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English and Digital Linguistics

REAL Studies

(Research in English and Applied Linguistics)

Mission Statement
This series demonstrates the collaboration the specialists in Research in English and Applied Linguistics at Chemnitz, the REAL Centre, with international project partners on current issues in research and teaching.
Publications include:



REAL Studies 20 (2022):
Language of Education and Development in Africa. Prospects for Decolonisation and EmpowermentOpen Access.

REAL Studies 19 (2022):
Constructing Confidence and Trust On- and Offline

REAL Studies 18 (2022):
From Uncertainty to Confidence and Trust

REAL Studies 17 (2019):
Conflicting Truths in Academic and Journalistic Writing

REAL Studies 16 (2019):
Critical Discourse and Corpus Approaches to Systemic Functional Grammar

REAL Studies 15 (2018):
Academic Writing for Africa: The Journal Article

REAL Studies 14 (2018):
Credibility, Honesty, Ethics, and Politeness in Academic and Journalistic Writing

REAL Studies 13 (2017):
From the Virtual Sphere to Physical Space: Exploring Language Use in Nigerian Democracy

REAL Studies 12 (2017):
Working with Media Texts: Deconstructing and Constructing Crises in Europe.

REAL Studies 11 (2019):
African Youth Languages: The Rural - Urban Divide

REAL Studies 10 (2016):
Academic Writing Across Disciplines in Africa: From Students to Experts

REAL Studies 9 (2015):
Essays on Language in Societal Transformation: a festschrift in honour of Segun Awonusi

REAL Studies 8 (2015):
Graduate Academic Writing in South Eastern Europe: Practical and Theoretical Perspectives  

REAL Studies 7 (2013):
English for Academic Purposes: Practical and Theoretical Approaches

REAL Studies 6 (2011):
Exploring Academic Writing in Cameroon English: A Corpus-based Perspective

REAL Studies 5 (2011):
Academic Writing in Europe: Empirical Perspectives

REAL Studies 4 (2007):
English Projects in Teaching and Research in Central Europe: Proceedings of the Freiberg Conference,May 04-06, 2007

REAL Studies 3 (2007):
Complexity and Coherence: Approaches to Linguistic Research and Language Teaching

REAL Studies 2 (2006):
Stress Pattern of Nigerian English - An Empirical Phonology Approach

REAL Studies 1 (2005):
English for Central Europe - Interdisciplinary Saxon-Czech Perspectives

Series Advisors

Marina Bondi
Gabriela Missikova
Renata Povolna

Andrew Tollet
Andrew Wilson


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