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As a member of Chemnitz University of Technology, a user account will be created for you. The necessary data and associated resources are managed in the Identity Management Portal (IdM Portal for short).

At the TU Chemnitz, different devices are available at various locations for use by staff and students as well as for loan. The URZ provides advice on the procurement of workstation hardware.

Campus Network and Web Services

Wi-fi and internet are available to all university staff throughout the campus network. The websites are developed and designed by the authors using the in-house authoring and layout tool TUCAL.

University members can access various services for collaboration, both within and outside the TU Chemnitz, which support the management of appointments, contacts and documents as well as the exchange of knowledge.

The University Computer Centre offers a wide range of software applications. This can be used directly in the training pools free of charge. Low-cost licences for home use are also available. In addition, further products can be obtained from us or enquiries made about procurement.

Each user has access to storage space in his or her personal home directory (AFS). We also offer database services for data management. Furthermore, the URZ provides servers with certain features or system platforms, which can be accessed via the network (ssh, rdp) using user IDs.

The topic of security affects almost all areas of computer and network use. That is why the URZ provides documents that deal with the use of security mechanisms and corresponding orders and regulations.

The URZ offers all users a variety of services in addition to the procurement and repair of hardware and the rescue or permanent deletion of data. These include, among other things, the provision of telephones and access systems.

The user service advises you on problems with your account and answers your questions regarding all URZ services. The user service also looks after the twelve central computer pools at the various campus locations of Chemnitz University of Technology and coordinates the use of pool rooms by interns.

The TU Chemnitz supports teachers and students with modern systems and didactic instructions in order to digitise university teaching to a high standard. For this purpose, teaching materials and tools are provided. The e-learning team offers continuing education courses and provides support in consultation hours.