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English Language and Linguistics

Research Methods Workshop

NHG 101, Chemnitz Reichenhainer Str. 90, Thursday July 13, 2017, 10-19h


Background Rationale

Recently, we have noticed an increasing focus and increasing demands on methodology in academic writing, for MA and PhD theses as well as for publications in international research journals. This is a special challenge in particular for young African scholars coming to Europe. In many respects, this is also an opportunity to discuss the impact of the new approaches often called  Digital Humanities on old research questions.

Workshop Purpose

This workshop proposes a survey of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies presented by young practitioners, e.g. researchers who have recently finished their theses using these methods or who are planning to finish in the near future. The Workshop combines introductory presentations and concrete problem discussions by individual researchers and leaves enough room to personal exchange, esp. if researchers intend to attend the Corpus Linguistic & Digital Humanities Conference the following day. In this case, visitors should make their own travel and accommodation arrangements, e.g. the modern Chemnitz City Hostel in the city centre.

To do

If you wish to attend the workshop free of charge, send a 300- to 500-word abstract of your thesis project (with details about your research experience, so that we can prepare the materials accordingly) to Josef Schmied by July 1st.

Please bring along your laptops with the following programs installed:

Please also download this folder and save them to a new folder on your harddrive, called "R Workshop"

Preliminary Programme

time activity presenter
13:00 Welcome and Introduction to Advanced Research Methodologies Josef Schmied
13:15 Participants' Experience & Expectations - with coffee participants
13:30 Quantitative Research Methodologies
  • use of R (Rstudio)
  • descriptive statistics
15:30 Coffee Break  
16:00 Quantitative Concordance Tool Antconc Federica/Jacinta
17:00 Qualitative Research Methodologies Dana/Isabelle
18:00 Qualitative Annotation Tool NVivo Thinh/Isabelle
19:00 Workshop Summaries and Evaluation participants


Friday July 14, 2017: Corpus Linguistic & Digital Humanities Conference in Heizhaus


Guides to programs

This workshop is part of Daniel Nkemleke's Alumni Prize for Innovative Research Networks Initiative 2014 by