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English and Digital Linguistics

Josef Schmied Research in ELL (English Language & Linguistics)


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English-German Translation Corpus Search

ICE East Africa

Lampeter Corpus of Early Modern English Tracts

ChemCorpus of Academic (Student) Writing

SPACE Corpus

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The REAL Centre: The REAL philosophy


SFB/CPC Hybrid Societies: TP CLaVa

Erasmus+: TEFL-ePal

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DAAD: Dialogue SEE: SEE2013, SEE2014,
SEE2017 (DICE), SEE2018 (CHEP), SEE2019 (Conflicting Truths), SEE2020 (UnConTrust), SEE2021 (CoConTrustO)

Volkswagen: AW4Africa2018Benin

Academic English 2004-23: Complexity, Stance, EAP Conference (Saxon-Czech coop), Academic Writing Workshop 2012,  AvH Methods Workshop 2017

Golden Rules of Academic Writing

EAP Research: ESSE 2010, ESSE 2012, ESSE 2020/21

Older Research Projects 2000-15, Arch2009, Arch1998-2005, Wiki+

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Chemnitz Africa/Asia Symposium on English: CASE

CultLang/CorpDH Conferences:  2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, CorpDH2020, CultLang2020,
2022, 2023

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PhD Portal (German): Termine und Fristen, Antrag