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English Language and Linguistics
Tools and Corpora

For students

ELL tools and links

This is a list to help you to use free programs from the web for your papers and personal academic research in English language and linguistics.

Audio editors



Corpus linguistic analysis tools

Digital radio recording software (mp3)

Elsevier/Science Direct

Free HTML editors

Helpful links for research:

Helpful search engines

  • Bing by Microsoft - the Google challenge?
  • WolframAlpha the computational knowledge engine for scientific queries
    • provides service answers queries directly based on the search terms rather than providing a list of results
    • key features: Search for information about domain names and compare websites; various maths and statistics functions
  • CORE (open access)
    • allows keyword and semantic search of over 10 million open access articles
    • key feature: If you find an article you like, CORE will find similar ones by analysing the text of that article
  • BASE (open access)
    • voluminous search engine especially for academic open access web resources from over 2,000 sources
    • key features: Allows you to search intellectually selected resources and their bibliographic data, including those from the so-called ‘deep web’, which are ignored by commercial search engines
    • there are several options for sorting the results list and you can browse by Dewey Decimal Classification and document type
  • Copac (library catalogue)
    • allows you to look through the catalogues of over 70 major UK and Irish libraries
    • key features: Good for locating books and other material held in research collections in the UK;  especially useful for humanities
  • Web Scale Discovery services
    • index a vast range of academic resources and provide sophisticated search tools
    • key features: The search includes journal articles, e-books, reviews, legal documents and more that are harvested from primary and secondary publishers, aggregators and open-access repositories
  • Zetoc
    • provides you with access to over 28,000 journals and more than 52 million article citations and conference papers through the British Library’s electronic table of contents
    • key features: Researchers can get email alerts of the table of contents in journals, keeping them up to date with the latest literature in their field
  • Europeana
    • a meta-catalogue of cultural heritage collections from a range of Europe's leading galleries, libraries, archives and museums.
    • the catalogue includes books and manuscripts, photos and paintings, television and film, sculpture and crafts, diaries and maps, sheet music and recordings
    • features: You can download your resource, print it, use it, save it, share it and play with it
  • Twitter
    • harness the power of social discovery and particularly the #icanhazpdf hashtag for locating PDFs that you do not have access to through your institution
    • features: Tweet an article you need using this hashtag and someone will point you to a copy that you can access
  • Mendeley and Zotero for Reference mangemant and discovery services (even better: Citavi)
    • share reference lists, citations, and even full papers in the case of Mendeley
    • key feature: Save, organise and store your references so that you can remain organised ready for the final write-up
  • ResearchGate (Networking)
  • (Networking)

Map collections

Movie editors

For more free movie editors, click here (Wikipedia).

Online questionnaires

Online Translator Services

Picture editors

  • Gimp (Win OS, freeware)

Phonetic symbols as font for your computer

Recommended journals in Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA)

Tools developed at Chemnitz ELL (archived links)



  • BYU-Corpora (BNC, COCA, COHA, Web-Based Global English, TIME, Google Books, etc.)
  • BNC World edition (via Bibo -> Digitale Bibliothek -> Datenbanken -> Angl./Am. -> BNC World Edition; NB: only accessible within the TUC network or via the VPN Gate)
  • MICUSP (Michigan Corpus of Upper-Level Student Papers)
  • OED Oxford English Dictionary Online (via Bibo -> Digitale Bibliothek -> Datenbanken -> Angl./Am. -> Oxford English Dictionary; NB: only accessible within the TUC network or via the VPN Gate)