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English and Digital Linguistics

English in (East) Africa

Based on previous projects, esp. The International Corpus of English East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania), I am working on the
Regionalisation of the Oxford English Dictionary, incl. a new "country profile",

and several contributions to international handbooks like

  • the New Cambridge History of the English Language,
  • the Oxford Handbook of African Englishes,
  • the Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of World Englishes.

I collaborate with local partners and specialists in Kenya (esp. University of Nairobi) and Tanzania (e.g. Open University) for the East Africa overview and the Tanzania section of the handbooks.

I have just started new and exciting projects with Dr. Peter Msaka (University of Malawi) on English in Malawi and with Dr. Valentine  Uwizeyimana on the new "anglophone" nation of Ruanda.

I would like to ask local and national organisations to collaborate with us on these projects, because we feel that they are important for national empowerment and academic identity in Africa.

We hope to be able to make first results avalable early next year on this www site, where we will also thank all supporters and contributors to our projects.