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Incoming students

Information for Incoming Students (ERASMUS and other)

Orientation week

Welcome to our International Partners

This website is for students from abroad. You should read carefully through all the information provided below. You can also jump directly to one of the following sections:

  1. Course Preview
  2. Registration for Courses
  3. General Information
  4. ECTS
  5. Admission

Course Preview (KoVo): Next Semester’s Courses for Incoming Erasmus Students

Erasmus students who plan to study English at Chemnitz on the basis of our Erasmus partnerships have to fill in a learning agreement at their home university in which they indicate which courses they wish to take. For this purpose we publish a general ‘Preview’ of the types of courses and their general topics (see below). Although the specific titles of the individual courses may change in each semester, these changes are not a problem for incoming Erasmus students, as they are automatically covered by the learning agreements. Incoming students have to make sure that their level of English is adequate for our courses, i.e. basically C1 level in the Common European Framework. Usually our Erasmus partners have to guarantee that level of English and remind incoming students that although the working language in the Department is English, some ‘survival German’ must be acquired before coming to Germany. From July and February onwards the detailed course descriptions are always available in the KoVo; you can find the link to the current version below:

  • a general preview of classes (types, general topics) is available here: courses typically offered
  • the current KoVo (Kommentiertes Vorlesungsverzeichnis, containing detailed information on all classes) is available here: BA Courses
  • please note: you can only do either Foundation OR Integrated Language Course, depending on Placement Test

Registration System

Please register for any courses you want to attend in our department with the respective course tutors. Information as to how to go about this can generally be found in the detailed course description (see the KoVo here). Before you decide to put any courses into your learning agreement and register for them, though, please take a look at the recommendations below and discuss your choices with your teachers at your home university.

Important General Information/Links

The BA programme at our English Department comprises the subject areas Linguistics, English/American Literature, and British/American Cultural Studies. You can choose to attend courses in any of these areas. All of the courses you wish to attend have to be listed on your learning agreement. This agreement has to be filled in and accepted/certified first by your sending institution and then by our International Office (IUZ) and the departmental coordinator. The IUZ will send you a confirmation of acceptance, which you may need in order to obtain a visa (if you need that).

In addition to the three above-mentioned areas, you will find that we are also offering Language Courses. However, we do not advise you to take many Language Courses since they are aimed at German students of English and may thus be difficult to follow for speakers of other first languages. Moreover, these are the types of courses you can easily take at your home university and they are credited at a relatively low level, which will make it difficult for you to achieve the required 30 ECTS credit points. In other words, you should mainly consider attending seminars from the three main areas described above. Should you very strongly wish to attend one of our Language Courses, you need to contact the Language Programme Coordinator well in advance of your stay here. They will inform you of important Language Course admission requirements and procedures (such as the Placement Test, etc.). Send them an e-mail with your name, home university, years of instruction and proficiency level of English, and the name of the Language Courses you would like to take.

There is no general brochure about the English Department with background info on Chemnitz University of Technology (CUT) at the moment, but some information on studying English Language & Linguistics at Chemnitz and Chemnitz itself is available here:

Please follow the links below in order to obtain all the relevant information and try to avoid sending us individual emails regarding these matters.

  • Information about important dates, including start and end dates of the semesters can be found on the ‘dates’ page.
  • General information about studying in Chemnitz can be found on the pages of the IUZ.
  • Help in finding your way around Chemnitz before and after your arrival can be arranged via the Student Buddy Programme (Patenprogramm), organised for students by students. Here, you may also get important information about how to best travel to Chemnitz from whichever airport/city you may be arriving at, tips about which accommodation may be most suitable for you, etc. Should you wish to arrange for accommodation yourself, you can consult the page for student accommodation.

ECTS - European Credit Transfer System

As a rule of thumb, lectures (Vorlesungen) and exercises (Übungen) are worth 3 ECTS credits, seminars (Seminare) 5 credits. Details can be found here.

The credits are usually sent to the Central Exam Office (ZPA=Zentrales PrüfungsAmt) by your examinor automatically when they are called PVL (=PrüfungsVorLeistungen, pre-tests), usually you receive no mark/grade, you just need to pass the final test), i.e. you do not have to register, just come to the course and the final test; but you need to register for PL (=PrüfungsLeistungen, with a final test and a mark/grade).

A suggested curriculum for a BA degree (Studienablaufplan) is contained in the Studienordnung available here: BA Studienablaufplan.

The English department at Chemnitz offers a new internationally compatible English Bachelor programme (B.A.):

  • a broad basis of language, literature, and culture
  • specialisation options in the final year
  • specific language practice and professional skills modules
  • an integrated year abroad
  • special emphasis on worldwide and media applications



Since our courses are taught in English, you only need "survival German" but an international English certificate (TOESOL/EILTS) is advisable. Alternatively, you may take (and pass) the English Department Placement Test before the term starts.

Visitors interested in research can find information in the four research units: The REAL Centre for English language and linguistics, English literature, American studies and British and American cultural and social studies.

Info on practical matters

Admission Procedure

Students who wish to take part in the ECTS programme at CUT should contact the ECTS coordinator of their home university. Application forms are available either from the CUT ECTS coordinator of the relevant faculty or from the IUZ. Application deadlines are always at the beginning of the semester. The academic year consists of a winter semester (October to March) and a summer semester (April to September). Each semester includes a 15-week period of formal coursework and 4-week examination period. In addition, several weeks are set aside for scientific work. The exact dates for each semester are available on the ‘dates’ page.

Reception - Registration

Upon arrival, please follow the steps listed on the website of the International Office - IUZ (registration / Foreign Students' Office).

In case you have any questions regarding ECTS coordination, please set an appointment with our departmental coordinator.

Language Requirements

Information on the level of German that is recommended for studying at CUT is available here.


Information on health insurance and other types of insurance can be found here.

Further information

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