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English Department
English Department

 STHI Conference in Oberwiesenthal

 EAP in Saxony and the Czech Republic:
 from studying to language services

 May 12-14

 Venue: Panoramahotel Oberwiesenthal

1st Circular November Confirm Participation
2nd Circular April Programme
3rd Circular May Questionnaire

 Conference proceedings will be publishedearly next year in a new volume
 REAL 6: English for Academic Purposes: Practical and Theoretical Approaches.

 If you would like to contribute, please send your article by January 10th to AND
 All contributions will be completely re-formatted. Please use as little formatting as possible.

Thank you all for a successful and enjoyable conference.

Conference results can be found in the student project here. The project finishes with a Curriculum Development Workshop in Usti.

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