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English Language and Linguistics

English Language and Linguistics - Our CASEs

Welcome to Chemnitz Africa/Asia Symposium on English (CASE)

In this postgraduate research symposium, PhD candidates present their current research projects in 10-20-minute papers. This serves as a starting point for internal scholarly discussions of concrete research projects, problems and solutions. Together with our international visiting scholars, we provide a forum to help our PhD candidates with writing their doctoral dissertations or pursuing their scholarly presentations and publications.
Standing on the shoulders of giants: in memoriam John Spencer (February 2017)

CASE19/6: Juni 26, Wednesday, 3:00-5:00 pm, N006

Josef Schmied / Sven Albrecht / Vincenzo Dheskali (Chemnitz):
ERASMUS+ K2 Project Discussion with Palestine Delegation

Xinlei Zhang (Chemnitz)
A Systemic Functional Analysis of International Communication Magazines from China, the Beijing Review

CASE19/5: May 28, Tuesday, 2:00-3:30 pm, 233

Report on recent Conferences and Workshops (JS/MI,DN,DP) and future opportunities

Daniel Pascual (Zaragoza / Chemnitz):
Pragmatic Strategies Used by International Scientific Projects in Digital Genres for Science Dissemination and Group e-Visibility

Josef Schmied (Chemnitz) for Asma Hassan Sbeih (Palestine Ahliya University):
Learn English in VR and AR at Palestinian Universities
Deep Learning Algorithms and Approaches for Teaching English

Guo Ya (Chemnitz)
A Socio-Semantic Approach to Corpus Compilation, the Case of Chinese Academic English

CASE19/4: May 8, Wednesday, 2:00-5:00 pm, N001

Introduction of the Research Team

Conference and Publication Announcement

Olga Dontcheva-Navrátilová (Brno, Czech Republic)
Theme Zones in Students' Academic Discourse: Variation in Patterning and Realisations of Textual, Interpersonal and Topical Themes

Daniel Nkemleke (Yaoundé, Cameroon)
Modelling CARS: Findings on a Classroom Task on the Writing of Dissertation Introductions at ENS Yaounde

Comfort Beyang Oben Ojongnkpot (Buea, Cameroon)
The Influence of Pidgin/or Cameroonian Indigeneous Languages on Students Text in the University of Buea

Discussion on Modena Symposium

5 p.m. Ciao Amici: L.A.P. Discussion on PhD Writing and Defense International

CASE19 special: May 2 in Modena

Josef Schmied / Sven Albrecht / Vincenzo Dheskali (Chemnitz):
Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Palestinian HEls: An e-Learning Initiative that Bridges Educational and Socio-Political Gaps "TEFL-ePal"

Sven Albrecht (Chemnitz):
AI Reading Tutor. Using Deep Linguistic Processing, Information Extraction and Readability Assessment to Create a Machine Learning Based Online Reading Tutor for ESL

Vincenzo Dheskali (Chemnitz):
A Corpus-based Comparison of Albanian and Italian Student Academic Writings in L1 and English as L2: Introducing Hedges and Boosters within Modalization, Modulation and Degree

Marina Ivanova (Chemnitz):
Concession in Single- and Double-Blind Open Peer Review. A Corpus-Based Analysis

Daniel Ajayi (Chemnitz):
Discursive Construction of Treatment, Healing, and Mental Health Conditions in Nigerian Total Institutions

Asma Sbaih (Palestine):

Please find earlier CASEs in our archive

Our CASE Documentation


Our Visiting Scholars

We have had the great honour to welcome the regular participation of international friends and colleagues. e.g.

  • Prof. Albertus Van Rooy
    (North-West University, South Africa)
  • Prof. Marina Bondi
    (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy)
  • Prof. Daniel Nkemleke
    (University of Yaoundé I., Cameroon)
  • Dr. Tunde Opeibi
    (University of Lagos, Nigeria)