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Bachelor of Science

Contents of Bachelor's Program

The programme of studies is intended to impart basic knowledge in General Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry including Theoretical Chemistry. Fundamental concepts, principles and theories are taught in the semesters 1-4. Additionally, basic principles of natural sciences (Mathematics, Physics) as well as Chemical Law and Toxicology are part of the programme which is complemented by a non-chemical subject chosen from English, Business Administration, Time Management and Labour Organization, and Electrical Engineering. In semester 5 and 6 advanced classes in Synthetic Inorganic and Organic chemistry as well as Physical Chemistry are supplemented by basic classes in Polymer Chemistry, Technical Chemistry and Biochemistry. Practical skills are trained and state of the art measurement methods are applied. The bachelor thesis is carried out on a topical research project within the 6th semester over a period of 18 weeks in conjunction with the course of study. The students have to proof that they are able to work on a scientific problem under supervision and to present their results in a short bachelor thesis.

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