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English and Digital Linguistics

Daniel Nkemleke, Ph.D.
09107 Chemnitz, Reichenhainer Str. 39, Zi. 201 (from May 2023)

+49 (0) 152-1719-3798
Mail: nkemlekedan@yahoo.com

Yaoundé Symposium Powerpoints July 2015

AvH Project

TU Chemnitz Guest Lecture 13 July 2016

Short Curriculum Vitae

Daniel A. Nkemleke is professor of English language and linguistics at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, University of Yaoundé 1, an Alexander von Humboldt (2007-2008, 2011, 2013, 2016) and Fulbright (2010-2011) scholar, as well as an Award Winner of the Alexander von Humboldt Alumni Prize for Innovative Research Networks Initiative for 2014—a prestigious international award that has been honored by the German president and president of the Humboldt Foundation. He has more than 30 publications in peer-reviewed journals in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa, and currently editor-in-Chief of Review Syllabus—an interdisciplinary journal of the Ecole Normale Supérieure, University of Yaoundé I.

 Professor Nkemleke runs an African-German Network Centre for Academic Writing Excellence (AfriG-CAWE) that provides a platform for mentoring junior scientists in view of preparing them for successful Humboldt applications. AfriG-CAWE brings together scholars and junior scientists in the humanities from five African countries (Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya) and Germany. In 2015, he organized an international symposium in Yaoundé under the theme: “Academic Writing across Disciplines in Africa: socializing junior scientists in the discourses of research, and maximizing their changes for successful Humboldt Applications”. Selected papers from this symposium appear in a new book: Academic Writing across Disciplines in Africa: From Students to Experts (2016), which he has edited with Josef Schmied. His research interest includes general linguistics, ELT and academic writing from a corpus-based perspective. During the last five years, he has been investigating academic writing practices in Cameroon English from a corpus linguistic perspective, and his book Exploring Academic Writing in Cameroon English (2011) is the outcome of this initiative.

Detailed Curriculum Vitae

Please find Daniel Nkemleke's CV here.

Publications (selected)


Computer corpora in English language research and pedagogy with reference to the corpus of Cameroon English. In S. Ekema Agbwa & Stephanie Shultz (eds.) Contemporary Approaches to English Language and Literary Studies Colloquium.
2014 Researching the Research Article in Cameroon English. Brno Studies 40(1), 175-203.
The progressive aspect and stative verbs in Outer Circle varieties. World Englishes, 1-28.
2013 Towards a corpus-based methodology for contact linguistics: investigating variation in African Englishes. In Akande A. T. & Taiwo, R. (eds.), Contact Linguistics in Africa and Beyond. New York: Nova Science Publishers, 41-59.
2012 Variation in written discourse: comparing Cameroonian, East-African and British English on the basis of text corpora. Language Forum, vol. 38(1), 23-39.
2012 The expression of modality in Cameroon English. In: E. Achimbe, (ed.) Language Contact in a Postcolonial Setting: The Linguistic and Social Context of English and Pidgin in Cameroon. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 29-62.
2012 A corpus-based investigation of lexical bundles in students’ dissertations in Cameroon. Syllabus Review 3 (1), 1–20.
2011 Exploring Academic Writing in Cameroon English: A corpus-based perspective. Göttingen: Cuvillier.

Conference Presentations

2013 annual International Meeting of the AVH in Berlin
2012 e-learning international seminar at Stuttgart Germany
2011 03 e-leaning seminars organised by the Humboldt Association of Cameroon and funded by the DAAD, grouping scholars from Germany, S. Africa, Kenya and Cameroon
2008 1st Humboldt Kolleg in Yaoundé under the theme: “E-Learning, Research-Development in Cameroon: Challenges and Perspectives”
2007 annual International Meeting of the AVH in Berlin
2007 paper presentation (with Josef Schmied) at the 13th Annual Conference of the International Association of World Englishes (IAWE) University of Regensburg
2007 conference on “English Projects in Teaching and Research in Central Europe” in Freiberg, Germany
2006 pedagogic forum at the Pedagogická Fakultá of the University of Masarykovy in Brno, Czech Republic on “Coherence and Complexity in Teaching”
2005 international conference in Yaounde under the theme “Language, Literature and Identity"


In 2023, Daniel Nkemleke participated in the Alexander-von-Humboldt Linguistic Marathon (May 15-25, 2023: Brno (CZ), Klagenfurt (AT), Padova, Ferrara, Modena (IT)):

Please find a selection of some presentations at the conference below: