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Veröffentlichungen (Volltext)

Veröffentlichungen (Volltext)

Forschungergebnisse zu inversen Problemen

  • Convergence rates of a penalized variational inequality method for nonlinear monotone ill-posed equations in Hilbert spaces
    (R. Plato, B. Hofmann) pdf-file
  • Existence of variational source conditions for nonlinear inverse problems in Banach spaces
    (J. Flemming) pdf-file
  • On l1-regularization under continuity of the forward operator in weaker topologies
    (D. Gerth, B. Hofmann) pdf-file
  • On ill-posedness, stable solvability and saturation
    (B. Hofmann, R. Plato) pdf-file
  • Tikhonov regularization with oversmoothing penalty for non-linear ill-posed problems in Hilbert scales
    (B. Hofmann, P. Mathé) pdf-file
  • Convergence rates for l1-regularization without the help of a variational inequality
    (D. Gerth) pdf-file
  • Injectivity and weak*-to-weak continuity suffice for convergence rates in l1-regularization
    (J. Flemming, D. Gerth) pdf-file
  • On the lifting of deterministic convergence rates for inverse problems with stochastic noise
    (D. Gerth, A. Hofinger, R. Ramlau) pdf-file
  • Optimal rates for Lavrentiev regularization with adjoint source conditions
    (R. Plato, P. Mathé, B. Hofmann) pdf-file
  • Variational method for reconstructing the source in elliptic systems from boundary observations
    (M. Hinze, B. Hofmann, Tran Nhan Tam Quyen) pdf-file
  • Discretized Lavrenti'ev regularization for the autoconvolution equation
    (S. Bürger, P. Mathé) pdf-file
  • Conditional stability versus ill-posedness for operator equations with monotone operators in Hilbert space
    (R. Bot, B. Hofmann) pdf-file
  • Elastic-net regularization versus l1-regularization for linear inverse problems with quasi-sparse solutions
    (D. Chen, B. Hofmann, J. Zou) pdf-file
  • On complex-valued deautoconvolution of compactly supported functions with sparse Fourier representation
    (S. Bürger, J. Flemming, B. Hofmann) pdf-file
  • Convergence rates for l1-regularization without injectivity-type assumptions
    (J. Flemming) pdf-file
  • Variational regularization of complex deautoconvolution and phase retrieval in ultrashort laser pulse characterization
    (S.W. Anzengeruber, S. Bürger, B. Hofmann, G. Steinmeyer) pdf-file
  • Lavrentiev's regularization method in Hilbert spaces revisited
    (B. Hofmann, B. Kaltenbacher, E. Resmerita) pdf-file
  • About a deficit in low-order convergence rates on the example of autoconvolution
    (S. Bürger, B. Hofmann) pdf-file
  • A unified approach to convergence rates for l1 regularization and lacking sparsity
    (J. Flemming, B. Hofmann, I. Veselic) pdf-file
  • On l1- regularization in light of Nashed's ill-posedness concept
    (J. Flemming, B. Hofmann, I. Veselic) pdf-file
  • Phase retrieval via regularization in self-diffraction based spectral interferometry
    (S. Birkholz, G. Steinmeyer, S. Koke, D. Gerth, S. Bürger, B. Hofmann) pdf-file
  • Deautoconvolution: A new decomposition approach versus TIGRA and local regularization
    (S. Bürger, J. Flemming) pdf-file
  • Regularization of autoconvolution and other ill-posed quadratic equations by decomposition
    (J. Flemming) pdf-file
  • Convergence rates in l1-regularization when the basis is not smooth enough
    (J. Flemming, M. Hegland) pdf-file
  • Regularization properties of the sequential discrepancy principle for Tikhonov regularization in Banach spaces
    (S.W. Anzengruber, B. Hofmann, P. Mathé) pdf-file
  • The impact of a curious type of smoothness conditions on convergence rates in l1-regularization
    (R. Bot, B. Hofmann) pdf-file
  • Variational smoothness assumptions in convergence rate theory - an overview
    (J. Flemming) pdf-file
  • Convergence rates in l1-regularization if the sparsity assumption fails
    (M. Burger, J. Flemming, B. Hofmann) pdf-file
  • Regularization of an autoconvolution problem in ultrashort laser pulse characterization
    (D. Gerth, B. Hofmann, S. Birkholz, S. Koke, G. Steinmeyer) pdf-file
  • Parameter choice in Banach space regularization under variational inequalities
    (B. Hofmann, P. Mathé) pdf-file
  • Regularizability of ill-posed problems and the modulus of continuity
    (R. Bot, B. Hofmann, P.Mathé) pdf-file
  • A note on the modulus of continuity for ill-posed problems in Hilbert space
    (B. Hofmann, P. Mathé) pdf-file
  • Solution smoothness of ill-posed equations in Hilbert spaces: four concepts and their cross connections
    (J. Flemming) pdf-file
  • Convergence rate analysis of Tikhonov regularization for nonlinear ill-posed problems with noisy operators
