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Fakultät für Mathematik
D.Chu; V.Mehrmann : Disturbance Decoupling for Descriptor Systems II

D.Chu; V.Mehrmann : Disturbance Decoupling for Descriptor Systems II

Author(s) :
D.Chu; V.Mehrmann
Title :
Disturbance Decoupling for Descriptor Systems II
Electronic source:
Preprint series
Technische Universität Chemnitz, Fakultät für Mathematik (Germany). Preprint 97-21, 1997
Mathematics Subject Classification :
93B05 [ Controllability ]
93B40 [ Computational methods in systems theory ]
93B52 [ Feedback control ]
65F35 [ Matrix norms, etc. (numerical linear algebra) ]
Abstract :
This is Part II of a series of papers on the disturbance decoupling problem for linear constant coefficient descripror systems. In Part I necessary and sufficient conditions were determined that guarantee the existence of resulting closed loop system is regular, if possible of index less than or equal to one and the disturbance do not influence the input-output behavior of the system. In this paper we extend these results to the case that we also require that the closed loop system is stable. All results are proved based on condensed forms that can be computed using orthogonal matrix transformations, i.e., transformations that can be implemented as numerically backwards stable algorithms.
Keywords :
Descriptor system, stability, disturbance decoupling, orthogonal matrix transformation
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Notes :
Supported by: Alexander von Humbolt Foundation DFG, Research Grant Me 790/7-2