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  1. Chronicle/ timeline regarding the history of the university
  2. Chemnitz University of Technology and its history (in German), texts by Prof. Dr. Dr. habil. Friedrich Naumann (as of: 1997)
  3. Honors of Chemnitz University of Technology
  4. Matriculation register database (in German) of the Royal Industrial School, the Royal School for Civil Engineering and the Royal Craftsmen School Chemnitz and their successors 1836-1927
  5. History of buildings/ construction 1836-2016 (in German), presentation
  6. History of the University Archives
  7. Comprehensive description of construction (in German) of the Main Building of the university at Straße der Nationen 62 by Prof. Alwin Gottschaldt 1878 within the Annual Reports of the Royal Higher Industrial School Chemnitz (pdf-file)
  8. Register of the Directors/ Presidents (in German) of Chemnitz University of Technology and its precedent institutions (including photos and brief biographies)
  9. Publications (in German) regarding the history of Chemnitz University of Technology and its precedent institutions
  10. University Journal (TU Spektrum, in German) 1990-2016
  • Destroyed buildings in Chemnitz city center

    A Day Not to Be Forgotten

    On Chemnitz Day of Peace, the city commemorates the victims of the bombings of March 5, 1945 - The university predecessor, the Staatliche Akademie für Technik, was also affected by the destruction - University participates in the Day of Peace and Peace Impulses program …