    (S. Lu, J. Flemming) pdf-file
  • Convergence rates in constrained Tikhonov regularization: equivalence of projected source conditions and variational inequalities
    (J. Flemming, B. Hofmann) pdf-file
  • Errors of regularisation under range inclusions using variable Hilbert scales
    (M. Hegland, B. Hofmann) pdf-file
  • Sharp converse results for the regularization error using distance functions
    (J. Flemming, B. Hofmann, P. Mathé) pdf-file
  • On the degree of ill-posedness for linear problems with non-compact operators.
    (B. Hofmann, S. Kindermann) pdf-file
  • An extension of the variational inequality approach for obtaining convergence rates in regularization of nonlinear ill-posed problems
    (R. Bot, B. Hofmann) pdf-file
  • On the interplay of source conditions and variational inequalities for nonlinear ill-posed problems
    (B. Hofmann, M. Yamamoto) pdf-file
  • Theory and examples of variational regularization with non-metric fitting functionals
    (J. Flemming) pdf-file
  • Improved and extended results for enhanced convergence rates of Tikhonov regularization in Banach spaces
    (A. Neubauer, T. Hein, B. Hofmann, S. Kindermann, U. Tautenhahn) pdf-file
  • A new approach to source conditions in regularization with general residual term
    (J. Flemming, B. Hofmann) pdf-file
  • Convergence rates for the iteratively regularized Gauss-Newton method in Banach spaces
    (B. Kaltenbacher, B. Hofmann) pdf-file
  • Regularization in Hilbert space under unbounded operators and general source conditions
    (B. Hofmann, P.Mathé, H. von Weizsäcker) pdf-file
  • Approximate source conditions for nonlinear il-posed problems - chances and limitations
    (T.Hein, B.Hofmann) pdf-file
  • A new result on the singular value asymptotics of integration operators with weights
    (B. Hofmann, L. von Wolfersdorf) pdf-file
  • Modulus of continuity for conditionally stable ill-posed problems in Hilbert space
    (B.Hofmann, P.Mathé, M.Schieck) pdf-file
  • How general are general source conditions?
    (P.Mathé, B.Hofmann) pdf-file
  • A convergence rates result in Banach spaces with non-smooth operators.
    (B. Hofmann, B. Kaltenbacher, C. Pöschl, O. Scherzer) pdf-file
  • Direct and inverse results in variable Hilbert scales
    (P.Mathé, B. Hofmann) pdf-file
  • Regularization by projection: Approximation theoretic aspects and distance functions.
    (B.Hofmann, P.Mathé, S.V.Pereverzev) pdf-file
  • On the analysis of distance functions for linear ill-posed problems with an application to the integration operator in L^2
    (B. Hofmann, M. Schieck, L. von Wolfersdorf) pdf-file
  • Analysis of profile functions for general linear regularization methods
    (B. Hofmann, P.Mathé) pdf-file
  • Range inclusions and approximate source conditions with general benchmark functions
    (D. Düvelmeyer, B. Hofmann, M. Yamamoto) pdf-file
  • Numerical analysis of a calibration problem for simulating electric fault arc tests
    (T. Hein, B. Hofmann, A. Meyer, P. Steinhorst) pdf-file
  • Approximate source conditions in Tikhonov-Phillips regularization and consequences for inverse problems with multiplication operators
    (B. Hofmann) pdf-file
  • Approximate source conditions in regularization - new analytical results and numerical studies
    (B. Hofmann, D. Düvelmeyer, K. Krumbiegel) pdf-file
  • Convergence rates for Tikhonov regularization from different kinds of smoothness conditions
    (A. Böttcher, B. Hofmann, U. Tautenhahn, M. Yamamoto) pdf-file
  • Convergence rates for Tikhonov regularization based on range inclusions
    (B. Hofmann, M.Yamamoto) pdf-file
  • Some results and a conjecture on the degree of ill-posedness for integration operators
    (B. Hofmann, L. von Wolfersdorf) pdf-file

Beiträge zur Finanzmathematik

  • On decoupling of volatility smile and term structure in inverse option pricing
    (H. Egger, T. Hein, B. Hofmann) pdf-file
  • A multi-parameter regularization approach for estimating parameters in jump diffusion processes
    (D. Düvelmeyer, B. Hofmann) pdf-file
  • Der Cost Average Effekt in der Anlagenberatung - Einsatzmöglichkeiten und Grenzen sowie deren mathematische Hintergründe
    (B. Hofmann, M. Richter, F. Thiessen, R. Wunderlich) pdf-file
  • Vermögensaufteilung für die Altersvorsorge: Wie fundiert sind langfristige Allokationsregeln?
    (B. Hofmann, F. Thiessen, V. Weber, R. Wunderlich) pdf-file
  • On maximum entropy regularization for a specific inverse problem of option pricing
    (B. Hofmann, R. Krämer) pdf-file
  • On the nature of ill-posedness of an inverse problem arising in option pricing
    (T. Hein, B. Hofmann) pdf-file