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Service in the library

You can take part in the following offers and events in our university library. Behind each offer, the target group is represented by a symbol. Of course you are welcome to participate in all offers that are interesting for you. Just contact us!

Guided tours

We offer guided tours of the library at the beginning of each semester. Please register for our guided tours. We are happy to offer them on other dates, just ask us!

Guided tours

Research courses

How do you search in a scientific library? For effective and successful literature research we support you with training and introductory events.

Curricular courses

Our Information Literacy course is anchored in the curriculum. It is offered as a blended learning event and includes our online course “Information Literacy”. At the moment, this course is offered for the Bachelor students of: German Studies, Political Science and Computer Science. The online course itself however, is freely accessible and may also be reused.

Information literacy

Other courses

We regularly offer courses on various topics. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a course on a specific topic!


Consultation can be booked online to get advice on various topics.

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Our E-Learning offers are freely available and do not require registration.

Information Literacy (IL) Online

It is becoming increasingly important, but also more difficult, to find good, scientifically sound information and to distinguish it from less serious information. This course on "information literacy" is intended to provide support in this process. In addition to research skills, we impart knowledge on how to index scientific literature, evaluate information and much more. In six online modules you will receive tips for scientific work. Perfect conditions for a successful paper!



In this tutorial we accompany the pupil Lena on her way to her first academic paper in school. Video material and interactive exercises with comprehensible examples make it easier to work on your topic. The advantage of this online tutorial LENA: You can work at your own pace within the six units individually and independently.



We offer online tutorials on library use and special media as well as explanatory videos on various topics.


Knowledge portals

On these pages we have gathered and arranged information and knowledge for you and thus offer an easy introduction to various topics and specialist areas.

Open Science portal

Open Science comprises strategies and procedures to make all components in the scientific process openly accessible, traceable and reusable via the Internet.

Open Science portal

Subject specific portals

On our subject portals you will find condensed information on subject-specific research entrances as well as the contact details of the responsible subject specialists.

Subject portals

Offers for academic researchers

The following offers are intended for members of TU Chemnitz but are open to all interested researchers

Guest lectures and research courses within your lectures and seminars

We would like to support you in your teaching and therefore offer guest lectures in your courses to introduce the library as well as to show subject-specific research possibilities. In addition, we support your students in their scientific work with a variety of offers. You can find more information within BIB4ALL. If you have questions or would like to arrange an individual appointment, let us know.

Subject-specific support services

Offers for your department

We offer a wide range of different events on topics of scientific interest. Here you will find a short list of possible topics. You can always discuss individual solutions with us. We can also tailor our offerings to your needs in terms of time - be it short presentations of 20-30 minutes or workshops lasting 1.5 hours. If you have questions or would like to arrange an individual appointment, let us know.

Further education offers at ZfWN

Together with the Center for Young Scientists at Chemnitz University (ZfWN), we regularly organize lectures within their program. More details can be found in the current course program.

Publication support

We would like to support you in all aspects of publishing. On our web pages on publishing you can find information on Open Access, the right of second publication, how to register your publication in our bibliography or how to publish with our University publisher.

Services offered for publishing


Reusable materials of the library

As a library we support free and accessible research and teaching. You can find more information on this topic under Open Educational Ressources # within our Open Science portal.

Reusable materials of the UB



Consultation can be booked online to get advice on various topics.

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Current dates for training and guided tours

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