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CASE20/1: January 21, Tuesday, 2:00-4:00 pm, Rh39/233

Paul Onanuga (Nigeria, Alexander-von-Humboldt Guest Professor Chemnitz):
Discursive Features of Nigerian English

Josef Schmied / Sven Albrecht / Prue Goredema (Chemnitz):
Discussing the ERASMUS+ K2 ePal Project

CASE19/7: December 17, Tuesday, 2:00-4:00 pm, Rh39/233

Bertus van Rooy (North Western University, ZA / Chemnitz):
Desiderata for a credible conversational computer

Josef Schmied / Sven Albrecht / Prue Goredema (Chemnitz):
ERASMUS+ K2 Training Project for Palestine Delegation

Marigona Olluri (Chemnitz):
A Comparison between English Code-Mixing in Albanian written and spoken communication

Guo Ya (Chemnitz)
Progress Report

CASE19/6: Juni 26, Wednesday, 3:00-5:00 pm, Rh39/233

Josef Schmied / Sven Albrecht / Vincenzo Dheskali (Chemnitz):
ERASMUS+ K2 Project Discussion with Palestine Delegation

Xinlei Zhang (Chemnitz)
A Systemic Functional Analysis of International Communication Magazines from China, the Beijing Review

CASE19/5: May 28, Tuesday, 2:00-3:30 pm, Rh39/233

Report on recent Conferences and Workshops (JS/MI,DN,DP) and future opportunities

Daniel Pascual (Zaragoza / Chemnitz):
Pragmatic Strategies Used by International Scientific Projects in Digital Genres for Science Dissemination and Group e-Visibility

Josef Schmied (Chemnitz) for Asma Hassan Sbeih (Palestine Ahliya University):
Learn English in VR and AR at Palestinian Universities
Deep Learning Algorithms and Approaches for Teaching English

Guo Ya (Chemnitz)
A Socio-Semantic Approach to Corpus Compilation, the Case of Chinese Academic English

CASE19/4: May 8, Wednesday, 2:00-5:00 pm, N001

Introduction of the Research Team

Conference and Publication Announcement

Olga Dontcheva-Navrátilová (Brno, Czech Republic)
Theme Zones in Students' Academic Discourse: Variation in Patterning and Realisations of Textual, Interpersonal and Topical Themes

Daniel Nkemleke (Yaoundé, Cameroon)
Modelling CARS: Findings on a Classroom Task on the Writing of Dissertation Introductions at ENS Yaounde

Comfort Beyang Oben Ojongnkpot (Buea, Cameroon)
The Influence of Pidgin/or Cameroonian Indigeneous Languages on Students Text in the University of Buea

Discussion on Modena Symposium

5 p.m. Ciao Amici: L.A.P. Discussion on PhD Writing and Defense International

CASE19 special: May 2 in Modena

Josef Schmied / Sven Albrecht / Vincenzo Dheskali (Chemnitz):
Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Palestinian HEls: An e-Learning Initiative that Bridges Educational and Socio-Political Gaps "TEFL-ePal"

Sven Albrecht (Chemnitz):
AI Reading Tutor. Using Deep Linguistic Processing, Information Extraction and Readability Assessment to Create a Machine Learning Based Online Reading Tutor for ESL

Vincenzo Dheskali (Chemnitz):
A Corpus-based Comparison of Albanian and Italian Student Academic Writings in L1 and English as L2: Introducing Hedges and Boosters within Modalization, Modulation and Degree

Marina Ivanova (Chemnitz):
Concession in Single- and Double-Blind Open Peer Review. A Corpus-Based Analysis

Daniel Ajayi (Chemnitz):
Discursive Construction of Treatment, Healing, and Mental Health Conditions in Nigerian Total Institutions

Asma Sbaih (Palestine):

CASE19/3: April 23, Tuesday, 3:00-4:30 pm, 233

Daniel Ajayi (Chemnitz)
The ‘Thing’ that Happened to you has Happened to so Many People”: Treatment, Healing and Linguistic Choices in Psychiatrist-Patient Interaction in South-Western Nigeria

Vincenzo Dheskali (Chemnitz)
A Corpus-based Comparison of Albanian and Italian Student Papers in L1 and L2: Introducing Hedges and Boosters within Modalization, Modulation and Degree

Farewell to Mohammed Ademilokun

CASE19/2: January 29, Friday, 2:30-4:00 pm, Rh39/233

Josef Schmied / Vincenzo Dheskali:
Project reports Palästina / DAAD

Tunde Opeibi
Reconstructing Political Discursive Practices through Digital Technologies: A Study of the 2015 General Elections Campaigns in Nigeria

Mohammed Ademilokun
A Corpus-Assisted Critical Discourse Analysis of Modality in Social Transformation Campaign in Nigeria

Discussion on culture-specific teaching postponed to Symposium dinner 07/02/19 with more international guests!

Magda Rogzinska:
Academic Writing for (Natural) Sciences (Biosciences)
Academic Writing for Sciences (Living Systems)

CASE19/1: January 9, Wednesday, 2:30-4:00 pm, Rh39/233

Jessica Dheskali / Vincenzo Dheskali:

Report of Jessica's and Vincenzo's Research Trip to China and Meeting  with Christian Matthiessen in Hong Kong: Systemic Functional Perpectives in Academic Writing

Part 1: Jessica's Report on the Research Trip to China: Meeting Partners, Discussing the PhD Topic and Introducing to Chinese Students of English the Chance to Come to TU Chemnitz for a Semester Abroad,

Part 2: Vincenzo's report on his extended scientific discussion with Christian Matthiessen about systems of the English language (MODALITY, INTENSITY, the CLAUSE) and the Systemic Functional Grammar

CASE18/9: November 30, Friday, 2:00-4:00 pm in NHSG

as part of SYSU-TUC Symposium and Phil Faculty China Days

CASE18/8: November 13, Tuesday, 2:00-4:00 pm, Rh39/233

Josef Schmied:
Reminder of personal www pages - update!

Brief reports on China Symposium contributions:

Xinlei + Guo Ya:
Examples from Statistics

CASE18/7: July 10, Tuesday, 3:30-6:00 pm, Rh39/233

"Dress Rehearsal" for all CHEP Heizhaus presentations

CASE18/6: June 19, Tuesday, 3:30-6:00 pm, Rh39/233

ESSE presentations in Brno in August

Jessica Dheskali (Chemnitz)
Investigating the Use of Promote in Chinese Master and PhD Theses

Vincenzo Dheskali (Chemnitz)

Xinlei Zhang (Chemnitz):

Measuring the Gradient Metaphoricity of Preposition in
A Comparative Study of Spatial Metaphors between Chinese and Western Academic Writing from the perspective of conceptual metaphor theory ---- Prepositions “in” “on” and “at” as examples

Guo Ya (Chemnitz)
Frequency profiles of clause complex in Chinese Students' Academic Writings

Federica Modafferi (Chemnitz)
Quoting speech and reporting thought in Italian Academic Written English: men and women in comparison

Zeenat Sumra (Chemnitz)
'Boli, lugha, language - we use them all’: Multilingual Code-switching in Tanzania.

CASE18/5: May 15, Tuesday, 4:00 - 6:30 pm, Rh39/233

Tunde Opeibi (Nigeria / Chemnitz):
Reframing  Political Discourse and Civic Engagement in a Young Democracy: The Construction of a Digital Repository of  New Media Usage

Josef Schmied (Chemnitz):
Academic Writing for Africa: a Workshop for Joung Africans in Nigeria

Shaista Rashid (New Zealand / Chemnitz):
The Impact of Training in Mobile Assisted Language Learning on Attitude, Perceptions and Use of Smartphones for Autonomous Language Learning in Pakistan

