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English and Digital Linguistics

Chair English and Digital Linguistics


Prof. Dr. Christina Sanchez-Stockhammer's photo

Prof. Dr. Christina Sanchez-Stockhammer

+49 371 531-32444
Reichenhainer Str. 39, 09126 Chemnitz (Germany)
2/39/223, neu: C46.223
Website:                 christina-sanchez.de

Office hours: Currently online or by phone. Please write me an e-mail to arrange a time.

Curriculum vitae

Christina Sanchez-Stockhammer has been professor for English and digital linguistics at Chemnitz University of Technology since April 2021. Before that, she worked as a senior lecturer in English linguistics at LMU Munich and as a research and teaching assistant at the universities of Erlangen-Nuremberg and Augsburg.

In 2016, she was awarded a Habilitation for her research on the topic of English Compounds and their Spelling (published by Cambridge University Press in 2018), and in 2007 she received a PhD at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg for her research on Consociation and Dissociation: An Empirical Study on Word-Family Integration in English and German.

Christina Sanchez-Stockhammer has published on a large variety of topics, such as the language of comics, the corpus-based English and German translation equivalents of the times of day, hybridization in language, and the question whether one can predict linguistic change.

In the field of digital linguistics, she has co-developed the following software:

A three-minute tutorial on Christina Sanchez-Stockhammer’s youtube channel explains an easy strategy for spelling English compounds, and the “Sendung mit der Maus” filmclip Viererkniffel, which she dubbed into English with her students, can be watched on the WDR website.

For further information on Christina Sanchez-Stockhammer, please visit her personal website, www.christina-sanchez.de.


Current Projects (Selection)

  • Bridge of Knowledge VR: development of a multiple-choice learning adventure quiz app, in which users have to cross a suspension bridge in the jungle by selecting the correct answers to multiple-choice questions with their gaze
  • TransGrimm: compilation of an aligned multiple parallel corpus of German fairy tales by the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm with their English translations
  • eye-tracking study on the cognitive processing of optional commas in English
  • optimisation of the pronunciation of foreign-language streetnames in German-language navigation systems
  • development of a linguistic system for the generation of individual personal names for archaeological human remains
  • Cohesion in Multimodal Discourse: edition of a special issue of the journal Discourse, Context & Media with Prof. Christoph Schubert (Vechta) with a contribution on sublexical cohesive ties in illustrated step-by-step cooking recipes



For a complete list of Christina Sanchez-Stockhammer’s publications, please visit http://christina-sanchez.de/about_me/publications.html.