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University Archives

The University Archives constitute a department of the University Library and are in the first instance responsible for the preservation of records emerging with the entire university. It is a public archive being open for use by anyone. However, there are certain restrictions of use deriving from data protection and the current legislation on archives (Archive Regulations). In addition, the Archives integrate collections of institutions liquidated or merged in the University of Technology as well as bequest records and special collections (Collections Overview). All in all, the Archives administrate ca. 2.100 linear meters of archival material since the foundation as Royal Industrial School in 1836 in its stacks. They are complemented by currently 1.000 linear meters of student documents and 430 linear meters of intermediate archival material. As institution, the Archives exist since 1956 (Archives History).


This homepage is supposed to be an auxiliary resource for scientific users as well as for record-producing institutions to support them to orientate within the “Archival Jungle”. It provides collections overviews and inventories as well as information related to projects of the Archives and to the history of the university. However, the user should not expect a virtual archive enabling to search for all documents and files stored on- and offline.


We are also looking for keeping you on the run regarding current projects of the Archives.


At this place, you may find a short video of introduction to the University Archives. It was elaborated within a student project in summer term 2018.