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Open Science

Open Science

comprises strategies and procedures for making all components of the scientific process openly accessible, comprehensible and reusable via the Internet.

... is the reaction to a changing scientific landscape and requires new publication models of the publishers, changed evaluation criteria for researchers, as well as political framework conditions for open research achievements.

Open Access

Open Access refers to free access to scientific literature and other materials on the Internet.

Open Data

Open Data is data that may be used, disseminated and reused by anyone for any purpose.

Open Source

Open Source is software with a license which allows that the source code can be openly viewed, used and modified.

Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources are free learning and teaching materials with an open license.

Open Evaluation

Open Evaluation signals openness of the used data, methods and results of bibliometric analyses.

Citizen Science

Citizen Science is a form of Open Science that is conducted with the help of or entirely by interested citizens.

Open Review

Open Review is open peer review for quality assurance of scientific work.

Team & Consultation

The Open Science team offers individual consultation and training.

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