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2020 (UnConTrust)

From Uncertainty to Confidence and Trust (UnConTrust)

The theme of this year is From Uncertainty to Confidence and Trust (UnConTrust=Union con (Italian for with) Trust). The project has a long-term tradition of teaching academic and journalistic writing, based on successful Summer Schools from 2013 to 2019. It will unite in Serbia previous partners from universities in Germany, Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia as well as new partners from Bosnia and Kosovo. The project's theme is connected with the previous theme, Conflicting Truths. Uncertainty is seen here as a natural starting point for scientific and journalistic writing, which, through detailed work and conscientious presentation, first leads to trust in oneself and one's own work, and finally fosters trust in the listener or reader. The theme perfectly reflects several uncertain aspects in the Balkans, which the project partners (teachers) will critically evaluate, to shape a (small) new unified academic community from the Balkans.

Workshop in Kosovo, May, 2020 

The workshop will be organised in Serbia during the period May 15-19. All partners, including new ones from Kosovo and Bosnia, will discuss organisational aspects of the upcoming summer school in Serbia (e.g. group activities) and  theoretical concepts.

Study Visit in Chemnitz, Germany, July 8 - 18, 2020 

The project offers a great chance to promissing young (PhD) researchers from Albania, Croatia, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Serbia to conduct a 10 days research trip to the University of Chemnitz. During the DAAD sponsored research trip, PhD students can participate in a workshop on academic presentations, access/intro. to our library / e-journals, receive detailed feedback on their presentations and most importantly, present their theses/articles in a small international Conference in Chemnitz.

Summer School in Serbia, August, 2020 

The summer school is the main activity of the project. To participare, students from partner universities need to submit (to their teachers) an essay application on the project’s theme. Once they get accepted, they will have the great chance to take part in many whole-class discussions, group activities and learn how to write good journalistic and academic texts. Students will be exposed to well-known and recent examples from academic and journalistic writing. To create a better connection between the students and a positive and fun environment, there will be after-class activities such as sightseeing tours.


Photos from the previous Summer School in Ohrid, North Macedonia

We hope that the project will be continued in 2021 with new partners.

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