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The goals of the HDS are:

Promoting the quality of Saxon higher education teaching and the culture of teaching and learning for the benefit of students and teachers - by offering continuing education courses in higher education didactics (with a certificate programme), counselling and support.

  • Inter-university exchange of experience - by creating spaces in which an exchange about teaching and learning can take place and mutual support can be organised
  • Promoting personal (further) development and reflection on one's own teaching style - through individual counselling and guidance
  • Supporting teachers to dare to innovate
  • Inspiration for teaching through examples of good teaching
  • Promote a shift in perspective from a teaching to a learning orientation
  • To provide an attractive and tailor-made continuing education programme for university teachers.
  • Promoting barrier-free, gender- and diversity-competent university teaching.

Target groups of the offers

The offers of the HDS are aimed at all Saxon teachers and thus at young academics, teachers for special tasks, academic staff, lecturers, newly appointed professors and professors who have been practising for a long time.

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    Learning with a thrill

    Novel learning experience in virtual reality: the chair for English and Digital Linguistics at Chemnitz University of Technology (Germany) & the Leibniz Computing Centre of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities have jointly developed the VR adventure quiz app "Bridge of Knowledge VR". …