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The Collections Overview is always in progress and continuously updated. For getting information regarding the current status, please consult the Archives Portal Europe.

Collections Overview

The University Archives are structured into five sections determined already by their collections identification numbers.

1st section: Collections of the period until 1945; determined by 100-numbers

2nd section: Collections of the period from 1945-1990; determined by 200-numbers

3rd section: Personal papers of scientists, former staff and students; determined by 300-numbers

4th section: Collections of the period from 1990 on; determined by 400-numbers

5th section: Special Collections; determined by 500-numbers.


In addition to the collections mentioned above, it is also recommendable to consult the complementary collections at the Central State Archives Dresden as in the initial period, almost every decision of the management of the school resp. academy of Chemnitz had to be confirmed by the government in Dresden.