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English Language and Linguistics

Welcome to English Language and Linguistics Events

There are currently three events at ELL, the anual CultLang Conference, the Chemnitz/Dresden CorpDH Conference, and our colloquium CASE.

The Culture in Language: Research in Variation, Variation in Research (CultLang) Conference was first held in 2011 at Altes Heizhaus to provide students with the exceptional opportunity to present their Bachelor's and Master's theses to an international audience and to receive feedback and comments on their work from established scholars and researchers. This small international conference looks at empirical studies in language variation emphasizing cultural dimensions of English around the world. It tries to combine socio-, corpus- and cognitive-linguistic perspectives and stresses the multiple methodological approaches to current research in language variation and application, especially in English language teaching and academic writing. This year in July, the CultLang Conference will be held for the seventh time with innovative and thorough research by our students.

At the CorpDH Conference in July, Chemnitz Anglistik/Amerikanistik and Dresden Germanistik join forces and present their research colloquium together. German Linguistics in Dresden has established a tradition of corpus linguistics and digital humanities conferences and English Language and Linguistics has held the above mentioned CultLang Conference. This year both research groups welcome all BA/MA and PhD students who work in digital linguistics and humanities in the widest sense to participate and engage in our academic discussions.

The Chemnitz Africa/Asia Symposium on English (CASE) is a postgraduate research colloquium initiated in early 2014. Upon invitation, it provides a forum for presenting and discussing ongoing research related on African/Asian varieties of English. The focus of this colloquium is to enhance the continuous character of PhD work in progress and maintain an academic dialogue.