CASE18/3: March 6, Tuesday, 2:00-4:00 pm, Rh39/233

Mohammed Ayodeji Ademilokun (Alexander-von-Humboldt Guest resercher, Chemnitz / Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria):
A Corpus-Assisted Critical Discourse Analysis of Civic Engagement and Social Transformation Advocacy in Nigeria: Some Theoretical and Methodological Considerations

Valentin Uwizeyimana (Guest Researcher, Chemnitz / Rwanda / Stellenbosch University):
Mobile technologies and foreign language acquisition in Rwanda as an “officially” multilingual country: A background

Jessica (Chemnitz):
Investigating the Use of Promote in Chinese Master and PhD Theses

Guo Ya (Chemnitz):

CASE18/2: February 9, Friday, 10:00-12:00 pm, Rh39/233

Josef Schmied (Chemnitz):
Formal Conventions of Conference Presentations with Special Reference to ESSE 2018

Josef Schmied (Chemnitz):
Model Review of an African Journal Article

CASE18/1: January 23, Tuesday, 3:30-5:30 pm, Rh39/233

Josef Schmied (Chemnitz):
Teaching Academic Writing in Europe, Asia and Africa: a summary

Lidiia Agafonova (DAAD Guest Researcher, Chemnitz / Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia):
Virtual Learning Environments and Web Tools: Lessons from English in Russia

Prue Goredema (Chemnitz):
Virtual Learning Environments and Web Tools: Lessons from Chemnitz

Valentin Uwizeyimana (Guest Researcher, Chemnitz / Rwanda / Stellenbosch University):
An Investigation into the Effect of Mobile-Assisted Language Learning on Rwandan University Students’ Proficiency in English as a Foreign Language

Vincenzo Dheskali (Chemnitz):
Hedges and Boosters in Academic Writing from Albania, Italy, and Germany: Cultural Differences?

CASE17/11: December 15, Friday, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm, 1/202

Special guest: Prof. DAI Fan

Xinlei Zhang (Chemnitz):
A Cognitive Approach to Preposition “in” in English Academic Writing by Chinese and Western Writers

Jacinta Edusei (Kumasi, Ghana / KAAD Chemnitz):
Probability Adjuncts as Hedges on the Web: A Cross-Cultural Analysis

Magda Rogozinska (Cracow, Poland / Chemnitz):
Hedging by Polish Users' of English

Mohammed Ayodeji Ademilokun (Alexander-von-Humboldt Guest resercher, Chemnitz / Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria)
Mediatisation of Advocacy and Civic Engagement Campaigns in Nigeria: A Corpus-Based Critical Discourse Study

CASE17/10: November 28, Tuesday, 3:30-5:00 pm, Rh39/233

The new Calendar Demo (Matthias).

"Taking stock": InProTUC plans for 2018.

CASE17/9: November 7, Tuesday, 3:30-5:00 pm, Rh39/233

Discussion of PhD students home pages.

"Taking stock": everbody reports about his/her activities during the last six months and plans for the following six.

CASE17/8: July 14, Friday, 2-4:30 pm, Heizhaus

as part of

CASE17/7: July 13, Thursday, 9 am-5 pm, 2/N101

as part of

CASE17/6: July 11, Tuesday, 2-4:30 pm, Rh39/233

Taiwo Oloruntoba-Oju (University of Ilorin, Nigeria):
Conference Report on African Urban Youth Language

Josef Schmied (Chemnitz):
News from/for SE Europe: Credibility in Academic and News Writing

CASE17/5: June 27, Tuesday, 2-4:30 pm, Rh39/233

Michaela Rusch (dress rehearsal):
Language Change in Northern Ireland

Zeenat Sumra (Chemnitz):
Code-Switching in Tanzania. Analysing Multilingual Data

Samuel Atechi (Yaoundé, Cameroon):
Analysing Anglophone vs.Francophone Pronunications in Cameroon

