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English and Digital Linguistics

English and Digital Linguistics

Englische und Digitale Sprachwissenschaft

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Who we are and what we do

English and digital linguistics at Chemnitz University of Technology comprises all aspects that are related to the English language, its structure, use, acquisition, learning, processing and investigation. We attempt to cover the whole range of English linguistics in our teaching and place a particular focus on the digital research methods that can be used to investigate language empirically, such as corpus linguistics.

Our research is based on the cooperation between researchers from many different universities, institutions and disciplines and combines basic and theoretical research with potential practical applications. Our current research focuses on such diverse topics as the optimisation of the pronunciation of foreign-language street names in navigation systems and the investigation of the cognitive processing of commas with eye-tracking.

We integrate our research into our teaching and encourage our students to pursue their own research projects – e.g. to carry out their own experimental studies.

Our goal is to enable our students to reflect upon language from a variety of perspectives. To this end, we provide our students with intense tutoring and with a very broad and solid education that prepares them for work in a multitude of different domains. We also encourage and support international exchanges, e.g. during a semester abroad at one of our many partner universities, and we welcome colleagues from all parts of the world.

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