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Master AFM

Master - Advanced Functional Materials

The advanced chemical and physical aspects of modern materials and the transfer of skills in synthesis, development, analysis and manufacturing of functional materials are the key issues of the program Advanced Functional Materials. The research oriented extension and intensification of physical and chemical knowledge is based on advanced practical training in actual research fields in a modern laboratory environment.

For more information about the study program see this link, a brief portrait of the university is here.


  • A warm welcome to our new students of the summer semester 2020. Please find useful information for beginners of the Advanced Functional Materials study program in this presentation.
    Don't hesitate do contact the academic counsellor, Dr. Andreas Seifert: andreas.seifert@..., for help.
  • For information concerning the start of the summer term 2020 please visit this press release.
  • For information on the module "Challenges in Future Energy Concepts - Energy Conversion" see here .

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