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English Language and Linguistics



cand.  phil.  Alla Smirnova

09107 Chemnitz, Reichenhainer Str. 39, Zi. 018

Tel.: +49 371 531 982563


Alla Smirnova is a DAAD guest researcher in academic writing.

Short curriculum vitae

I studied English Linguistics at Samara State University, Russia, and later at Saint-Petersburg State University, where I obtained the degree of the Candidate of Philological Sciences (specialization "Germanic Languages") in 2006. Since that time I have been working as a technical translator and interpreter.

Research interests

My research interests include Argumentation Studies, Rhetoric, Academic Discourse, Intercultural Pragmatics, and Discourse Analysis. My current research project focuses on the argumentative patterns used by Russian scholars writing in ELF as manifestations of culture in Academic discourse.

Publications (in English)

2010 Mass Communication in Intercultural Context: Creation of an Image of a Country through Images of its Leaders. Russian Presidents Putin and Medvedev in British Press. In E. Parpala and C. Popescu (eds.) . Comunicare, Identitate, Cultura.
Craiova: Editura Universitaria. P. 132-141.
2009 How to make a quotation credible In E. Weigand (Ed.) Dialogue Analysis XI. Proceedings of the 11th IADA Conference on "Dialogue Analysis and Rhetoric". University of Münster, March 27-30, 2007. Volume 1/09. P. 409-411.
2009 Reported speech as an element of argumentative newspaper discourse In DISCOURSE & COMMUNICATION. Vol. 3, No.1. P.79-103. DOI: in Dialectology XIV
London/ON, Canada
2007 Why do journalists quote other people, or on the functions of reported speech in argumentative newspaper discourse. In Frans H. van Eemeren, J. Anthony Blair, Charles A. Willard, Bart Garssen (eds.) Proceedings of the Sixth Conference of the International Society for the Study of Argumentation. Sic Sat. P. 1305-1309.

Conference presentations

Amsterdam 2006 6th Conference of the International Society for the Study of Argumentation
Craiova: Editura Universitaria. P. 132-141.
Münster 2007 11th IADA Conference on “Dialogue Analysis and Rhetoric”
Wloclawek 2008 Discourse Approaches to Functional Linguistics, Translation and Foreign Language Teaching
Barcelona 2009 12th IADA Conference on Dialogue Analysis
Limerick 2011 4th Language in the Media Conference
Plzen 2011 13th Ideas That Work Conference
Modena 2011 Tracking Language Change in Specialised and Professional Genres (CLAVIER 11)