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English Department
English Department

Culture in Language:

 Academic English,

 Variation in Research

 July 19-21, 2013

Venue Altes Heizhaus Accommodation Information Questionnaire and Registration 2011 Conference 2012 Conference

This small international conference combines three perspectives:

  • Chemnitz students present their BA and MA projects to a wider audience,
  • international ERASMUS partners add their own specific approaches to widen the perspective, and
  • partners from a DAAD project on "Academic Writing for SE Europe"  will discuss their work.

Together we would like to show that empirical studies in language variation are a fascinating topic when they emphasize cultural dimensions of English around the world. We try to combine socio-, corpus- and cognitive-linguistic perspectives and stress multiple methodological approaches to current research and applications, especially in English language teaching and academic writing.

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Friday, 19 July
13:00 Welcome & Conference Opening
  Exploring Variation in Language and Academic Writing World-Wide
(Chair: Michael Hinner, Freiberg)
13:15 Bertus van Rooy (North-West University, South Africa):
Development of Standards of English
14:00 Susan Coetzee van Rooy (North-West University, South Africa)
Teaching Standards of English in South Africa
14:45 Daniel Nkemleke (Yaoundé, Cameroon/AvH Chemnitz)
Developing an Academic Writing Manual for Teacher Education in Cameroon
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Exploring Variation in Language and Academic Writing World-Wide
(Chair: Bertus van Rooy)

Elif Demirel / Güliz Aydın (Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey):
A Corpus Comparison of Lexical Bundles in Academic Papers of Turkish and German Students

Samuel Atechi (Yaoundé, Cameroon/AvH Chemnitz):
Variation in Spoken Cameroon English

Monika Kopytowska (Lodz, Poland):
Between the Universal and the Local: Journalistic Discourse in Kenya
17:30 Coffee Break
18:00 PhD Student Workshop
(Chair: Daniel Nkemleke, Yaoundé, Cameroon)

Magdalena Rogozinska (Krakow, Poland/Chemnitz)
Hedges in Academic Polish Writing: a Corpus-Based Analysis

Jacinta Edusei (Kumasi, Ghana/Chemnitz):
Academic Writing in Ghana: Hedging in PhD Theses

Dunlop Ochieng (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania/Chemnitz):
English-induced Broadening of Kiswahili Lexemes: A Contrast  between Dictionary and Corpus Meanings
19:00 African Buffet Dinner
Saturday, 20 July
9:00 BA Student Workshop (PL ResearchProposal)
(Chair: Susanne Wagner, Oxford)

Jennifer Zschocke:
Semantic Erosion in the Sheffield Dialect: an Empirical Study on Denotative Change of Meaning

Sabrina Brandt:
Evaluation of the Sociolinguistic Distribution of the Quotative be like in Scotland

Tobias Röhner:
Usage of Modal Auxiliaries in Chinese English Varieties: a Comparative Analysis

Lisa Weiß:
Grammatical Mistakes in Academic English: the Case of Portuguese Student Essays

David Kloß:
The /ðeə/ Homophone: Twitter as a Source of Language Change

Claudia Tröger:
"Auld wee craic, sláinte". Students' Reactions to British “National” Accents in Films

11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Nadine Wagner:
"She's living here from she was married": an Empirical Analysis in ICE-Ireland of Irish-Specific Lexico-Grammatical Usage

Markus Spitzner:
Making Dialectology Simple: Using Twitter to Create Dialect Maps

Elke Polzer:
"Out of Many - One" Jamaican Creole Continuum? Empirical Evidence from the Basilect

Elis Ahmedova:
Gender? Preferential Language Use in the Academic Writing of Bulgarian Students Studying at TU Chemnitz
13:00 Lunch Break - Greek Buffet
14:00 SE Europe Workshop (DAAD Project "Stabilitätspakt")
(Chair: Elif Demirel, Karadeniz University, Turkey)

Josef Schmied (Chemnitz):
Introduction to Comparative Research on Academic Writing

Michaela Bräuer (Chemnitz):
Adverbs of Degree in Written Acacemic English: a Corpus-Based Comparison of Native and Non-Native Usage

Bledar Toska (Vlore, Albania):
A Short Contrastive Study of Interactional Resources in Albanian and English BA Theses

Irina Petrovska (Ohrid, Macedonia):
Writing Needs and Expectations of Tourism and Hospitality Student

Jovanka Lazarevska-Stancevska (Skopje, Macedonia):
Writing about Verbal Irony in a Non-ironic Way

15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Brainstorming: concrete proposals for eLearning "Academic Writing" by

Josef Schmied, Daniel Nkemleke and others

Sunday, 21 July
09:00 Departure for Bautzen (




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