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English Language and Linguistics

Partnership with Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) in Guangzhou (China)

In this new partnership with a very distinguished university in China, we would like to expand our your international perspective. SYSU has a wonderful campus south of the Pearl River in Guangzhou with less than 20.000 students (more than double that number are on their Zhouhai campus on the coast). The partner institution is a special cooperation partner in research and teaching.

We hope to expand the cooperation in teaching, partly to prepare SYSU students for the TUC studies and partly to prepare e-learning collaboration and a Summer School. We still need students who want to help in this project as a PROMOS funded placement.

Guangzhou is a megacity (with Foshan, over 13 Million inhabitants), but it has a good metro and bus network and a very lively population that you can meet every evening along the Pearl River promenade, just outside of the SYSU North Gate. More info on the city.

Placements/Internships/M.A. thesis study visits for Chemnitz M.A. students at SYSU:

If you are interested in going to China, either to study or do an internship, let me have your project proposal well in advance (so that we can secure suitable on-campus accommodation).

Student Exchange  2020/21 SYSU Applications

Student Exchange with SYSU 2019/20

Student Exchange with SYSU 2018/19



In November 2018 a SYSU delegation of professors and graduate students will visti Chemnitz to take part in the China days organised by the Faculty and the Critical Discourse Symposium organised by the English Linguistics Research Group.



Laura Wunderlich will visit SYSU in her semester abroad.


Student Exchange with SYSU 2017/18

We had 4 M.A. and 4 B.A. students from SYSU, who organised a Chinese New Year's Party in January 2018 ("Welcoming the Year of Dog" ;-)).


In October 2017 Prof, Schmied visited both Schools in Zhuhai and Guangzhou to discuss further cooperation in Academic Writing, the Center for European Studies and a Summer School in 2018.

Student Exchange with SYSU 2016/17

We had 3 M.A. students from SYSU, who organised a nice, small Chinese (almost New Year) Evening in January 2017.


The Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Garsztecki, and Prof Schmied visit SYSU in Nov. 2016.

Jessica Dheskali reports about her field trip to SYSU in October/November 2016.

Laura Melzer and Lisa-Marie Pöhland summarise their experience at SYSU from September 2016.


Student Exchange with SYSU 2015/16

We have MA and BA student exchange to TUC from 2015 (from the School of Foreign Languages and the School of International Studies, preferably with English major, German minor).

In July 2016 (12 - 15), a SYSU delegation led by Prof WANG Bin, visits the TUC: They sign a new cooperation agreement with the Dean and the International Office, attend a linguistic symposium and even visit the Otto Film Night at our partner university in Freiberg.


Michelle summarises her experience at SYSU from September 2015.

Prof. Schmied reports about his sabbatical at SYSU to do research on Chinese English in April/March 2015 (supported by a DAAD short-term professorship) and to teach (incl. prep courses for Chinese exchange students to Europe) and found Master ZuZhou's Tales, which he made available to the public with contemporary visualisations for the first time.

Student Exchange with SYSU 2014/15

We had 4 M.A. students from SYSU, who helped to organise an international/Chinese Evening in Februray 2015.


Sven summarises his experience at SYSU from September 2014 to February 2015.

Student Exchange with SYSU 2013/14

We had 9 M.A. students (preferably English major, German minor) from SYSU, who helped to celebrate Chinese New Year 2014.


In January 2014 (21 - 26), Prof. CHANG Chenguang, Prof. WANG Beibei and Prof. DAI Fan visit the TUC: They attended many lectures, they took part in a panel discussion on “Studying English in Germany and China“ in Heizhaus and a Chinese Night in the English Club and even went to a ballet in Chemnitz Opera with their students and Chemnitz partners.

Thursday, 23 January, Altes Heizhaus: Studying English in Germany and China: a panel discussion


Jessica's blog summarizes her experience at SYSU  from September to December 2013.

ALL exchange students take 6 courses (lectures, seminars, project) with 30 ECTS points (just like European students). Individual changes to the general study plan must be approved by both exchange coordinators at SYSU and at TUC.

They should  be aware of the need to stay on after the lectures finish until the end of February, so that they can hand in their seminar or term papers before they leave and even get fedback from theirr lecturers.

In Sept 2013 we had a study tour to Guangzhou (and Hong Kong)

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