CASE17/4: May 9, Tuesday, 2-4:30 pm, Rh39/233

with guests from Ukraina

Zeenat Sumra (Chemnitz):
Code-Switching in Tanzania: Basic Concepts

Josef Schmied:
Brief discourse on (new) Supervision Contract

Josef Schmied (Chemnitz):
DIgesting Crises in Europe: Deconstructing and Constructing Media Texts in Dialogue

Thinh Le (University of Canterbury, New Zealand):
Social Networking Sites in Learning English in Vietnam

CASE17/3: March 22, Wednesday, 2-4 pm, Rh39/233

Josef Schmied: Brief discussion on New Supervision Agreement

Josef Schmied / Isabelle van der Bom (Chemnitz / Sheffield):
Chemnitz Qualitative and Quantitative Research on Chinese Academic Writings

Isabelle van der Bom (Sheffield):
Text World Theory and Stories of Self: A Cognitive Discursive Approach to Chinese Identities

Sviatlana Karatkova (Chemnitz):
A Scottish World-View Reflected: An Ethnographic Analysis of Scottish Fairy and Folk Tales

CASE17/2: March 1, Wednesday, 2-4 pm, Rh39/233

Vincenzo Dheskali (Albania/Chemnitz):
Dress Rehearsal Hedges in Italian and Albanian English Theses

Dana Beyer (Chemnitz):
Hate Speech in Politics

Prue Goredema (Chemnitz):
A Vote of Confidence for Student Response Systems

CASE17/1 ("Progress in PhDs"): January 13, Friday, 8-11 am, Rh39/233

Discussion of InProTUC-funded Conferences 2017

Workshop Report (Zeenat, Ya)

Conference Reports:

Jessica Deskali
Vincenzo Deskali
Guo Ya

Federica Modafferi (Pavia):
Causal Adverbials in Italian Academic English: a Corpus-Based Analysis

Anne Krause (Leipzig/Freiburg):
Frequency Effects in Analogical Change and their Cognitive Explanation

CASE16/9 ("Progress in PhDs"): November 18, Friday, 10-12.30 am, Rh39/233

Maryse Nsangou-Njikam (Cultural Counsellor Cameroon and Yaoundé University)

Adeiza Isiaka (Lagos, Nigeria /Chemnitz):
Empirical and Technical Problems with Determining the Vowels Ebira English (defense "dress rehearsal")

Guo Ya (China/Chemnitz):
Clause Complexing Systems of Chinese Students’ Academic Writings (Shanghai conference contribution)

Zeenat Sumra (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania /Chemnitz):
Discussing Recordings of (code switching in) the Spoken English in Immigrant Indian Communities in Tanzania (a research trip report with data samples)

Jessica Deskali (Chemnitz):
Collecting Data in Chinese Partner Universities (A Brief Research Trip Report)

CASE16/8 ("Progress in PhDs"): October 18, Tuesday, 4:45-7 pm, Rh39/233

Cornelia Neubert (Chemnitz):
Conference Report and South African English Pronunciation

Markhabat Kassymbekova (Almaty, Kasakhstan):
PhD Project on Intercultural language skill indicators for Kasakhstan

Xinlei Zhang (Chemnitz):
A Cognitive Approach to Preposition “in” in English Academic Writing by Chinese and Western Writers

Olga Ruda (Nitra, Slovakia):
English-Ukrainian Terminological  Lexicography in the Second Half of the 20th Century

CASE16/7: July 13, Wednesday, 2-4 pm, Rh39/W038

(with Chinese guests)

Renata Povolna (Brno):
Comparing PhD. Cross-cultural Analysis of Conference Abstracts

Daniel Nkmleke (Yaoundé):
Tertiary academic writing in Cameroon English in comparison to native English: exploring quantitative and qualitative differences

Eliška Prokorátová
French influence on Early Modern English: an empirical analysis of lexical usage in the Lampeter corpus

Federica Modafferi (Chemnitz / Pavia):
A corpus-based analysis of causal adverbials in Italian Academic English: some preliminary findings

