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2018 (CHEP)

Credibility, Honesty, Ethics, and Politeness in Academic and Journalistic Writing

The new topic of a cooperation with the old and new partners from the Balkan countries takes on the suggestions of the Workshop and Summer School 2017 by also including the experiences of the Summer Schools in 2013 and 2014. Its main areas of interest regarding academic and journalistic writing include the four main concepts mentioned in the title, namely the "virtues" of credibility and honesty, the very general principles of ethics and the predominantly linguistic politeness (here referred to as the CHEP principles). The advantage of discussing these principles with graduates is that they can be transferred from the academic to the journalistic and societal democratic domain. Certainly, students are accustomed to evaluating their own work... read more

Study and exchange

The TU Chemnitz English Department welcomes students and scholars for semesters abroad and our international Master's study program in English. Find more information on exchange opportunities on the website of our International Office. TU Chemnitz students are also encouraged to explore our Erasmus partnerships with South Eastern Europe.


Workshop in Albania, April 20-22, 2018

The workshop in Albania gathered all the partners to successfully discuss and jointly plan details of the present project, its future and organisational aspects of the Summer School. Each participant introduced some key issues of the topic in a short presentation.

Study Visit in Chemnitz, Germany, July 5-15, 2018

Young researchers from Albania, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia have the opportunity of a 10 days research trip to the University of Chemnitz. The research trip includes the participation in 2 workshops on literature and translation, access/intro. to our library/e-journals, a dress rehaersal of their presentations, the discussion of their theses/projects at a small international Conference in Chemnitz, Digital English World-Wide: Corpus and Discourse Analyses, a meeting on the upcoming Summer School and other social activities.

Summer School in Croatia, July 20-30, 2018

The summer school in Croatia, in 2018, is a continuation of the successful 2017 summer school in Macedonia, which was characterized by a great learning and friendly environment, at the shore of lake Ohrid. For the 2018 summer school in Croatia (Split), we met our project partners and their students from Ohrid/Bitola, Skopje, Vlora, Nis and Split. Split is the second largest city of Croatia with a wonderful coast along the adriatic sea and an ancient tradition. In a friendly enviroment and through discussions in mixed groups and various activities, the students learned more about journalistic and academic writing, which are very relevant for their everyday life (e.g. learning to recognize biases), present academic commitments (e.g. writing a better final thesis) and future careers. They got to know different cultures and engaged in interactive activities. There were also short presentations by every teacher (see Teacher Presentations) and extra-curricular activities. Every participant will receive a copy of the REAL14 book published by the project team in 2018.

Students willing to participate had to apply be sending a 1-2000-word report in English (as an example of academic or journalistic writing) on "Credibility ..." from their own university or life experience to their university coordinators or to Vincenzo.

For participants: Split Summer School information sheet



Student feedback

"I think I improved my public-speaking skills and my research skills [...] I think it will help me in my future career" "[...] It changed my view on the reality [and] news. I used to 'believe' in everything I found or read on the internet."

"[...] the main purpose of this project..is the cooperation and unification of people from the Balkans, but not only..academic..but also cultural..and that is not easy to achieve...[In that sense,] the project completely fulfilled its mission. I made friends from countries that are not politically close to each-other, and felt very warm and accepted [...]"

""[I reccomed other students to attend the next SS because] it's a great experience and you definitely get reshaped as a person.""

Teacher Presentations 

Student Presentations

National Groups: Vlora - CHEP, Bitola - CHEP in the political events in Macedonia, Skopje (Iskra, Milena) - (Im)Politeness, Skopje (Ivana, Tijana P) - Plagiarism, Nis - CHEP, Split (Sara) - CHEP, Split (Teresa) - CHEP: A Croatian Perspective

Mixed Groups: G1 - Movement in the Eye G2 - Two Sides of a Story, G3 - Split, Multiple Truths, G4 - Tourism in Split Analyzed


Credibility, Honesty, Ethics, and Politeness in Academic and Journalistic Writing

The edited volume REAL 14 follows the successful series of REAL publications. Research in English and Applied Linguistics (=REAL) is Josef Schmied's book series published in Göttingen, Germany by Cuvillier Verlag. This edition, Credibility, Honesty, Ethics and Politeness in Academic and Journalistic Writing, contains various articles focusing on academic and media discourse analysis. It is edited by Josef Schmied. The following list contains the preliminary titles of its articles by various authors from the University of Chemnitz, together with authors from the Universities of Vlora, Ohrid, Skopje, Nis and Split.


  • Josef Schmied - Credibility in Academic and Journalistic Writing and Beyond
  • Matthias Hofmann & Vincenzo Dheskali - English Article Usage Patterns in Academic Writing from the Balkans: Contrasting L2 Choices with Digitalising and Born-Digital Methodologies
  • Bisera Kostadinovska-Stojchevska - Academic Writing 1: Writing a Textbook for Macedonian BA Classes
  • Jasmina Djordjevic - Credibility in the Serbian Media: Argumentation as an Instrument of Trust?
  • Ivana Mitic - Credibility in Local and State Media: A Comparative Analysis of Headlines in Serbian Press
  • Andrej Blagojevic - Ethics in Journalism: Self-Regulation and the Adherence to Ethical Principles in the Serbian Press
  • Jovanka Lazarevska-Stanchevska - Hate Speech: An Analysis of Some Extreme Responses to the Proposed Solution to the Greek-Macedonian Name Dispute
  • Gordan Matas & Danica Škara - The Language of Politics: Toward a Metaphorical Reconceptualization of the European Union in Public Media
  • Dana Ebermann - The Özil Case: News Values in German Online Newspapers
  • Ivana Popovikj - Plagiarism in Macedonia: A Case Study of Medical Students from Skopje
  • Iskra Angjelova - Credibility, Honesty, Ethics and Politeness in Journalistic Writings Concerning the Name Dispute in Macedonia
  • Milena Aleksoska - Credibility in Journalistic Writing: The Case of the Inclusion of the Albanian Language as a Second Official Language in Macedonia

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