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2017 (DICE)


DIgesting Crises in Europe, DICE 2017

Deconstructing and Constructing Media Texts in Dialogue

The DICE project, 2017 continues the fruitful cooperation from 2013 and 2014, AW4SEE. DICE is a multilateral academic collaboration between institutions of higher education from Germany (Chemnitz), Macedonia (Ohrid, Bitola), Albania (Vlora) and Serbia (Niš). It aims to establish a West-East Dialogue and digest/process crises in Europe through the deconstruction and construction of Media Texts. For this purpose, the project treats various aspects and methods of corpus linguistics and media discourse analysis. It is funded by the DAAD and it includes a workshop, a summer school and a REAL volume on news discourse. read more

Workshop in Niš, May 2017

The workshop is Niš gathered all the partners to discuss regarding the present project and its future, organisational and teaching aspects of the Summer School. Each participant introduced some key issues of the topic in a short presentation. Several Niš students from a variety of academic disciplines participated. Two workgroups worked on two News volumes:

  • "Deconstructing the News" (Dana, Irena, Bledar, Jovanka)
  • "Constructing the News" (Josef, Vincenzo, Bisera)

Photos from the Workshop in Niš, Serbia (DICE 2017)

News Announcement, Website of the University of Niš, and English Summary

Summer School in Macedonia, August 2017

We met our project partners and their students from Ohrid, Bitola, Skopje, Vlora and Nis at the Congress Center on the shore of Lake Ohrid. In interactional and scaffolded activities, the students discussed the construction and deconstruction of international news. All the teachers presented their topics regarding.. read more

Contributions for REAL 12   

We hope that the project will be continued in 2018 with additional new partners.

Press Releases (2017): Return to Albania (English; 28.03.), Students De-construct News (English; 13.11.), Newsletter TUCinside (German) (22.09.)

Press Articles