Rico Glemnitz (Chemnitz):
BA Project Proposal: Approaching Northern Irish Variation through Twitter Data

CASE16/6 (part of "1st Corpus Linguistics & Digital Humanities"): July 8, Friday, 9:15 am-6 pm, Altes Heizhaus Lageplan

CASE16/5 ("International PhDs"): July 7, Thursday, 4-6 pm, Rh39/233

Marina Bondi (Modena)/Josef Schmied (Chemnitz):
Comparing PhD standards: Italian and German Perspectives

brainstorming about comparisons

CASE16/4 ("Progress in Digital English Projects"): June 7, Tuesday, 3:30-5:30 pm, Rh39/233

Josef Schmied (Chemnitz):
ICAME 37 in HK Conference Report

Xinlei Zhang/Guo Ya (Chemnitz):
Corpus of Chinese Students’ Academic Writings

Xinlei Zhang (Chemnitz):
A Cognitive Approach to Preposition “in” in English Academic Writing by Chinese and Western Writers

Cornelia Neubert (Chemnitz):
The Influence of Co- and Context in South African English Pronunciation: a Sociophonetic Study

CASE16/3: May 10, Tuesday, 2:30-5 pm, Rh39/233

Francesca Bianchi (Salento, Italy):
How to use corpus-linguistics in the analysis of audiovisual translation

Daniel Nkemleke (Chemnitz/Yaoundé):
The Corpus of Cameroon Academic English

CASE16/2 ("Progress in PhD Projects"): May 9, Monday, 2:30-5 pm, Rh39/233

Zeenat Sumra (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania / Chemnitz):
Digitalising Spoken English in Immigrant Indian Communities in Tanzania

Magda Rogozinska (Cracow, Poland / Chemnitz):
Polish Users' of English

Michaela Rusch (Chemnitz)
Northern Ireland in Transition - Reflections on Recent Language Usage and Change

CASE16/1 ("MA/PhD project discussion"): Feb. 5, Friday, 1-6 pm, Altes Heizhaus Lageplan

Welcome and introduction: Josef Schmied

Section chair: Dana Beyer

Break (bring your own drinks)

CASE15/11 ("Modena dress rehearsal"): Nov 10, Tuesday, 5.30-8 pm, RH39/233

  • Popular digital knowledge dissemination platforms: from Wikipedia to (Josef Schmied, Chemnitz)
  • Maybe Britannica Online, but definitely Wikipedia: a corpus analysis of hedges and boosters in two online encyclopedias (Dana Beyer, Chemnitz)
  • Researching The application of an online platform for academics (Jessica Dheskali, Chemnitz)
  • Probability adjuncts as hedges on the Web: A cross-cultural analysis (Jacinta Edusei, Kumasi, Ghana / KAAD Chemnitz)
  • Hedges in Polish academic writing  (Magdalena Rogozińska, Cracow, Poland)
  • Inclusion vs. exclusion of hypernym in subordinate terminological terms: hyponymic relations, semantic dispersion and transparency (Radek Vogel, Brno, Czech Republic)
  • Moral values in academic writing: Contrastive study of German, Russian, English scientific articles (Andrey Nokhrin, Chelyabinsk, Russia)

CASE15/10: July 3, Friday, 4-7 pm, Altes Heizhaus

  • Hedging in PhD Theses in Ghana (Jacinta Edusei, Kumasi, Ghana / KAAD Chemnitz)
  • The Usage of English as a Linguistic Bridge: Exploring spoken English in Immigrant Indian Communities in Tanzania (Zeenat Sumra, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania / Chemnitz)
  • Ebira Englich Accent(s). Problems of systematic empirical analysis (Adeiza Isiaka, Lagos, Nigeria / Chemnitz)

