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English and Digital Linguistics

English Language and Linguistics - Our CASEs

Welcome to Chemnitz Africa/Asia Symposium on English (CASE)

In this postgraduate research symposium, PhD candidates present their current research projects in 10-20-minute papers. This serves as a starting point for internal scholarly discussions of concrete research projects, problems and solutions. Together with our international visiting scholars, we provide a forum to help our PhD candidates with writing their doctoral dissertations or pursuing their scholarly presentations and publications.
Standing on the shoulders of giants: in memoriam John Spencer (February 2017)

CASE24/2: July 23, 4-5.30? BBB

Magda Williams: “Academic Writing by Polish Graduates”

Daniel Ajayi: “Mental Health Discourse in Nigeria”

Zeenat Sumra: Consistency in Thesis

CASE24/1: April 26, 4-5.30 BBB

Magda Williams: Thesis coherence: a critical discussion

Josef Schmied: Brainstorming on
Specialised: Specialised discourse with bots/agents? Beyond ChatGPT in academic English
Popular: Language partner ChatGPT? Affordances and difficulties of autonomous language learning in the AI era.

Comments on Progress Reports, Plans for Summer Semester

CASE23/6: December 5, 2-4 BBB

Marina Ivanova and Sven Albrecht: Dress rehearsal for their PhD

CASE23/5: July 14-15, AvH Heizhaus Conference

meet with many old and new friends, esp. from Africa

CASE23/4: July 11, 5pm, PhD Viva Xinlei Zhang

Xinlei Zhang will defend her PhD thesis Gradient Metaphoricity of the Preposition in: Corpus-based Approaches to Chinese Academic Writing in English!

CASE23/3: June 8, 2-4 catching up - final efforts BBB

Xinlei Zhang Dress rehearsal for her PhD

briefly, all PhD project plans compared

CASE23/2: May 15-26, AvH Linguistic Marathon: Brno - Klagenfurt - Padova - Modena - Verona

research projects compared

CASE23/1: February 28, Tuesday, 15-17, BBB

Group picture

CASE22/4: December 20, Tuesday, 15-16, BBB

"Taking stock": Discussion of workplans

CASE22/3: September 6, Tuesday, 9-13, W044

PhD student projects Chemnitz and international guests (Ostpartner Brno)

Josef/Olga TOKEN project

Josef/Marina invitation to contribute to REAL19 on "Confident an Trust on- and off-line"


Daniel, Chris, Jessica, Xinlei, Jacinta

CASE22/2: July 15/16, Friday/Saturday Heizhaus!!!

CoConTrust Project special (international student conference) with many international guests, including our current DAAD project for PhD students on Saturday:


CASE22/1: February 8, Tuesday, 3-5:30 pm, BBB

Josef Schmied: Report on current projects

Guo Ya: new presentation software

Federica Modafferi: The construction of COVID-19 vaccine sentiment in online media

"Taking stock": Discussion of workplans

Please send me your PhD progress reports (1 page incl. time till submission) by February 1st!!!

CASE21/6: November 25, Thursday, 3-5:30 pm, project!!!  BBB

CoConTrust Project special (international student conference) with digital guests as presenters from Brno (CR) and Lagos (Nigeria):

  • Olga Dontcheva-Navratilova:
    Showing confidence and trustworthiness in printed and video research article's abstracts
  • Jan Chovenec:
    Trust in academic publishing
  • Ibukun Filani:
    Deconstructing credibility in Nigerian COVID-19 Cartoons

CASE21/5: November 23, Tuesday, 3-5:30 pm,  BBB

Brief (5-10 min) personal Presentation and Progress Reports

Presentations (20 min):

  • Marina Ivanova & Christopher Williams
    Czech English features: Recording experience in Brno and first insights
  • Magdalena Williams
  • Daniel Ajayi

CASE21/4 Special: Interview data collection and processing": October 12, Tuesday, 3-5:30 pm, Rh39/233

Reports & Discussion with Chris Williams (Brno/CR), Sven Albrecht, Marina Ivanova

CASE21/3=Project Conference online: July 16, Friday, 2-6:30 pm,  BBB

  • Introduction: Constructing Confidence and Trust Online: technical affordances and online professional identities (Josef Schmied)
  • PhD project presentations
  • Ibukun Filani (Alexander-von-Humboldt Guest Professor, Nigeria) Nigerian stand-up comediennes performing femininity: a pragmatic analysis.

CASE21/2: June 1, Tuesday, 3-5 pm,  BBB

CASE21/1: February 2, Tuesday, 3-5:30 pm,  BBB

Brief (5-10 min) personal Presentation and Progress Report for special guest

CASE20/7 together with Modena PhD students: December 15, Tuesday, 5-6 pm,  BBB

  • Evaluation of Modena Summer School Webinars: Concepts, Methods, Presentations

  • Marina Ivanova (Chemnitz):
    ELR4P1 What the APA teaches us outside citation and formatting

CASE20/6: October 27, Tuesday, 2-4 pm,  BBB

  • brief personal Progress Report
  • Modena Seminars so far
  • intensive discussion of Panel:

22/10/20 2-3.30 pmGeoffrey Williams(University of Bretagne Sud)Bernd Meyer (Research Center of Social and Cultural Studies Mainz)Panel: “Challenges of corpus compilation and annotation” Rubbish In, Rubbish Out: Building corpora that represent something in languageAnnotation as theory: metadata, annotations and other layers of information for multilingual spoken language corpora  

CASE20/5: October - December

Please take part in Webinars organised by our Parters here: http://www.summerschooldigitalhumanities.unimore.it/ C U there!!

CASE20/4: July 10, Friday, 9 am-12 noon and 3-4:30 pm, BBB


with young scolars from Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Albania, Kosovo.

CASE20/3: June 20, Monday, 2:00-3:00 pm, Rh39/233 / via BBB

Josef Schmied (Chemnitz):

From Uncertainty to Confidence and Trust: Concepts and Examples


CASE20/2: May 11+18+25, Monday, 10:00-11:00 am via BBB

editing Xinlei Zhang's thesis as a Model:

11th: abstract1 vs abstract2 recording

18th: overall structure1 vs. strcture2 recording

25th: summary1 vs. summary2 recording

Please find earlier CASEs in our archive

Our CASE Documentation


Our Visiting Scholars

We have had the great honour to welcome the regular participation of international friends and colleagues. e.g.

  • Prof. Albertus Van Rooy
    (North-West University, South Africa)
  • Prof. Marina Bondi
    (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy)
  • Prof. Daniel Nkemleke
    (University of Yaoundé I., Cameroon)
  • Dr. Tunde Opeibi
    (University of Lagos, Nigeria)