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English Department

 Academic English,

 Variation in Teaching and Research

in the EU and beyond


 July 3-4, 2015


3 July: Altes Heizhaus / 4 July: Rh70/W037

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This small international conference combines three perspectives:

  • Chemnitz students present their BA and MA projects to a wider audience, and
  • international ERASMUS partners add their own specific approaches to widen the perspective

Together we would like to show that empirical studies in language variation are a fascinating topic when they emphasize cultural dimensions of Academic English in Europe and around the world. We try to combine socio-, corpus- and cognitive-linguistic perspectives and stress multiple methodological approaches to current research and applications, especially in English language teaching and academic writing.

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Friday, 3 July, Altes Heizhaus

Welcome & Conference Opening (Josef Schmied)

  Current Research Projects
(Chair: Cornelia Neubert, Chemnitz)
13:15 Silvia Cacchiani (Modena, Italy)
Concluders in English and Italian Research Articles
14:00 Olga Navratilovna Dontcheva (Brno, Czech Republic)
Authorial Presence in Academic Writing: A Cross Cultural Analysis
14:45 Henriette Dausend (Chemnitz)
Learning English with Tablets
15:30 Coffee Break (+ Josef Schmied China Experience Slide Show)

PhD Projects (in Chemnitz Africa Symposium on English)
(Chair: Silvia Cacchiani, Modena, Italy)

Jacinta Edusei (Kumasi, Ghana / KAAD Chemnitz):
Hedging Among Advanced Users of English in Ghana: Epistemic Judgement and Evidential Verbs

Zeenat Sumra (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania / Chemnitz):
The Usage of English as a Linguistic Bridge: Exploring spoken English in Immigrant Indian Communities in Tanzania

Adeiza Isiaka (Lagos, Nigeria / Chemnitz):
Ebira Englich Accent(s). Problems of Systematic Empirical Analysis

Prue Goredema (Chemnitz / HU Berlin):
Self-Directed Learning in the CLIL Classroom

Sviatlana Karatkova (Chemnitz):
A Scottish World-View Reflected: An Ethnolinguistic Analysis of the Scottish Folk and Fairy Tale


Teaching English in Pre-University Courses in Turkey (Chair: Prue Goredema, Chemnitz / HU Berlin)

Cevdet Yalçýner (Trabzon, Turkey)
Helping Students Understand the Importance and the Necessity of Learning English, and in Doing this how to Keep them Motivated when Learning

Saturday, 4 July, Rh70/W037

MA Student Workshop (PL Research Proposal)
(Chair: Dana Beyer, Chemnitz)

Tobias Röhner:
Intrusive Vowels in Korean English - Comparing Different Levels of Spontaneity

Lisa Weiß:
The Scumbag and the Smart One - Dublin Spoken Scumbag English

Jennifer Zschocke:
Lexical Cohesion in Cameroonian M.A. Theses: A Corpus-Based Analysis

Vanessa Drexler:
A Socio-Phonetic Analysis of the Kit/Dress Vowels in Southern California English

Nadine Wagner:
The Usage of Causal Connectors in Academic Writing: An Analysis of Journal Articles by Italian Researchers

Claudia Tröger:
A Corpus-Based Analysis of Paragraph-Linking Cohesive Devices Used by Italian Researchers

Fatemeh Hejvani:
Comparison Analysis between Inductive and Deductive Method of Teaching English Grammar to Adults


Student Interaction

Charlie Ivamy (Lodz, Polen)
Helping Pre-University Students Develop Effective Speed Reading Strategies for the Interpretation of Data in Academic Contexts

Press Articles