichnis) is our annotated course catalogue. Find out more about the wide variety of courses we currently offer, what to expect and how to register.

Practical Experience

We value practical experience very highly. Click below for more information about job offers for students, internships and other opportunities to gain practical experience, both in Germany and abroad. Studying with us will allow you to work in a variety of fields within a rapidly growing job market for English-speaking professionals.
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Going Abroad / ERASMUS+

International exchange is at the centre of our educational programme. Whether you are planning your semester abroad at our partner universities and institutions in Europe and Southeast Asia or whether you are an incoming student, more information is available if you click below.

English List

All students and staff are asked to sign up for the English List, our department's mailing list, for news and updates. Click below for information on how to subscribe and to never miss out on important news.
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Further Information

Excellent individual support

We have an excellent teacher-to-student ratio, which is why we can offer more individual support than many other universities.


Practical language training

A wide range of practical language courses help students enhance their English language proficiency (e.g. in pronunciation, grammar, reading, writing, speaking and translation) and support them in the development of core academic skills, such as essay writing and presentation skills.


Partners abroad

We have ties to many attractive partner universities abroad, not only in Europe (like many other universities) but even in South(east) Asia.


Interesting focus areas

Our staff members are experts in their specialised research fields, and we can therefore offer you interesting focus areas for your studies and your own research projects:

  • As an English Department at a technical university, we have a focus on digital technologies and methods and you can even study Digital English Linguistics, where you will learn about software development, chatbots etc.
  • Home to the creative writing journal Turning Pages, our English Literatures section prioritises creativity and intellectual rigour, offering courses on a wide range of global Anglophone literatures from South Asia to Canada to New Zealand. 
  • Our English Department features one of the few Anglophone Area Studies sections in Germany with a focus on social science and politics.
  • Our TESOL section is very popular with students because it goes beyond traditional teacher education and enables them to teach in a variety of educational settings.

Work experience as a student assistant or tutor at the department

We frequently offer fixed-term work opportunities at the department for tutors or student assistants.


For more information on studying at TU Chemnitz, visit studium-in-chemnitz.com (in German or in English).

Graduates with a degree in English Studies (Anglistik/Amerikanistik) work in a variety of different areas, including, but not limited to:

  • Publishing
  • Journalism (press, radio, television)
  • Language teaching
  • Private education and training
  • Translation
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Research (at universities or research facilities)
  • Social media
  • Public relations
  • Communication management
  • Marketing and advertisement
  • Art and culture
  • Legal, economic and personnel consulting
  • Human resources, administration
  • Study programme coordination
  • Opinion research
  • Quality assurance/management (for study design, etc.)
  • Technical writing/editing
  • Dramaturgy
Area Contact Person
Study Advisor Dr. Mandy Beck
Examination Office (Prüfungsamt) English Studies Birgit Weigold
Language Programme Dr. Isabelle van der Bom
ERASMUS and semester abroad requirements

Katharina Scholz, M.A. ( )

Prof. Dr. Christina Sanchez-Stockhammer

Chair of the examination board (Prüfungsausschuss) Prof. Dr. Christina Sanchez-Stockhammer