A special CASE: February 15/6, Friday, 11 am - 5 pm, Altes Heizhaus

CASE15/8: January 26, Monday, 4-pm, Rh39/233

  • Dress rehearsal: The Indirect Influence of English on Kiswahili in Tanzania (Ochieng)
  • Dress rehearsal: Newfoundland English (Matthias Hofmann)

CASE15/7: January 12, Monday, 4-7 pm, Rh39/233

  • More than Count and Mass in East African English (Susanne Mohr)
  • will and may in Chinese Academic English (Jessica Küchler)
  • Fieldwork on Academic Writing in Cameroon (Jennifer Zschocke)
  • Hedging in Academic English in Ghana: Types, Forms, Cultures (Jacinta S. Edusei)

CASE14/6: December 1, Monday, 5.30-7 pm, Rh39/233

  • A Sociophonetic Study of the Ebira Vowel System and L2/English (Adeiza Isiaka)

CASE14/5: October 24, Friday 9-12 am, Rh39/233

  • Socio-cognitive Approaches to African English through Eye-tracking? (Josef Schmied)*
  • Language and Gender: The Nigerian Experience (Taiwo Oloruntoba-Oju)*
  • Identifying Usages of will in Chinese Academic English (Jessica Küchler)*
  • Identifying Argumentative Patterns in Tanzanian Student Writing (Zeenat Sumra)
  • Camfranglais: Aspects of Lexico-Semantic Manipulation (F. Hector Kamdem)

CASE14/4: Conference section July 18, 1-7 pm, Altes Heizhaus

Conference programme

CASE14/3: Developing cooperation June 6, 9:30-12 am, Altes Heizhaus

  • Intra‐African/German Network of Academic Writing Excellence in the Humanities: mentoring junior scientists for successful Humboldt Applications (Daniel Nkemleke)
  • Discourse Markers in Academic Writing: Evidence from Cameroonian university students  (Jennifer Zschocke)
  • Academic Writing in Ghana: a study of Hedging in Advanced L2 Users of English (Jacinta S. Edusei)
  • Language, lugha or boli? A study in cross-linguistic influences among trilingual speakers in Tanzania: implications of the pramatic overlap (Zeenat Sumra)
  • Compiling and analysing a Corpus of Francophone English pronunciation in Cameroon (Samuel Atechi)
  • Sotho Sounds: A socio-phonetic description of an English Variety in South Africa (Cornelia Neubert)
  • Breaking barriers, building bridges: The digital media in political discourse in Nigeria (Tunde Opeibi)

later that day (4-7 pm personal invitation only by AvH Club) we are planning an AvH Symposium in Heizhaus

CASE14/2: Analysing Variation April 11, 2014,  9-12 am, room Rh39/033

  • Introducing an Intra‐African/German Network of Academic Writing Excellence in the Humanities: mentoring junior scientists for successful Humboldt
    Applications (Daniel Nkemleke/Josef Schmied)
  • The indirect influence of English on Kiswahili in Tanzania (Ochieng)
  • Compiling and analysing a Corpus of Francophone English pronunciation in Cameroon (Samuel Atechi)
  • Analysing the pronunciation of English among speakers of Ebora in Nigeria (Adeiza Isiaka)
  • Political discourse in Cameroon (Hector Kandem)

CASE14/1: Fieldwork January 24, 2014,  9-12 am, room Rh39/033

  • Acoustic phonetics in South Africa (Cornelia Neubert)
  • Academic English in Ghana (Jacinta Edusei)
  • Development of English in Ghana? (Thorsten Brato)*
  • Fieldwork in Zambia/Kenya (Susanne Mohr)*
  • Political discourse in Nigeria (Tunde Opeibi)*
  • Pronunciation in Cameroon (Samuel Atechi)
  • Exploring Regional Varieties of English in Kenya: Intonational Variation among the Bukusu and Nandi (Billian Khalayi Otundo)*
  • Fieldwork in East Africa: developments over 30 years (Josef Schmied)*

* In order to download individual presentations please click here. Please note that you will need to obtain a username and password.