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Student Service and Course Guidance Service


The TUC-Card is a multi-functional student-ID-card, which includes the following functions in one card:

  • Student-ID with passport photo and duration of validity
  • Library card
  • Access to PC-Pools
  • Wallet for dining hall
  • Wallet for copy services of TU Chemnitz

In order to assure the operability of these functions, the card has to be activated after each re-enrolment at a TUC-Card-Terminal, which are situated at the building Straße der Nationen 62 in front of the Student Service and at the building Reichenhainer Straße 70 at the "Tower Building" ("Turmbau")


On TUC-Card-Terminal you can renew data on your TUC-Card (student card). This is required in the following cases:

  • after re-matriculation
  • when bad readable overprint


Terminals are located on:

  • Straße der Nationen 62 (near Student Service)
  • Reichenhainer Straße 70 ("Tower Building") entrance hall ground floor
Please note the Opening hours of the University Sites and Buildings.


If you have problems while using TUC-Card-Terminals, please inform us (contact). We will help you soon.

Loss of TUC-Card

In the case of loss of the TUC-Card, please address without delay personally to the Student Service within the regular consultation hours. Please submit the application on the issue of a new TUC-Card and you will get a new TUC-Card. For the issue of the new TUC-Card will be charged a fee of 15.00 €. This fee can be paid by EC-Card at the Student Service.

In the case it can be proved that the loss of the TUC-Card is due to theft (proof by protocol of report to the responsible police authority), an exemption from the payment of the fee is possible.

Failure or damaging of TUC-Card

In the case of failure of a function of the TUC-Card or of damaging of the TUC-Card, you will get a new TUC-Card if you submit the application on the issue of a new TUC-Card. The issue is processed within the regular consultation hours and is, insofar the damage is not caused by yourself, free of charge. Otherwise, you have to pay a fee of 15.00 €. This fee can be paid by EC-Card at the Student Service.