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2018 (CHEP)


Credibility, Honesty, Ethics, and Politeness in Academic and Journalistic Writing

The new topic of a cooperation with the old and new partners from the Balkan countries takes on the suggestions of the Workshop and Summer School 2017 by also including the experiences of the Summer Schools in 2013 and 2014. Its main areas of interest regarding academic and journalistic writing include the four main concepts mentioned in the title, namely the "virtues" of credibility and honesty, the very general principles of ethics and the predominantly linguistic politeness (here referred to as the CHEP principles). The advantage of discussing these principles with graduates is that they can be transferred from the academic to the journalistic and societal democratic domain. Certainly, students are accustomed to evaluating their own work... read more

Workshop in Albania, April 20-22, 2018

The workshop in Albania gathered all the partners to successfully discuss and jointly plan details of the present project, its future and organisational aspects of the Summer School. Each participant introduced some key issues of the topic in a short presentation.


Photos from the Workshop in Berat, Albania (CHEP 2018)

Study Visit in Chemnitz, Germany, July 5-15, 2018

Young researchers from Albania, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia have the opportunity of a 10 days research trip to the University of Chemnitz. The research trip includes the participation in 2 workshops on literature and translation, access/intro. to our library/e-journals, a dress rehaersal of their presentations, the discussion of their theses/projects at a small international Conference in Chemnitz, "The Heizhaus Conference", a meeting on the upcoming Summer School and other social activities. enter schedule here

Summer School in Croatia, July 2018

We met our project partners and their students from Ohrid/Bitola, Skopje, Vlora and Nis in Split, Croatia for a summer school. In a friendly enviroment and through discussions in mixed groups and various activities, the students learned more about the topic and different cultures and became active by themselves. There were also short presentations by every teacher and extra-curricular activities. Every participant will receive a copy of the REAL14 book published by the project team in 2018.


Contributions for REAL 14  

Results of this year's project will be published as REAL Studies 14 (2018):
Credibility, Honesty, Ethics, and Politeness in Academic and Journalistic Writing

We hope that the project will be continued in 2019 with additional new partners.

Press Articles

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