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English Language and Linguistics
CultLang Conference

Digital English World-Wide

Corpus and Discourse Analyses

 July 5-6, 2019

Venue: eniPROD-Gebäude (M-Bau)

Reichenhainer Str. 70
09126 Chemnitz

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This small international conference combines three perspectives:

  • Chemnitz students present their BA and MA projects to a wider audience,
  • international scholars present their experience through special funding from Alexander-von-Humboldt and DAAD - this year young scholars from Western Balkans through our project Truths -, and
  • international ERASMUS partners add their own specific approaches to widen the perspective

Together we would like to show that empirical studies in language variation are a fascinating topic when they emphasize cultural dimensions of (Digital) English around the world. We try to combine socio-, corpus- and cognitive-linguistic perspectives and stress multiple methodological approaches to current research and applications, especially in English language teaching and academic writing.

On Thursday, July 4, downtown: Kosmos-Festival - Wir bleiben mehr


Friday, 5 July

Conference Opening (Dean Prof. Dr. Ellen Fricke/Stefan Garsztecki)
Current Research Cooperation Projects (Chair: Marina Bondi, Modena, Italy)
Paul Onanuga (Nigeria, Alexander-von-Humboldt Guest Professor Chemnitz):
Discursive Features of Nigerian Online Ponzi Schemes’ Narratives
Comfort Beyang Oben Ojongnkpot
(Cameroon + Alexander-von-Humboldt Guest Researcher Chemnitz):
A Corpus-Based Analysis of Sentence Linkers in ESL Undergraduate Writing: the Case of the Long Essay at the University of Buea
Coffee Break
Marina Bondi (Modena, Italy):
Credibility in Blog Posts
Prue Goredema (Chemnitz):
eLearning for Engagement: Tools, Trends and Techniques

What is driving language classrooms across Europe today? How are educators leveraging digital tools to enhance teaching and learning? A panel of eight TESOL students will reflect on the lessons learnt and skills garnered during their recent Erasmus+ sojourns in the UK, Italy, Spain and Malta.  They will be joined by language teachers from the Chemnitz Volkshochschule, our partner institution, through which these opportunities for further professional development were facilitated.

Saturday, 6 July

Chemnitz BA/MA/PhD Student Workshop (PL Research Proposal)
(Chair: Dana Ebermann, Chemnitz)
Gabriela Djele:
Stance Through that Complement Clauses: a Three-Level Analysis
Yang Wang:
The Diffusion of the Quotatives be like and this is: A Corpus-Based Discourse Analysis
Shima Asadi:
English-Language Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Cultural and Language Diversity in Chemnitz, Germany
Julia Pagan Magana:
Recent Changes in the Usage of "Fake News" in the NoW Corpus
Daniel Ajayi (Nigeria / Chemnitz):
"Do you understand there is a problem?": Politeness and Mental Health Conditions in Diagnostic Interactions in Nigerian Mental Institutions
Coffee Break
Truth in the Web and News I
(Chair: Jessica Dheskali, Chemnitz)
Monika Kopytowska (Łódź, Poland):
Spreading the Word about Migration, Crisis, and Terrorism: Proximization in Online Discourses
Julita Woźniak (Kielce, Poland):
The Press and Polish Migrants in Britain: A Discourse Historical Approach
Lunch Break - Syrian Buffet
Truth in Academic Writing and Teaching
(Chair: Daniel Nkemleke, Cameroon + Alexander-von-Humboldt Guest Professor Chemnitz)
Jan Chovanec (Brno, Czech Republic):
The Truth about Academic Publishing: A Journal Editor's Experience with Authors and Reviewers
Marina Ivanova (Chemnitz):
Concession in Single- and Double-Blind Open Peer Review: A Corpus-Based Analysis
Radmila Palinkašević (Vrsac, Serbia):
The Truths about Healthy Diet: Popular Views and Preschool Teachers’ Beliefs and Teachings in Serbia
Simona Lokvenec (Skopje, Macedonia):
Conflicting Truths Based on a Literary Text: A Case Study of Nabokov's Lolita
Dushko Talevski  (Bitola, Macedonia):
Discovering Multiple Truths in Literature: The Key to Inculcating Students’ Critical Thinking Skills
Coffee Break
Truth in the Web and News II
(Chair: Vincenzo Dheskali, Chemnitz)
Nicola Tatar (Niš, Serbia):
The Truth about "Global Warming": Honesty or Euphemisms in the Digital Media"
Marija Milojković (Niš, Serbia):
Conflicting Truths in the Coverage of the Protests “1 in 5 Million” in Serbia: A Discourse Analysis
Katarina Milenkovic (Niš, Serbia):
Politically Shaped News Reports on a Campaign Event in Serbia: A Discourse Analysis
Elena Shalevska, MA (Bitola, Macedonia):
The Language of Media Framing: The Case of North Macedonia’s Ex-Prime Minister
Jan Chovanec (Brno, Czech Republic):
Communicative Contexts and Hate in Online News Comments